Bitter sweet love starlife update Tuesday 4 June 2024

The Episode starts with Vaibhav spending time with Mrunal. He sees Vandu and worries. Anagha and Hemant meet the builder’s assistant. They get happy. Vaibhav pushes Mrunal and acts sweet towards Vandu. Vandu says I m very happy with you. He says I m with you always.

Mrunal looks on. Anagha asks shall I get something for you. Vijay says no, you already gave a lot. Hemant asks her to come. Aaji says we are here for Vandu’s happiness. Vijay says its her first big function after marriage. He prays. Vandu thanks Vaibhav. She says we will go and dance, then we will play sindoor khela. He flirts with her. Mrunal looks on jealous. Vandu wards off their bad sight. Kunal says you look happy. Vandu says yes, I m very happy, I feel like dancing. He says then do it, good for you. She gives him aarti. She advises him about Tara. Pammi asks Bobby to go and have videos. She asks Tara to go away and play. Vandu, Vaibhav and everyone dance. Ishq kiya to… plays…

Kunal also dances. Sonia and Inder come there. Tara sees them. She stays upset. Inder asks Sonia to dance. Kunal sees them and turns sad. The family looks on.

Kunal plays the dhol in anger. He is about to step on the hot coal. Vandu saves him and stumbles. He holds her. Inder taunts Kunal. He says you are shocked seeing Sonia and me, we had to come in Durga puja, we are Bengali, you kept Tara here and gave us a reason to come here, we will keep visiting. Kunal says why… I was feeling light after many years, I thought I can cope up with the pain, but they both came in front of me.

Hemant and Anagha see Vandu and get tense. They lie to Vandu. Vandu asks them to come for sindoor khela. Hemant says I will just come. Anagha says I will go to washroom and come. Vijay prays for Vandu. The kids take Vandu. Vaibhav is with Mrunal. Vandu plays the shank. She applies the sindoor. She asks Vedika to take Devimaa’s blessing. Vedika agrees. Kunal gets glad seeing Vedika happy. Vandu and Sonia apply the sindoor and give their best wishes to each other. Vaibhav says you have to play sindoor khele in America next year. Mrunal smiles. He goes to Vandu and acts caring.

Next Wednesday update evil Affairs 


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