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Strange Love 23 October 2021: The Episode starts with everyone discussing about Indrjaeet and how to win his trust. Astha asks him to get the job of the male governess and Shlok refuses. Niranjan asks Shlok to agree as they will be less worried if they go there together. Shlok says he will go office and get the power of attorney. Astha says its not easy. Shlok is adamant that he will go office, and not take the job. Shantanu and Mishti do mischief and break the vase to get scolding, feeling bored. Pradeep and Rashmi come and look on. Poornima and Ahilya comes and Poornima scolds them. Ahilya says its not good to break things like this, your dad want to send you to good school and you spoil all interviews. The kids say we know everything, and we know info ahead of teachers. The kids argue and say they don’t care about dad as he does not love them, he is very bad.

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Ahilya says stop it, Indrajeet is right, you both are spoiling, we have to get strict caretaker for you. Shantanu asks what will she do. She says keep tone low. He breaks another vase and leaves in anger, calling them bad. Ahilya asks servant to clean the mess. Pradeep and Rashmi make a plan to make kids in their favor and use them. He says they will be on our side. She asks really. He says yes. They smile.Niranjan sees Anjali giving thoop to home and recalls she used to do this at Agnihotri mansion too. Astha gets ready and sees Shlok’s wallet. She keeps some money in it. She asks Shlok to think about what she said, if they are together, we can find things soon. Shlok says I can’t do it, we will be caught, I know what we have to do, just tell me when he goes office. Astha says I got message that he is working at home today. He says fine, I will go office and you come soon, I stay tensed, does he trouble you.

She says no, I will try to come soon. She touches Niranjan’s feet and says I will go. She leaves. Niranjan asks Shlok how will he go office. Shlok says I thought of something.The kids mess the room. Pradeep and Rashmi come to them, acting sweet. Pradeep says Ahilya scolded both of you, that was not good, if you had mum, no one would have scolded you. Mishti says yes, she would have scolded them. Shantanu says no one loves us here, all are bad. Rashmi says we love you, we will take you. Poornima says no one will go anywhere, the kids will be with me and prepare for interview. Rashmi says if everyone scolds kids, how will they feel, they should go out and they are without mother, they want love. Poornima says everyone loves them, so we scold them, they won’t go anywhere. Shantanu says she has also become bad being with them. Mishti says yes, as we don’t have mum, no one loves us. Pradeep and Rashmi smile as kids agree to go with them. Ahilya looks on and asks Poornima. Poornima says we don’t need caretaker, I will see them, they need love.

Ahilya says yes, but your college will start, who will handle them, we have to keep someone who is not afraid of them, and not go on their innocent face, I think we should keep any guy who does not melt by their excuses. Anjali sees Niranjan massaging his feet and says she will do. He stops her. She says she wants to serve him by her heart. He says no, I wish I give you all happiness of the world and all luxuries, but now I don’t have anything for you and my children.He says Astha, how can I forget I used her and called her to my office for my business, and see she is again used by us to work with Indrajeet to get all property back, I m helpless, I m still using her for my benefit. She says forget everything and asks about Indrajeet Sarkar, did he meet him ever. He says no, I don’t think I know any Indrajeet Sarkar. Astha comes to Indrajeet’s home and asks the servant about Indrajeet and Ahilya. The servant says he is not well and is in his room, and Ahilya is with him, she loves him a lot and don’t leave him even for a min. She thinks its good chance to find power of attorney papers in study.

Indrajeet says he is fine now, and asks Ahilya to go and have breakfast. She says I won’t go anywhere as you are unwell. He says I m fine. She checks and says yes fever is not there, I will get haldi milk. He says I don’t like. She says I don’t think Sapna came He says she will come, and I will tell her the work and rest. She says I told her I don’t like late comers, I will see. Astha looks for the power of attorney papers. Shlok changes his look and comes to office as electrician. He is stopped by the peon and says he has come to repair AC. He recalls how he used to come before to office, and sees Indrajeet’s name board outside his cabin. He gets the pin and tries opening the lock. He looks for some files. The manager comes there and Shlok hides.Shlok starts finding the power of attorney again. Astha says I checked so many files and the papers are nowhere, and checks the drawers. She says its not here, what to do. Ahilya asks the servant about Sapna. He says she has come. She asks where is she. He says I saw her going upstairs. She says fine. Astha says Bappa help me. The files fall and Astha sits to pick. Ahilya comes to Astha.

Astha is shocked seeing her. The manager comes back and catches Shlok. Shlok is shocked seeing him. The manager asks who is he and what is he doing in his Sir’s office. Ahilya asks Astha whats this, what is she doing here. Astha says Sir told me to arrange files, so I thought to do it now, it fell by mistake. Astha fools her by her words. Ahilya says I like this about you, you do all work well. She leaves.Shlok says I m electrician, I came here by getting a call and I came here. The manager says no one can call anyone without asking me, we don’t call any electrician from outside, why were you checking files, who are you. Shlok pushes him and runs. The guards catch Shlok and shut him inside. Astha thinks its good no one doubted me, but the papers are not in study. Indrajeet comes and she says she took doctor’s appointment, and his diet plan is ready.Ahilya looks on and smiles, seeing Astha talk to him. She thinks she is happy that she chose right girl for PA post. She leaves. Indrajeet gets a call and says what, someone came in my cabin as electrician, very good, you lock him in room, I m coming office, I will call police if needed. Astha thinks of Shlok’s words and gets worried. Indrajeet asks what are you thinking, we have to go office now, come on. She says yes. He leaves.

Kavya comes from school and tells Sojal that they have to pay fees for trip. Sojal sees the diary and tells Kavya that you go next year for the trip. Kavya says everyone is going, I have to go. Niranjan and Anjali see Kavya. Kavya asks them to send her. Kavya leaves. Anjali tells Sojal that Kavya won’t understand this. Sojal says we don’t have money, we can’t send her. She goes after Kavya.Shlok thinks he has to run from here, if Indrajeet sees him, it will be big problem. Indrajeet and Astha arrive there at the office. She wishes Bappa to save Shlok, else their plan will be ruined. Indrajeet goes to the cabin to see the man, and Astha thinks its Shlok. Indrajeet asks where is he. They see the man is not in the room. He sees the window and says he has run from here. Astha is relieved. He asks the guards to find him. Astha sees Shlok’s wallet fallen and his ID card. She is shocked as it has Shlok’s name and pic. She makes her purse fall and takes the ID and wallet. Indrajeet says show me the CCTV footage and Astha worries. They see Shlok in different look.

Indrajeet says find out who is he, I feel Niranjan or Varad has sent him here. Shlok thinks I came out on right time and is on the way in auto. He finds his wallet missing and says if its fallen there, it will be problem, I will message Astha. He reads her message that she got his wallet, and is relieved. He says he has to meet Indrajeet by some plan. Anjali explains Kavya tha she can’t go. Niranjan comes home and says Kavya will surely go, and gives money in envelop. Sojal asks how did he arrange it. Niranjan says he has arranged it for Kavya’s happiness. Anjali sees his ring missing and thinks he has sold it for Kavya’s happiness, he has really changed a lot. Niranjan hugs Kavya.


Ahilya asks Sapna to find any maale governess for kids. Indrajeet asks her to sort the files and goes to rest. Astha says she will call Shlok, and talks to him. She asks him to come here as male caretaker as they told her again. He says why are you saying it again, and when are you coming. Ahilya calls her. She says I will come late and ends the call. Shlok tells everyone that Astha said it will be late, but she did not come till now. Sojal says don’t worry. Varad says its very late, we can’t even check there. Shlok says she messaged that she can’t come, its much work and Indrajeet is unwell. He asks Niranjan to rest now. Niranjan says you also rest and leaves. Anjali says Shlok I understand, you don’t like work to teach and manage kids, but maybe this will be good, you can be with Astha there and our worry will be gone.

Astha works there and Shlok thinks about their love moments. Astha also recalls Shlok and their love. She thinks she is away from Shlok after many days and it does not feel good, I wish we were together. Its morning, Astha says all work is over, I will get peace after meeting Shlok, I will tell Sir that I can’t come for work and going home now. She sees Indrajeet in living room and greets him. She says she did all work, and kept all files in study. The servant says a man has come for taking care of kids and teaching them. Indrajeet says call him inside. Shlok comes and Astha looks on shocked. Shlok recalls how he changed his look.

Shlok steps inside the house smiling and confident, looking dashing in simple look. Shlok comes to indrajeet and sees him. Astha sees Shlok’s anger as he holds his bag tightly seeing Indrajeet. Astha thinks Shlok has come, but Bappa please control his anger, if Indrajeet asks anything related to kids, don’t know will Shlok be able to answer or not. Shlok greets Indrajeet. Indrajeet greets him back and looks at him. Ahilya asking Sapna to go home as her work is over. Indrajeet says no, you won’t go home till I end the interview with him. He says come on Sapna, quick. She stumbles on stars and Indrajeet holds her. Shlok looks on. Indrajeet leaves. Astha turns and sees Shlok looking at her. Astha goes upstairs. Ahilya asks servant to take Shlok to study. Anjali gives tea to Niranjan. Niranjan says I have given all good things and luxuries to my children, and he did not stay like servants, I m very sad that Shlok Niranjan Agnihotri is working in his own house for someone else, its all because of me, my eyes opened when I have seen everything ruined. Anjali asks him not to be sad about past, family unity is imp, we are together, your son will return your lost respect, once he gets job there, we will get a step ahead.

Shlok looks at his home and sees the picture wall with Indrajeet’s pics, and recalls how Niranjan’s pic used to be there. He gets angry. The servant asks what are you thinking, come. Shlok recalls the happy moments with Jyoti and Varad, and then his marriage with Astha, all memories he had in the house. Shlok comes to the study and Astha looks on, without asking Indrajeet’s permission and holds the chair. Indrajeet says stop, stand where you are, till you are not said to sit, no need to sit. Shlok leaves the chair. Indrajeet says Rule no 1, it happens what I want, whats your name. Shlok says Balwankar. Indrajeet says be careful from next time, you came here for job, you won’t do anything without my wish, you have to follow orders. Shlok says I was just sitting, I don’t think I need permission from anyone for such small things. Astha looks on tensed.

Sojal sees food grain containers empty. Varad comes and asks her to make Niranjan’s fav food and for Shlok too. Sojal says the ration is over and we don’t have money, how will we get it. Varad says don’t know, my hands are also tied, I applied for jobs and not getting anywhere, I wish I was not blind in greed, how could I become a reason to ruin my family. Sojal says don’t blame yourself, its bad time now, but it will pass, we will get everything soon from Indrajeet, and about home expenses, then take this bangles. He says no, what are you doing. She says I don’t need this, sell it, we will get money. He is shocked seeing such drastic change in her behavior. He thanks and hugs her. He leaves.Astha asks Shlok is this the way to talk. Indrajeet stops her and says Balwankar you have come here for interview, you need the job. Shlok gets angry and controls as Indrajeet teaches him basic manners. Shlok clears that he has come to do job, not ask for it, and even he should have manners. Shlok shows his bold attitude and blows Indrajeet’s mind. Shlok says rich people has problem that they feel everyone is low class than them, you would have asked me to sit here. Astha says see, Sir can do anything, you tell us can you take care of kids and make them well. Indrajeet says Sapna, wait, and scolds Shlok fir bring ill mannered, and asks what does he want to say, say it straight. If you have come for interview,tell me whats the special quality in you that I give you the job. Shlok says I don’t know quality, I will make kids a better human being, manners can be seen later. Indrajeet says you mean manners are not imp. Ahilya says we want some strict person to manage kids. Pradeep and Rashmi discuss that they have to kick out the caretaker, as the kids should spoil more to support them. Pradeep says yes, we will not let the kids change for good. Rashmi says lets go and talk to Ahilya to know whats going on. Ahilya says Indrajeet is taking interview, I want him to hire the man who came, as we need caretaker for the kids, once they become good, Indrajeet’s half tension will be gone.

Shlok says I did not say this, this is your mentality. Indrajeet gets angry, and Astha sees him. Shlok says I feel humanity should be taught before manners, not just kids, but everyone. Indrajeet understands the wise taunt. Astha gets tensed and says every person tries this, can you cook anything if you are alone with kids. Indrajeet says Sapna, don’t say in between till you are told. Shlok gets angry. Indrajeet asks him how will he teach the kids to become better human beings. Shlok says its very simple. We should tell them not to say wrong, not to hear wrong, if anyone is doing wrong, don’t bear it, if they do friendship, then do it by true heart, succeed by their own hardwork, not win trust to cheat anyone, else they will get failure at the end. He taunts Indrajeet on what he has done to get Agnihotri business by cheating Varad. Astha worries that Shlok can’t get the job now.

Indrajeet gets angry and leaves. Astha asks Shlok why did he talk to Indrajeet in anger, he ruined their plan. Shlok says I don’t know, I would have killed him. Astha asks why are you not controlling your anger. Indrajeet says he is ill mannered, what will he to manage kids, I will call agency and ask them to send someone else. Indrajeet comes back to study. Astha reminds Shlok their plan. Shlok says I get angry seeing him. Astha says even I m trying, they are very clever, we have to be careful, we can get trapped by one wrong move, control your anger. Indrajeet comes there and looks at them. Astha gets tensed seeing him. Astha says I was telling him to treat kids well. Indrajeet says no need to advice him now. He gets the phone and reminds Astha that he does not like waiting and refusal. He asks her to prepare for meeting and come back soon. He leaves. Shlok looks at the study and sees everything has changed. Astha says thank God, he did not hear our talk, don’t know you will get job or not.

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