Evil Affairs starlife update Sunday 9 June 2024

The Episode starts with Nikki returning phone to Piyush and says she read about Daakini on the internet and her fear increased. She says there is no detailed info about her. Suguna tells Sumitra that the similar mirror is in Daayan’s room and they shall replace it with this darpan after it becomes Satya Darpan.

She says it will become Satya Darpan if anyone tells the truth sitting infront of it. She asks her to come. Sumitra looks in the mirror and cuts her hand. She says I don’t love Nikki at all, I just love my children and Nikki’s existence is that she loves Piyush and can give her life for him. She says it doesn’t matter if Nikki is alive or dead. She asks Suguna if she is thinking that she is selfish. Suguna says how can I think, as you told the truth to the mirror and not me.

She asks Vikram to come. Vikram comes. Piyush comes to Saudamini with Nikki. Saudamini signs them to untie her. Nikki asks Piyush what he has done, and tells that she will free her. She asks her not to shout and tells her, we didn’t know Malik’s anger and tells that he will kill her family and all Bhurangarh. She tells that she needs to do this rasam else everyone will be killed. Saudamini thinks if Nikki doesn’t do the rasam then Malik will kill everyone and he himself will become weak. She says what she will do after becoming Queen, if nobody is alive on whom she can rule. She says she will help Nikki, with the tape of Daakini. She says she will settle the scores with Piyush later.

Vikram slits his hand. Suguna asks him to say the truth. Vikram says he was egoistic that his ancestors rule on Bhurangarh since 500 years, and I am proud of that, when Nikki became my bahu, she showed our true face to us that we are not King, but Malik’s slave and since then his ego is shattered. He says she has ruined our pride and since then I hate her. He says if I have to choose between Nikki’s freedom or Malik’s slavery then I will choose Malik’s slavery, and this royalty is very precious to me, and I can do anything to save it, and can give sacrifice of anyone. After he gets up, Suguna sits infront of the mirror and reads some mantras. The mirror sparkles.

Saudamini asks Nikki to see the tape in which she might get info about Daakini, in which the guy tells that Daakini is very powerful and she steals the dead body from burning pyre and eats them. Suguna tells that the mirror have accepted their truth and have become Satya Darpan. She says who will take it to Daayan’s room.

The guy says where Daakini takes the dead body, nobody goes there even the bird. He says there will be Shakini, Bhoot and Pishach there. Nikki says I have to go to such place, but I will fight with even death. Piyush says he will bring Daayan’s mercury.

Vikram asks Suguna to take the mirror to daayan’s room. Suguna refuses and tells that you can kill me, but I will not go there. Vikram says nothing will happen. Sumitra says she will go, as it is the matter of my son’s life. Sumitra comes to Daayan’s room and looks for the mirror. Daayan is relaxing in bathtub and senses Sumitra.

She asks why you people think me as fool and asks why did you leave your husband and suguna outside. She asks them to come inside. They come inside. Daayan asks if they think that she is a fool and asks why they were standing outside. She asks what did she bring? Sumitra says she has brought sarees for her. Daayan says she can’t believe her. Vikram says I brought saree as you liked Sumitra’s saree. Daayan laughs and asks her to keep the sarees there along with the necklace which she is wearing. She says since I came, peace is snatched, you people don’t let me take bath and asks Sumitra to leave her earrings too. Sumitra keeps her necklace and earrings, and then changes the mirror with Satya Darpan. Daayan asks them to leave. They leave.

Nikki says I am scared. Piyush says yes, if I was on your place then I would be scared too, but you shall not be scared as you are not going alone, but I will come with you. Nikki says you are not going to risk your life. Piyush says he can’t live alone if anything happens to her. Nikki says I know but. Piyush says if you was on my place then will you let me go alone. He says I will leave before you and will reach you at Daak taal.

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