Titli Starlife update Saturday 22 June 2024

The Episode starts with Titli saying I will try my best. The man says thanks, here is your advance. Titli takes the cheque and thanks him. The man says Garv, your wife is very talented, packaging business is growing, I think she will earn more than you. Titli smiles. Kapadias leave. Koel scolds Titli and Maina.

Titli says I will do the household work and do this work from home. Maina asks what, will you work from home, it will create a lot of mess. Alpa says she knows Garv will support her. Hiren says Titli did this to keep Garv and Manikant’s respect. Alpa says no, she is just helping her Kaku, she will earn and give money to him. Titli justifies herself. Hiren supports her. She says trust me, I will not neglect any work, I promise. Everyone goes.

Garv wishes all the best to Titli. Titli does the work and says I will give some money to Garv, it will help Paresh. Garv gets angry and says Titli isn’t giving time to me. Titli gets the material and sits to decorate the baskets. He says I m your husband, you should just be with me. He eats the til laddoos. Dhara comes to help Titli. Titli says I will show the basket to Garv. She asks him to see the basket, its ready. He turns. She gets shocked seeing his bad condition. She asks what’s happening. Everyone comes.

Koel and Manikant put him on the bed. Manikant calls the doctor. Doctor sees Garv on video call and says he has an allergy. Koel says I didn’t give him anything different in food. Doctor says something has to be there. Dhrishti says these flowers are new. Doctor says yes, it can happen. Koel scolds Titli. Titli cries. Koel asks can’t you see Garv’s condition, go and throw the flowers outside. Everyone scolds Titli. Garv says don’t blame Titli, she didn’t know this will happen.

Manikant says I will send medicines for you. They all go. Titli sits to take care of Garv. She says I m sorry. He says no, if you knew this, then you would have not done this. Titli sees the laddoos bowl. She asks him to say, did he do this. He angrily throws the bowl. Maina comes and says you are blaming him, shame on you.

She gives medicines to Garv. She lies to Titli about the bowl. She says don’t know what he saw in you and loves you. Titli says no, I felt so. Maina says Garv made a mistake marrying you. She goes. Garv starts acting. Titli says sorry. He asks what shall I do of your sorry, there is no trust. She worries. He says I will go and pick the flowers. She says no, your allergy will get high. He says those clients are mine, you got the work because of me. She says no, I got the order because of my talent. He says you came to my office to impress my clients. She says no, I got it for you. He says lie, you did it for yourself, not for me, I thought you were trying to make me feel special, no one knows you. He angrily scolds her.

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