Titli Starlife update Monday 6 May 2024

The Episode starts with Ishani saying Garv is stubborn, angry and arrogant. Baa scolds her and says Garv loves Titli, so he gets angry. Garv says Ishani is my old friend, she is creating an issue. Baa asks Ishani to get out. Ishani leaves. Baa says I understand that girl is after you, you are a decent girl, be strict towards her, keep Titli in control, she is innocent. He says don’t tell this to Titli, she will feel bad. She agrees. He thanks her. Koel stops Titli. Titli thinks where did Garv go.

Koel gives the chunri for mehendi function. She says it has real gold Zari, its our ancestral dupatta. Hiral thinks I would have got all this, but Titli came in between. Paresh taunts Manikant about the costly diamond ring. He asks how did you like it. Manikant says good things are always liked, you have spent the life’s savings in a ring, what will you do in the function, will you feed the guests or just feed them lemon and salt. Titli sees Ishani leaving. Ishani sees her and writes a note for her. Titli goes to read it. Garv comes and tears the note. He asks what are you doing here. She says Ishani came here, she ran way and left a note. He sees his name on it. He steps on the torn part of the note. She asks why did she come, did you invite her. He says no, just your happiness matters, I asked her to leave. She says I will come.

He says its not imp, its special day for us. She says just 2 mins. He scolds her. She says you are imp, she has written about you, I will go and ask her. He asks are you serious, will you leave me and go after her. She asks him not to get angry. The girls come and ask them to pose for a pic. They click pics. Bhakti asks what did Ishani want to say. Titli says don’t know, I never asked Garv about his breakup. She calls Garv. He hears it and says ask me, come outside. She sees him and smiles. He says I have come to celebrate our engagement. Bhakti says he is so romantic. Titli goes. Garv and Titli cut the cake.

They have a romantic talk. He says I love you, I really do. They smile. She asks why did your breakup happen. He gets upset and leaves. She asks him to listen. She calls him. He doesn’t answer. He gets angry on Ishani. Its morning, Titli says Garv didn’t reply to my calls and messages. Bhakti comes and says its your mehendi today. Titli says I had made Garv upset, if he doesn’t come in function. Bhakti says relax, such little fights happen. Jaishri asks Titli to get ready. Bhakti asks Titli to go to parlour and curl her hair. Titli says I will come in 10 mins. Chintu says decorations are beautiful. Titli and everyone are surprised. Jaishri asks why are you spending so much. Paresh says I will handle it.

Titli says its not needed to spend so much. Paresh says I will see it, I want you to get married. Jaishri says I don’t know how he is getting money, Koel gave you chunri. Baa says Titli, Koel is aunty, Maina is your Saas. Jaishri asks Titli to wear that chunri. Titli says Hiral is getting ready in the room, she will take care of the dupatta. Jaishri says I will ask Hiral to get ready soon. Hiral sees the dupatta and burns it. she says you thought you will marry Garv and I will sit alone. Ishani sees Garv going. She says where is he going. She calls him. He doesn’t answer. She follows him. Jaishri asks for Titli’s dupatta. Hiral gives it to her. She smiles. Garv breaks the door and enters Ishan’s house. She gets shocked seeing the statements written on the wall…. I love Garv, he is a very nice guy. She sees Garv.

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