Titli Starlife update Tuesday 4 June 2024

The Episode starts with Garv saying I love you Titli. He hugs her and asks her to let it out, whatever she wants to say. She says you get angry, but you can’t do wrong with anyone. He says yes, I said sorry. She says its not enough. He says just say it, what shall I do. She asks will you promise, you won’t do this again, respecting girls is imp.

He says I respect you. She says please let me speak, the one we love hurt us the most, I believe this now. She explains him.

He hugs her and says I love you. They cry. She says I love you a lot, I will love you even if you hate me. Dhara comes and says your Kaku and Kaki have come. Titli smiles and goes to meet them. Garv and Titli meet her family. Jaishri says Manikant called us home and said there is puja. Maina asks why did he call them. Koel says puja got over. Hiral comes. Koel asks what are you doing here.

Manikant comes and asks did everyone come. Koel asks why did you call them after puja. He says if I had called them before, then the puja would have not happened. Maina asks what happened. He says so much happened, we all want to know who filed the police complaint against Garv, I got the name of that anonymous person. Hiral worries. Koel and Maina ask who is that person. Manikant says that person is between us. Garv says impossible, everyone is family here. Manikant says you think so, it’s a world, family cheats family here. He asks Titli to tell them that she regrets the doing. He says Titli knew the truth and hid it. Titli says no. He shouts enough.

Manikant says truth doesn’t hide from me for long, Hiral’s truth isn’t hidden, Hiral has filed the complaint. Everyone is shocked. Paresh says you are mistaken. Manikant says you are forgetting that I m a barrister, I got the proof, I have seen Hiral speaking to that inspector. Garv says so what, it doesn’t mean she filed the complaint. Manikant says I knew its not easy to convince you, I went to the police station. He recalls meeting the constable and asking about Hiral. He shows Hiral’s pic. Constable says yes. Titli asks how can you do this. Garv gets angry. Hiral gets scared.

Garv says you work in my company, you were spoiling my life, tell me why. Titli says I will talk to her. Koel says she is ruining her sister’s life. Alpa taunts Maina. Maina asks her to stay out of it. Koel scolds Alpa. She asks Hiral to come out. Titli says I know she made a big mistake. Garv says she will get punished. He says you are fired. Manikant says you can say this to her, I want to see what you tell to Titli. Maina asks what’s Titli’s mistake in this. Manikant says its her mistake, we got related to this dramatic family because of her.

He asks how will you forgive her cheat. Garv says Titli didn’t know it. Manikant asks are you sure. Garv says yes. Manikant says you are a fool, you lost mind in love, I just want to show you. He shows the footage. Garv says I know Titli went to my office to check who is at the office, I know there was no one. He sees Titli with Hiral.

Koel scolds Titli. Titli says I didn’t cheat Garv. Maina asks why didn’t you tell Garv about Hiral. Manikant says she had called Hiral to office to make plans, she made Hiral file the complaint and acted in front of us. Titli asks why will I do this. Manikant says to take revenge, Garv had pushed you and you both had a fight. Everyone gets angry on Titli. Garv says your lie has come out. Titli says no, I couldn’t tell the truth. Koel says stop the drama, you both planned to trap Garv. Titli says I met Hiral but I didn’t know anything about the police complaint. Garv says lie again, why shall I believe you now.

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