To die for love Update Thursday 16 september 2021

To die for love 16 september 2021: Arohi says niku your mama is alive. We used to have so much fun. You used to play games on my phone. She would scold at us together. I remember when I was upset she used get sad too. We will find herr and leave this place. Chawani says how will you find her? Arohi says he will have to tell me.Arohi comes to Virat. she says we should try finding Vedika. She ran somewhere. I know for sure she is mom’s illegitimate daughter.

Deep says before she defames us, I will solve this problem forever. Mom has to answer all my questions. Deep sees the handkerchief he gave to Arohi. He says Arohu you came to my room and placed it here? Or how it got here? Arohi looks at him and says now I will play the same game with you.Virat comes to Roma and says tell me who is Vedika. roma says first understand how from a village I got this life. How was i so succesful. There was a moment in my life when I was raped. I tried hiding this truth at all cost. That girl knew this truth. She came here to blackmail me. Virat says what was the name of that man who raped you? Roma says please leave some shame I am your mom. He says I will find her out.

Deep says ROma don’t worry mom I have made a plan. Arohi comes and says what plan have you made? Deep gets a call. Its Arohi’s voice. she says you got the handkerchief. I want to kill you for all the things you did to me. Deep gets assured that the girl standing in front of her is Aorhi. Arohi on call says I wont leave any of you.Arohi comes to chawani. He shows her the recorder. Arohi says I have to do something to find bhabhi. I am really worried about you both. You both need to stay here.Roma comes to room. Dilip looks at her angrily. Prithvi comes in. He says where is Vedika? Roma says virat is trying to find out truth. I told him another lie. If he gets to know about us he will kill us both.Roma says my family will be destroyed if he knows. Prithvi says then tell me where is Vedika.

At night, deep goes somewhere. Aorhi follows him. He goes to Niku’s room with gun and goes to niku’s room. Arohi goes after him.Deep says you are the key to bring Arohi in front of me. You will die only then aorhi will come out. Arohi comes and says stop deep. She snatches the gun. Deep says finally you are out. He takes out another gun and shoots Niku. Arohi screams and wakes up. It was her dream. Arohi says they can harm Niku anytime I have to do something.Next morning, deep wakes up. He gets a call. Arohi says you couldn’t sleep right? deep says I slept well. Arohi says I know you couldn’t sleep like me. that’s what true love is, He says stop living in dreams. Arohi says I wanted to kill you but I couldn’t. I fell in love with someone who killed my family. You killed vedika too. I want to kill you right now but I can’t. Deep says but I can. I will shoot you. Arohi says will you meet me? He says yes. Deep recalls what she did last time. Arohi tells him location and time. Arohi says I will look into your eyes and see if you are coward lover or a beast. He says I am coming.Deep leaves. Arohi and chawani see him going. Deep says to Roma I have found your enemy. I will get your enemy right in front of you.

Arohi says to Dilip if I go to meet deep he will bring me to Roma. If I don’t I will never know where bhabhi is. He says you should go to meet him. Arohi says if you get the news of death please pardon me. I have to take my revenge. Chawani comes. Aorhi says don’t worry about me. I will not let deep plan anything. She leaves and sees that virat is going somewhere. Virat says to Aorhi, Arohi left all this stuff here. We might find something about her. Arohi says you should rather ask mmom about vedika. He says mom told me a new story. He says she said somoene raped her. Arohi takes out the proofs form his bucket. Arohi says what.. This all happened with mom? Virat says she isn’t telling me the name. Arohi says we will find that man and kill him. Virat says of course. I will kill Vedika’s father for sure.

Prithvi hears all this.Arohi texts deep leave home. I will tell you where to come. Arohi says to chawani stay here and be careful. Tell everyone that I am asleep. No one should know I am not home. They should think I am home. Chawnai says be careful.Deep texts Arohi I am here.Virat says vedika I will kill you. He sees an address behind the photo. Prithvi sees that its vedika’s address. He says I have to stop him before he finds out I am her father. He goes after her. ROma says where are you going? She says I am going to stop him. and what did you say. She says so what? I had to do this. You kept that snake alive. He says she is my daughter. Roma says I wont let you die. Before we part be careful.

Deep comes to an old house. Arohi’s voice says you came to jail last to to meet me. 3 years have past. I waited three years for you. HE says come in front of me. She says I am there in your heart. He says there is nothing in my heart. Aorhi comes out. Deep is dazed to see her. Deep says I ruined your life. I took your family from you you can’t love me. I threw you in jail. You can only see hatred in my eyes. Arohi says then why you wanted to go to London with me. He recalls all that he did. Aorhi says that night that we spent together. All the moments of love you spent with me weren’t lies. You gave me geeta too. It kept me alive. You didn’t want me to stay in jail. You always saved me. I always made you uncomfortable even as kesari. You even had doubt but stayed quite. You love me like I do. You did so bad I still love you. We want to hate each other but we can’t. Maybe this is love.

Prithvi comes to Vedika’s house and burns all her photos. Virat says is someone here? He sees the fire and says someone came here before me. Virat sees half burned photo of Vedika and and her parents.
Arohi says why did you come here to meet me? Why didn’t you shoot me right away. Deep says I spent night for you for my needs. I fooled you and trapped you in all this. And you are such an idiot you still love that lie. I don’t love you. I only love Tara. You have to die. For my familyl… Arohi says family? A criminal mother and her murderer kids?? Family is what we have made? Deep says you have gone crazy. It was all a lie. Because of you Vedika died. Arohi says you killed an innocent for those devils. Deep says they are my family and I would do anything for this. He burns the handkerchief. Arohi says stop deepp. She falls. Deep holds her. Arohi says burning it wont burn memories. I know you love me anyway. You shot only on my foot to keep me alive.

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