Titli Starlife update Wednesday 5 June 2024

The Episode starts with Garv asking why shall I believe you now. Titli asks how can you think so, listen to me once. He says don’t lie anything new. Titli says I had no plan to meet Hiral, I was shocked seeing her in office, I felt she is upto something wrong, and I went to explain her. Alpa asks really, why didn’t you tell Garv.

Titli says I felt there can be a problem between our companies, I was afraid that you may fire Hiral from job. He says you lied to your husband. She says I didn’t know why she went to office, I swear, I don’t know about the police complaint. Maina and Koel scold Titli. Manikant says I knew she will cheat you in love. Titli says please trust me, Garv, do you think I can send you to jail. He says stop this drama.

Jaishri says she would have not done this if she is saying so. Koel says your family is dramatic. Baa argues. Titli asks Hiral to clear the misunderstanding. Hiral cries. Titli asks her to say the truth.

Hiral says yes, Titli told me to do this. Titli asks what are you saying, why are you doing this with me. Hiral says I risked my job on your saying. Baa says Hiral is not sensible, what happened to you. Titli says I didn’t. Baa scolds her. Titli says I didn’t tell anything to Hiral. Manikant says enough, everyone knows your truth, now get out.

Manikant drags her. Koel asks Titli to get out. Titli says I won’t go anywhere, you can’t oust me. She says give me a chance to prove myself right, I ask you for three days and I will prove everything is fake, I didn’t use Hiral and didn’t file any complaint. They agree. Everyone goes. Paresh and family leaves. Titli prays at home. She says I will prove myself. Hiral says why would I do this, Titli is my sister. Chintu says shut up, you would have not burnt the dupatta if you regarded her your sister. Paresh asks what. Chintu says yes, she did it deliberately. Hiral says no, he is lying. He says no, I lied that day, you also tell the truth, why did you go to Garv’s office at night, you are jealous of Titli. She says yes, I had burnt that dupatta, Paresh was worried because of her, I wanted to see her worrying. He says you just blame Titli always, I can’t believe that she cares for her. Hiral says yes, I did bad with her.

Jaishri slaps her. She says you went to this extent to break her family. Baa gets dizzy. Hiral denies it. Baa faints. Everyone worries for her. The ladies buy sarees. The man shows a saree to Titli and says it will suit you. Maina stops Koel from saying anything. Titli buys the saree. She comes to the police station and thinks everything will get fine.

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