To die for love Update Friday 12 November 2021


To die for love 12 November 2021: Deep says you don’t even know what this game is. Arohi says better now start a new drama. Arohi says you came to kill me come on. You stab from back but I have money so you wont kill me. Deep says tell me where that money is. She says I am safe till I tell you where that money is. a car comes. Deep holds her. Tara is hidden. Arohi falls. deep holds her. She says attack me I am ready deep. He leaves.Virat calls Anjali. He says why isn’t she picking phone. Why she doesn’t understand her life is in danger. Arohi says I have to go to Virat and look for anjali’s signatures.

A bike stops Arohi and round around her.
Fake mom tells Deep that Tara asked her to leave. she left somewhere. Deep says where could she go? He goes out to look for her. He calls the spy and says where is tara find out.Tara takes off helmet. Arohi says tara.. Someone hits arohi in head and she faints.Chawani is in the house. He is worried. He picks the food from outside and eats it. Virat dfinds Adarsh guest house card in Arohi’s bag.Tara calls Deep and says you couldn’t find her but I did. I caught her. Enough of these games. Deep tells Mausi she has that girl. I have to go. He rushes.Virat comes to Adarsh guest house. THere is no booking with anjali’s name. Virat comes outside the room. Chawani hides. Virat looks everywhere but can’t find anyone.

Tara pours water on Arohi’s face and says tell me who are you? Anjali Sharma. A rich man’s daughter. Your dad was shot. Who told you about arohi? Arohi says you? You said you are Arohi. If you want answers tell me if you are arohi or tara. Tara says what will you do with your money if I ruin your face. Arohi shoves her. Tara picks the gun. Deep comes and says Tara what are you doing. You are ruining my plan. I am trying to save you and you do these things. You have to be arohi and not do anything that arohi can’t. I will handle her. You go from here. Tara leaves. Deep throws a knife towards Arohi. It its the wall. Arohi says I wont leave this city. He says you wont be alive to do so. He takes out injection.


Deep says you will die if I inject this. rohi says please don’t do this deep. for our.. He says our what? There is nothing between us. He gives her injection.Arohi wakes up and says deep..Tara is on her way. She says I need to go. Mausi follow Tara..Mausi comes to house Tara entered. She informs deep. Deep says I am coming.Deep’s thug calls and says that girl ran. Deep says go find her. Mausi sees a doll hanging. There is smoke,. The door closes.Arohi in in market. She hides behind women. All women shout at thugs and ask them to leave.Deep comes to the house and opens the door. Mausi is trying to faint. She says there was a doll hanging. Someone closed the door. I don’t know who it was.Arohi comes to chawani. She says why are you so scared? He says virat came he was looking for someone. Arohi says he can come back.Tara asks the thug to sit in the car. She says how dare you let her go?

How dare to help deep? He says I am sorry madam. Tara throttles him. Deep comes and saves him. He says go from here. He says are you crazy. I told you not to do something. If you dont’ want to be arrested stay away from all this.Arohi comes to house. it is all decorated. Virat says welcome. I want to make this day very special for you. He gives her ring. Arohi recalls everything with deep. He says will you marry me? Arohi says I am ready but you have to do something.Media comes to deep’s house. Reporter says you said you have an important news. He sasy there is no news. Arohi comes and says I have the important news.

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