Evil Affairs starlife update Saturday 22 June 2024

The Episode starts with Daayan chanting the mantras. Saudamini sees Malik Puran coming out of the trunk and flying in air. She follows the book and sees it going to Daayan’s room. She says so Chaaya called it. Daayan checks the book, just as she gets it. Saudamini turns and collides with Rachna. She scolds her. Rachna says you stepped on my foot, and says don’t know until when I will have pain.

Daayan finds the page which she wants. Rachna says you are not calling me. Saudamini says you are saying as if you get hiccups due to me. Rachna says yes. Saudamini asks if you don’t get hiccups due to Nikki. Rachna says she gets, but less. Saudamini asks her why Chaaya called Nikki to her room. Rachna says you can ask her directly as you take care of her make up and make her get ready. Saudamini says you are right.

Piyush looks at Nikki and tells her that he wants to hear her saying nonstop. He rests his head on her lap and asks her to say. Nikki goes on to say. Piyush thinks this is my real Nikki, who is bearing so much, and then also she loves me so much without any complains. Agar tum na hote plays…..Daayan sees Nikki resting in Piyush’s lap in the mirror, and says humans don’t do anything other than this. She says until I find out about her power, carry on, and then I will put my beak in your neck.

She holds the chameleon which changes color. She cuts the chameleon and puts its blood on Nikki’s doorstep. She says just as Nikki go from there, blood color will change to green if she has any divine power with her. She calls her friend from her hair and asks her to inform her just as Nikki cross the path. Her friend assures her.

Piyush asks Nikki if he can spend tonight with her. Nikki smiles. Piyush says he will not cross his limit and asks if she will come with him. Nikki tells that the right time haven’t come till now. Piyush says I will wait for your right time. He kisses on her forehead and goes. Nikki is going to her room, steps on the blood and goes inside. Daayan’s friend tells her that Nikki has crossed it and asks her to come. Daayan says now I will get the answer to all my question. She goes there and finds the blood turning green. She says some divine power is saving Nikki from me, and that’s why my vashikaran didn’t help. She thinks she has to find out about the divine power, to see it to fight with it.

Later Vikram asks everyone to have food. Daayan comes there and shouts stop. Everyone gets up from the table. Daayan says just as I called you for Dawat once, you are not leaving the chair. She serves food in her plate. Vikram says if you want to say anything Chaaya ji. Daayan asks Vikram to have her leftover food from her hand and give prove of his loyalty. Vikram says I will have food with your hand and will give proof of my loyalty. He eats the food. Daayan asks him not to swallow it, but chew it for 32 times then swallow it. Nikki thinks Daayan can’t be changed.

Daayan then makes Sumitra, Prateik and Aarohi have food with her hand. She says now it is Nikki’s turn and asks her to come and have food, to prove that she is loyal. Nikki says no, not at any cost. Everyone gets shocked. Vikram shouts Nikki. Daayan asks him to be quiet and says I don’t need your help to make her obey my order. Saudamini is going from there and stops to hear her. Nikki says I, Nikki Piyush Gehlot refuses to obey you. Daayan says I know how to make you agree to my sayings and asks her to wait and watch. She takes off her hair strand to attack Sumitra. Sumitra is shocked. Nikki runs to save Sumitra and holds Daayan’s hair strand. Everyone is shocked. Daayan gets up from the chair.

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