The frontliners Update 15 Wednesday September 2021

The frontliners 15 September 2021: The Episode starts with Ishani running to the door. Judaai…plays…. Ishani sits crying. Sid asks her to open the door. She tears a pillow and cries. She sees Sid from the window and asks him to go. Sid sings Tera ban jaunga…. Ishani cries. She sees Sid standing in the rain. She goes out to him with the umbrella. Tu hi meri shab…plays…. He holds her and kisses. She asks him to go. He says I won’t move back. He leaves. She sits crying. Sid comes home. Asha asks where were you, I was calling you, how did you get drenched, tell me.

The frontliners 14 September 2021

Sid goes. She follows and asks why are you doing this. He asks her to have medicines. She says you are doing this wrong. He injects her and asks her to sleep.She says I m just asking you where did you go. He says I have nothing to give you,I will do everything for your baby, but we won’t have any friendship, my love and friendship is just for Ishani, don’t try to come close, you didn’t see my madness yet, you will see. Its morning, Ishani goes to punch her card. Sid greets her and holds her hand. He swipes the card and green light appears. He says everything will happen if we are together, every red light will turn green light. Ishani sees Asha and goes. Sid whistles and goes.

Asha recalls Vardaan’s words. Vardaan says you are Sid’s patient right, I wanted to meet you, I have a proposal for you. He tells something. Sid sees Ishani and smiles. He flashes the mirror. She turns. He signs I love you. Tu hi meri shab…plays… She goes away. He follows her. Asha collides with him. Her mangalsutra gets stuck to his coat. He sees Ishani. Ishani goes. Sid goes after her. Ishani checks a ECG report. She sees Ishani written in the heart. Sid comes and hugs her. He signs his heart beats for her. She says Sid knows I will melt down, but I shouldn’t melt down. She sees him following again. She says he decided not to listen to me. She turns and says thank God, he went. She sees him coming. She goes.

Juhi says a person needs a right price for his talent, Sid is talented, he has financial problem, what’s happening with him, I feel bad for him, he got separated from Ishani, I request you to talk to him once. Shashank nods. Ishani says I have no control on myself already and then Sid is… I will not let Asha do anything. She sees a door opening. She sees morgue room. She goes inside and doesn’t see anyone. She says there is no wind here, how are the lights moving. She asks is anyone there, I felt door opened on its own, maybe by wind. She sees some movement behind. She says that body has moved, I m a doctor, I have to be brave. She goes to check. She gets shocked seeing….Sid saying I will be like a dead body without you. Ishani asks him to stop it. He goes after her. Vardaan says a love story is going on, I will send ticket of flight and this picture to your dad. Asha says don’t do this. Ishani fills water in the glass. She says its already full of water, this has no place, if I add more water, it will fall down, your life has no place for me. Sid asks her to listen. Asha asks what shall I do. Vardaan says change this picture’s climax, but it will hurt you a lot. She asks whom are you calling. Sid says you taught me not to make love away. Asha worries on hearing his dad. Vardaan ends call and says do something to change this climax, else I will change your life climax. He goes.

She thinks what can I do. Rishabh sits worried. Asha comes to taunt him. She says everyone knows your enmity with Sid, I came to help you, just keep Sid and Ishani away, Sid wants Ishani and you want his place. He jokes on her. He says you are really great, I will just to go Ishani, wife should be just like you. He goes. Ishani gets coffee and drinks. She sees #Sidisha written on it. She gets a balloon in the locker. She reads, lets be together. Sid hides and looks on. She bursts the balloon. Rishabh comes to her and says we doctors have less time, you are coming me with on a coffee date, we didn’t get time to spend, I apologized to you already. Ishani sees Sid.He says you and Sid are not together now, Sid is busy in his married life, he won’t have a problem now. She says I m sorry. He says don’t break my heart this way. Sid takes the coffee glass and signs no. Ishani recalls his words. She says I m free after 4pm. Sid drops the coffee. Rishabh says I will wait. He goes.

Ishani thinks I have to do this to keep Sid away. Sid says you said yes, why. She says you are married, I m making myself away, I have a right to live my way. Rishabh signs Asha. Sid says I don’t care about the society, our love is enough. She says if this was enough, why were you called an illegitimate, why did you join relation with Asha to give name to her baby, I have to go now. Sid says you are right, I got married as I cared for society, I have awakened now, I don’t care for society now, I will do what I want, I may look a typical man, who is selfish, its truth of my life, I won’t let you drink water with a man like Rishabh, its my promise. He goes to Asha. He scolds her. He says not just Rishabh, if you get all bachelors of this city, even then Ishani is mine, I m of her, you have seen my weakness, goodness and helplessness, now you shall see my love. He goes. Ishani thinks I won’t go back.

She hears Sid’s voice and says he isn’t here, I m thinking, how is this voice coming. She thinks I m just thinking. Rishabh takes her to the cafe. She sees someone and goes to scold Sid. She says so sorry. Rishabh asks are you okay. She says yes. He asks her to please come. She thinks why do I think of Sid. Asha says Rishabh would take Ishani on a coffee date, he is my last hope. Rishabh asks Ishani to smile. He clicks a pic. He shows the selfie. He asks her to call him Rishabh. He says I will meet the cafe owner, he is my friend, I will just come. He goes. She says you aren’t here Sid. Sid comes and says I m here, don’t order anything, it will be our first date today.

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