To die for love Update Friday 17 September 2021


To die for love 17 September 2021: Arohi says my heart still beats for you. You love me and I know that, You never loved Tara. she is your responsibility. Take me away from all this. We will start a new life. Deep says do you really want to live with me? You can’t because you will die. I am a stone, I can never love anyone. I have only responsibilities you have to die. He grasps her hand. Arohi shoves him in a room and locks him. Deep says I will kill you one day or other. Arohi says I know you love me.

You will accept it one day.Virat comes to Arohi’s room. He says tara wake up. Arohi comes in. He says where were you? She says went out to take off stress of all this happening in this house. Virat says take rest. He leaves.Deep recalls what Arohi said. Arohi says I have to save my bhabhi. She is in trouble. Roma comes to deep and says you lost again? That aohi is ruining my life. He says mummy ji she will lose one day or other. roma leaves. Aroho says niku I am so sorry. I couldn’t do anything.Deep calls Arohi again but she doesn’t pick.Deep looks at the cctv camera. Arohi sees him. He says in heart this camera will help us. Chawani says I ruined all cameras. Arohi says this one was working. This camera must have all the recordings. Deep shouldn’t see them. He will know everythign. We have to stop him. Deep goes to see the video. Arohi says there is only one way.

Arohi comes to Virat and says you came to tell me one thing. Virat says someone came to that place and burned all the photos but I found one proof. He looks for the photo but its not there.Chawani stops Deep.Virat says someone stole this proof. Arohi says mom must have stolen this. Chwani pretends to fall in front deep. Deep picks him.Virat says I know who that is. i can stop them.Virat comes downstairss and says mom.. Virat says you are trying to stop that man. Deep coems downstairs too. Chawnai goes to CCTV room to delete the videos. Viraat says you are saving him because you still love that man. Arohi says mom do you love that man? How can you be like that. Deep says shut up you both. Virat says she is characterless. Deep slaps him. Virat slpas him back and says how dare you hit me. We picked you from road.

Roma fires up in the air. She puts gun on her head she says stop fighting or you will see me dead. I picked an orphan who isn’t my blood.. He respects and and this Virat my son he called me characterless. Deep says mummy ji please stop it. Virat says don’t so this drama. I will kill that man you can’t save him..Prithivi wonders who stole the photo from Virat’s room. Arohi stole them.Arohi says to chawani see how Roma is paying for her sins. The kids she did all this for are calling her characterless. She deserves this. Arohi gets a call from Ritu. Aorhi says bhabhii where you? She says save me. Her call hangs up. Arohi says I have to go and save her. CHawani says no. You can’t go. We have to remove that camera from there. Arohi says we have to make deep do it. chawai says I deleted the video from his laptop.

Deep says VIrat shouldn’t have done this. Arohi says now I will make you delete it. Arohi sends deep video of deep and vorat fighting. DEep calls Arohi and says how dare you get this video? How did you get it? From our CCTV? I will not let you do this. He breaks the CCTV.JD says can we live like a family? Ahan says read these papers. I have filed in court that if anything happens to PAnkti you will be responsible for it. He says how can I do anything? Ahan says I know you got her kidnapped. JD says stop this drama. I don’t know where she is. You tell me where she is.Pankti says to Udhay how did Ahan get this idea? He says yes we got this idea.Ahan and Udhay were looking for Pankti. AHan found her. He hugs her. He says where were you lost? i was so scared. She says you two were so busy. I thought I shouldn’t disturb. She said you thought I got kidnapped. He says for papers you have to get lost like you did.

You will live at Udhay’s place and we will blame JD. We have to do this for property papers.Ahan says to JD you will pay for your sins. He laughs and says you are such an idiot. Because of Sheetal I was ignoring all this butt enough. Police even saw she was with you. You tell us where is Pankti. Jd says there is a police complaint against you too. Ahan plays recording of Anita. He said JD forced me write this complaint against you. Ahan says why are you silent now? Scared?Pankti sits in window. She reads the letter Ahan wrote her.Ahan says Virkram is a witness when Anita said all this.. JD says now you will say I have stooped low. Listen now everything is fair in love and war. You took my pankti from me so I did all this. He says to Ahan’s mom ask him to stop this drama and give me pankti back. Ahan says everything wont be like what you want. You can’t do anything. If you harm pankti I will ruin your life. I know you got her kidnapped. I am not scared of your drama. Ahan leaves.han comes to Sheetal and says I am sorry mom. We have to make this sinner pay for his sins. I need your prayers. JD comes to his room. He says if i didn’t kidnap her who did.


He calls Senha and says where is Pankti. You have been looking for her for days now. Someone has kindapped her. Ahan did this to hide her. Ask everyone and look everywhere.Arohi calls Deep and says how can you care for those devils. Arohi says I want to meet you. He says I wan to meet you too. She says okay I will tell you time and place.Prithvi says I have to do something. He hides his birth mark that vedika has too.JD finds a microphone in his books. He says you thought you can take Pankti from me? She is my property and no one can take her from me. He breaks it.Chawnai says he tried killing you too. Aorhi says I will come in front of him if only he tells his emotions.Arohi comes to deep and says I am so fat I can’t fit in my clothes. She says are you going somewhere?? He says yes goinng for some work. Take care. he leaves. Tara says this means he doesn’t love Tara. Otherwise he would have told her.

Arohi comes to meet Deep. She says I made this kheer for you. If you want me to delete this video I will. Remember when I made this video for you as Kesari. You remembered Arohi. Deep recalls his moments. Arohi says I was always yours. Be mine too. Deep says I have always done this for my family. Arohi says I know its difficult for you but live for yourself now. Deep syas you are right. We should only think about ourselves. He throttles her and gives her an injection. She faints. Deep says I am sorry. What you want couldn’t happen. Chawani looks in. He says he will kill deep. I have to save her. Chawani calls his friends.Deep puts Arohi in his carr and leaves. Chawani follows them. Deep brings Arohi to a place. He says hello Arohi. I sent you to jail so you can live there but you dont’ want peace. You came back to life. Arohi says you took everyone from me. I tried hating you. Deep says if you love me then why are you ruinging my family. She says you took my family too but you love me anyway. We are meant to be together. She says I have proof of your love. He says you have gone mad. She says you kept me alive every time. You kept me alive because you know you can’t live without me. he says you have to die now. He points gun at her. Chawani and his friends are outside.

Deep says I dont wanna kill you. I have promised roma that I will bring you to her. She says what about the promises you made for her. He slaps her and says enough. You have only one hour after that you have to die. Chawnai says make a plan in this one hour.Chawani calls deep as tara and says please deep come here I need help. Deep replies I am going to airport to meet mummy ji.Virat hits punching bag. Prithvi comes and says what happened. Virat says why are you here. He says lets fight together. He punches Prithvi and prithvi defends. They punch each other. Virat hits Prithvi bad.Arohi says you can’t decide if you want to kill me. i know you love me. Deep says i don’t love you. She says I can’t see you dying and so can’t you. You never had love. they don’t love you. Roma keeps you as a weapon. Deep slaps her and says not a single more word.

Prithvi comes to his room. Virat says lets drink together. Prithvi takes off his bandaid. There is blood. Virat saays are you the same man who has that mark and who is vedika’s father? Prithvi says shame on you for blaming me with all. You have blaming your mom.Arohi says you slapped me thhen why are you upset? Deep covers her face. He says enough.Chawani texts I have met an accident. Please come. Deep calls roma and says I am coming with a good news. He says get ready to die Arohi.

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