Titli Starlife update Tuesday 24 June 2024

The Episode starts with Dada ji saying Manikant and his four kids used to spend time with me. Titli thinks he forgot, dad has three children. He asks her not to become like Koel. He says you are Titli, you should spread your wings and fly, you are different, promise me, you won’t lose your spark. She promises. He tells some plan. She goes and removes the fuse.

Manikant says I will check the fuse. They all go out and see Titli’s surprise for them. Manikant asks what’s all this. Dhrishti says this is called buttering. Koel asks Dada ji to come with her. He says no, I won’t go inside until Titli goes inside. Maina says you know what she did. He says she didn’t do the mistake intentionally, I will also bear the punishment. Titli says I m sorry. Garv asks what do you want to prove. She says we all are busy and don’t give time to Dada ji, who spent his life to raise the family. She apologizes to Manikant, I promise I won’t repeat it. Maina scolds her.

Titli says Dada ji is happy, he will be more happy if you sit and spend time with him like before. Dada ji says yes. He asks Titli to get milk for Koel. Koel says no. He asks her to sit. He asks Manikant to come. Everyone joins. Titli serves the glasses of milk. Garv turns to go. She stops him and says I m sorry, don’t get upset with me. He says you are my choice, you act irresponsible, it harms my family, I don’t like this.

She says they are my family also, why aren’t they accepting me, I have to give proof always, I love them a lot. He says I want them to be proud of you, I want you to become the best bahu. Two guys come and tries to take Dhrishti’s pics. Titli sees them and scolds them. She asks them to get out before she calls the police. The guys misbehave with her. She slaps one of the guy. The guy gets angry.

Garv comes and stops him. He beats the guys. He makes them say sorry. He asks what were you doing here, say it, I was at home, you could have called me, think if anything happened to you. She says they came to click Dhrishti’s pics. He hugs her. She says they would have run away until I called you, Dhrishti is my sister also, this family is imp for me. He says you are very imp for me, I will never leave you alone, I don’t like when the family scolds you. She says I promise, I will keep my every responsibility. They hug. He says you remember my birthday, right. She says yes, I planned a surprise for you. He says I like surprises, come in, I will handle dad. Hiren calls Jaishri and says you reminded me that place and we found dad there, thanks. She says I m glad I could help you. He says you have a sharp memory, I forgot. She says you used to forget the exams also. They laugh.

Maina looks on and says I got dad because of you. She says who is he praising. He says take care. He ends call. He keeps his phone and goes. Maina checks the phone. She sees Jaishri’s name. She says what’s their connection. Its morning, Titli sees Garv sleeping and goes to complete the order. Garv gets up and looks for Titli. He says is she completing her work. She thinks to message Mr. Kapadia. Garv comes and sees the baskets ready. He thinks no, I won’t let your work come between us.

He says wow, you completed the work in one night. She says yes, you would be proud of me, dad’s name won’t be spoiled, I can help Kaka and Kakimaa. He says you are the best and hugs her. She sees the flowers and says stay away from flowers, you will get allergy again. He says right, make a shake for me. He asks her for a hug. She says no, I was near the flowers, I didn’t change. She goes. He gets angry. He says see, you will say no to these flowers because of me.

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