Titli Starlife update Thursday 6 June 2024

The Episode starts with Titli coming to Ankit and asking his help. She says my family thinks I have lodged the complaint, you know I didn’t do this, can you tell this to my family. He refuses and asks him to go. She says I feel you have personal enmity with him. He says he is his own enemy, you will also find him your enemy and come to take our help.

She says no, this will never happen, he didn’t do anything. He asks didn’t he hurt you ever. She says no, he loves me and he can do anything for my happiness. They argue. He asks her to leave. She stumbles. He holds her. Someone clicks their pic. Titli makes him away and leaves.

Constable shows the pics to Ankit. Ankit smiles. Doctor checks Baa. He asks them to take care of Baa and not let her take stress. Hiral things in anger. She gets angry on Titli. Garv drinks at a bar and sees Titli’s pic. Waiter says its time to close the bar. Garv asks why did you do this Titli, Manikant was right, I m a fool. He breaks the glass in anger. Manager says you can’t do loss this way. Garv throws a bottle in anger and scolds him.

He breaks many things. He fights the bouncers. Titli comes there. Garv stops. They both cry and talk via hearts. Manager asks her to explain Garv. She says I m sorry…. Garv gives the credit card and tells the PIN. He says cover your loss, driver will come to take the car. He stumbles. She holds him. He makes her away. He says I can drive. She makes him sit on the other seat. He says I love you Titli. She smiles. They come home. She makes haldi lep for him. Hiral calls her and taunts her. Titli goes to Garv and does the aid. She says you really think I can file complaint against you, I had hidden about Hiral. He says you were afraid that I will fire her, but problems are caused, how did Hiral know that, you have hurt me a lot. She asks what about the pain which I m going through, knowing you don’t trust me.

Its morning, Baa blesses Jaishri and gives her shagun. Jaishri and Chintu smile. Jaishri says don’t know, Koel gave shagun to Tilti or not. Koel says I have to make Titli do the rituals, she has no shame. She sees Maina giving the shagun to Titli for the puja. Jaishri cries. Chintu says we will make it special for Titli, she will be glad. She says yes. Maina warns Titli.

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