Bitter sweet love starlife Saturday 1 June 2024

The Episode starts with Vandu getting Tara home. Vedika and Guneet ask Kunal to think with a calm down. Kunal shouts enough, I will do whatever I want. He asks Vandu to take Tara and follow him. He asks Bobby not to come. Vandu asks where are we going. He says sit quiet.

Anagha, Mrunal and Hemant get happy that the house deal will be done. Anagha says I feel a bit bad, I came here after marriage, now this house won’t be there, but we have to do it. Mrunal says yes, we have Dussehra and Durga puja, Sindoor khela is my fav. Anagha says yes, it teaches her to end evil and start the good. He says we will celebrate it unitedly. Mrunal thinks to celebrate Dussehra in US with Vaibhav. Vaibhav is on call with her. He says it will be the best Dussehra. Vijay and Aaji look on. He says they won’t understand the meaning of Dussehra.

Sonia checks the door. She sees Kunal, Vandu and Tara. Tara hugs Sonia. Sonia asks what’s all this. Kunal says you got Tara home, I did the same, same pinch, she is your daughter, you handle her, play with Inder, not me, I m not interested in your cheap games. Inder comes and argues.

Vandu says please calm down, Tara is here. Sonia takes Tara with her. Vandu asks Kunal and Inder to continue fighting. Vijay gets sad and packs his bags. Kunal and Inder argue further. Inder says you couldn’t keep Sonia happy, so she has come to me, at least handle your daughter. Kunal says you are saying nonsense. Sonia says get DNA test done and end this matter. Kunal says she isn’t my daughter, you keep her.

She says if you want to meet me, then I won’t let you meet her. He says I don’t want to meet her, after divorce formalities, you both don’t show mw your faces. He leaves. Inder says he has run away from his responsibilities again. He goes. Sonia thanks Vandu for getting Tara safely.

Vandu says she is scared, take care of her. She goes out. Kunal scolds her. Inder asks Sonia to fix this, convince Kunal to raise Tara, she is his daughter. Sonia says she is my daughter, my responsibility, I will keep her if he left her, give me some time, I will talk to Kunal. He says I want to get married to you, I love you, fine, we will find a good hostel and shift Tara there, then we will get married, we will live a happy married life, think of our relation and love. Tara looks on and goes.

Kunal says don’t judge me. Vandu says I m not making an opinion, we have to take care of elders and kids, not everyone gets parents and kids, one shouldn’t get rid of them. Kunal says thanks, come. She prays.

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