Titli Starlife update Saturday 1 June 2024

The Episode starts with Garv saying I can’t change the past. She says we should leave now. They come home. Koel asks how did they come so soon. Garv says there is a limit to drag some matter. Titli hides the slap mark. She goes. Garv says we didn’t like the weather there. He also goes. Koel says I know there is some matter.

Titli goes to the washroom and locks the door. Garv asks her to listen. She gets under the shower and sits crying. He sits outside and sees their pic. She comes out. He cares for her. He applies the ointment to her cheek. He says I made a mistake, I never told sorry to anyone, but I m saying it to you, I m …. He pauses to say sorry. She gets up. He says listen to me, I m sorry. They argue. He leaves. She holds her cheek and cries.

Dhara and Dhrishti tease Garv about his honeymoon.

They ask what exciting plan did he plan. Titli does makeup to her face and hides the mark. He says yes, we won the best couple competition also. Titli comes. Dhrishti says your honeymoon was like a fairytale. Dhara says but you don’t look happy. Titli says I have to go and meet Kaka, he is hurt. Koel asks accident? Is he fine? Titli says yes.

Koel asks her to go and call her if she needs any help. Titli goes. She comes home and meets Paresh. She asks him not to worry, everything will be fine. Jaishri says yes, but why did you come back leaving the honeymoon. Titli says we didn’t like being there. Jaishri says you are hiding something, tell me. Titli says Garv…. The goons come and attack Paresh and family. Paresh shouts and asks who are you all. The goons start breaking the things.

Paresh asks them to stop. The goon chokes him. He asks for money. The goons stop the family back. Jaishri says Paresh isn’t well, leave him, please. The goon says I don’t care, I want my money. Paresh says give me some time, I will return the money. The goon scolds him. They push Chintu. Titli gets angry and picks a stick. She asks the goon to leave Paresh. Goon pushes Paresh down. He asks Titli to stay in limits. Titli says I will teach you your limits by breaking your bones. The goon catches the stick and takes it from her hand. He holds her dupatta. Garv comes and beats him. Everyone smiles seeing Garv. Garv beats all the goons. He threatens the goon and asks him to stay away from Paresh and family. Titli looks on. The fight goes on. Garv hits the goons.

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