Titli Starlife update Monday 3 June 2024

The Episode starts with Garv and Titli coming home. Everyone asks them to have dinner. Garv says we had the food, we will rest. Dhrishti says he doesn’t spend time with family now. Titli says he is your brother first. Koel says you always take my son along. Hiren says Garv has saved her family, is everything fine at home.

Titli says yes. Garv says she didn’t take me along, I went after her. Koel says I forgot, you will support her. Garv says she is my wife. Alpa taunts him to be wife’s puppet. Garv says that’s not imp. Dhara says you are the world’s best husband and best brother. He asks Koel to have food.

He feeds the food to Koel and Maina. Titli looks on. Garv goes. Titli thinks of Garv’s feelings. Her alter ego tries to explain her. She cries and thinks you make me feel inferior whenyou get angry, what’s your truth. Its morning, Koel asks Divya to hurry up with work. She asks where is Titli, she will do the puja. Titli sees the scar on her face and cries. Koel comes to call her.

Titli gets ready and comes. Everyone compliments. Titli sits for the shuddikaran. Koel says Garv will do the shuddikaran with milk. Garv pours the milk on Titli’s face. The makeup gets washed off. Dhara says there is some mark on your face. Titli keeps her hand. Maina asks her to move her hand. Koel says move your hand. Titli sees Garv.

Dhara pulls her hand. They see the bruises on her cheek. Alpa says its finger marks. Garv says no, her skin is sensitive, she got rashes by milk. Koel says nothing can happen by milk. Garv lies. Titli says yes, it doesn’t suit my skin. Garv says I will apply haldi lep. Koel says no need. Dada ji says give the lep to him. Maina gives the haldi. Garv sits and applies the haldi lep. He says its our personal matter. Alpa taunts Hiren.

Maina calls Manikant and asks why didn’t you come. He says I m working on an imp case, Garv and Titli will manage. Guard gives the bracelet to Manikant and says it might belong to Titli, she came to office two days back. Manikant says why did she come here at night. He calls and asks for cctv footage. Dhrishti takes pics of the puja. The diya stand falls over Titli by her mistake. Garv holds the diya and saves Titli. The hot oil falls on his hand. Everyone worries. Titli says we will go to the hospital. He says its okay. He scolds Dhrishti. He says I don’t want any hurdle in puja, its for Titli and me. He sits back and does the puja. Titli thinks its difficult to understand you. Hiral meets Ankit. Manikant sees them talking and goes. Titli does the aid to Garv’s burn wound. He apologizes to her and says please forget that incident and move on, you are the world to me, I love you a lot, I can die for you. He hugs her.

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