Titli Starlife update Sunday 19 May 2024

The Episode starts with everyone writing their wishes. Koel looks on and thinks to just pray. Titli helps her and writes. She says you always kept this family united, your wish should reach Lord first. She goes to Garv and asks what did you write. Garv says not here, come. They go their room. She reads, I want to keep my Titli happy. She nods. He says your turn now.

She writes and shows. He reads I want our family to stay happy. He says no, this is not okay. He writes I want we both always stay happy. He says I have the only right on your wish. She nods. They all light the lanterns and leave in the air. Everyone claps. Titli feels dizzy. She recalls the drink. The guy Kabir holds her and asks are you fine, sit there. Garv sees him holding Titli. He goes and pushes Kabir. He asks how dare you touch my wife.

Kabir says I m trying to help her, you both are drunk. Garv asks will you take an advantage. He beats Kabir. Titli tries to stop. Everyone comes and asks Garv to leave Kabir. Garv scolds Titli and pushes her. She falls down and cries. She sees Garv fighting. Manikant asks what happened. Kabir says she was drunk, I was helping her. Monica goes to Titli. Ranjhan…plays…

Titli goes to her room. Jaishri comes. Titli says Garv pushed me, what was my mistake. Jaishri says its not your mistake, calm down. Manikant asks Garv to apologize to Kabir. Garv says sorry, my foot. He goes. Adi’s dad scolds Manikant. Adi takes Monica with him. Jaishri says he didn’t even notice that you fell, it happened by mistake, his anger is nothing in front of his love, always remember this. Manikant asks how dare Garv misbehave with Kabir. Koel says Titli is the reason for this, she was drunk. Chintu says you can’t say this about Titli. Koel argues.

Manikant says this marriage should have not happened. Baa says Titli will handle it, come, we will leave. Paresh says Baa is right. They leave. Koel comes to Titli and blames her. She asks what do you want, he fought with Monica’s Sasural, they got angry and left. Titli asks where did Garv go. Koel says I don’t know. Titli says Garv would be blaming him. Titli’s family leaves. Titli calls Garv. Dhara comes and asks Titli is she hurt. She gives her lemonade. She says I like your love story. Titli says he was fighting for me, he loves me a lot, he is possessive about me.

Garv comes to his room. He says I have to say something. She says I know you will say sorry. He says I love you. He gives her a gift. He says I know our date paused because of that stupid person, the entire night is left and much has to happen. She sees the dress. She thinks I thought you will….

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