To die for love Update Thursday 19 August 2021

To die for love 19 August 2021: Roma says to Deep your wife is pregnant. You have to take care of her. Her anger can harm her child. you make her angry and upset. If she is upset I will ruin lives of all of you. You ruined my mood completely. She leaves.
Chawani calls Arohi. She tells him everything. Chawani says I am sure they did all this. Arohi says he did this because he doesn’t want the child to have this property. Chawani says he will try again. Arohi says I have to do something Chawani. Deep comes in. Arohi pretends that she called in hotel. Deep come and says I am sorry. I want to take care of you. Arohi says people like you don’t care about anyone. you only hurt people.

Virat comes to Prithvi and says I wanted you to distract mom you almost killed Tara. Virat says I wont let Tara’s baby have all this property.Its holi day. Everyone enjoys. Arohi comes ouut. Deep applies color on her face. She goes away Roma says Tara happy holi.. we are so happy. I hope your life is always full of colors. Go enjoy. Roma says to Deep happy holi. Is tara happy now? deep says I apologized her. ROma says go and play holi with her. Arohi enjoys with everyone. She doesn’t talk to Deep.Commissioner comes to holi. Arohi says happy holi Virat. Is there a program? He says yes there is.A dancer comes. Virat dances with her. Deep drinks bhaang as well. He dances with Arohi.

That dances goes in the house to clean her face. Virat comes and grasps her hand. She says let me go. She says my brother will kill you. Virat says you killed your ex boyfriend as well. He grasps her. Someone is recording it all Virat tries to force her to come close.Deep says to Arohi please forgive me. She says I have forgive you. He applies color on her face and says happy holi. Deep comes close to her and dances with her. The dancer comes running out for help. She says help me. Everyone is dazed. Virat comes out as well.Deep says why is Tara silent. He says to the girl see we have respect in the city. Take money and go. She says for you rich people money is everything. Commissioner says we will inquire. Roma says no its our house matter we will see it. Bindya says media is there outside. Home commissioner calls commissioner and asks him to come outside and talk to media. He comes in and says media knows everything.

Lakshya says this was all done to trap me. I have to arrest him. Laksh says you are on this position because of me. He says I am your senior. Laksh says shut up what senior. Police arrests him. All the media asks Virat many questions. They take him to the jail. Arohi smiles at the girl. Deep comes to ROma and says please don’t cry. Roma says please do something. Deep says don’t cry. I will do something. Arohi goes to her room.She opens the memory card that has everything recorded. Arohi sends that video to the commissioner. Virat says she is being used to trap me. I will find her gang. Commissioner says in this video you are clearly try to force yourself on her. And in that case I can’t leave you. He puts Virat in jail. VIrat says you can’t do this.

Arohi tells Tara Virat is in jail. She says that can’t happen. Arohi says he is paying for his sins just like you. He will be paying for killing people. Tara says I will kill you. My mom is very dangerous. Deep and mom will kill you. Arohi says I am already dead. I will update you as your family destroys more. Now you see how I end your family’s game. Tara says release me. she screams.Virat says to Deep you are not doing anything.

You don’t want me to be bailed so you can get wealth that is mine. Deep says you confessed your crimes in the video. I can’t do anything. You are not being bailed because of you. But I am trying. Did Tara come to meet here? Virat says no she didn’t. She has changed so muhc.

Arohi comes to Mili. She says thank you so much for your favor. Arohi gives her money. SHe says he was my enemy as well. He got my brother in for a muder Laksh did himself. Arohi says thank you so much. We won’t leave these people.Deep says Tara you are eating so calmly and we are here so worried. Arohi says I am worried. But I am pregnant. I need to take care of him as well. Deep goes to his room He recalls Tara’s changed behavior. He says is there something wrong?Deep comes to room. He says to Arohi Virat is upset you didn’t go to meet him. Tara says I am doing this for my child I don’t want bad influence on him. I want to go to good places only. Deep says you are right. Our baby shouldn’t have bad influence. She says yes we have to take care of him. I am doing yoga to keep myself calm. He says I am really worried for my baby. We have to get your sonography done to see if the baby is fine. Arohi is dazed.

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