Titli Starlife update Friday 12 July 2024

The Episode starts with Koel scolding Garv for raising hand on Titli. She cries. Garv is shocked. Koel says you did wrong, I can’t believe, my son has done this, disgusting. Gavr and Titli also cry. Garv goes. Maina says you slapped my son, are you in your senses, Garv said he was embarrassed because of Titli, she provoked him, what will he do. Koel says its wrong to slap someone, don’t support Garv.

Maina says he is my son, I will support him, Titli is here, she knows he loves her and he is a good person. Koel says he has no right to slap Titli. Manikant asks how dare you slap Garv, I never slapped him. Maina scolds Koel. Koel argues with them. She asks is Garv not related to me, I have raised him, I know he gets much angry, but its not right to raise hand on a woman, when Chiku…. After Chiku left, you know Garv’s condition, what did you both, he used to curse himself day and night, he used to blame himself for Chiku’s death and cry, do you know that, I have shared his sorrow, Garv was so scared of his dad and stopped talking, Maina was in so much sorrow that she didn’t see Garv, I was with him. He raises hand. Titli stops him.

She says I took Garv to psychiatrist because of his anger, his anger is like you, dad, it will end him like a termite and ruin his relations, I was much hurt, I couldn’t understand who to talk, then I got to know about the childhood incident, I m trying to help him, he will get fine once his wound heals, I love him a lot, I took this decision for his betterment. Garv walks on the road and cries. He recalls everything. He pours the ice over his head. The man says you have got loss for me. Garv says don’t cry, you will get money, I forgot my wallet, I will double money. The men beat him.

Megha comes and beats the man. She asks them to get away. She gives money to the man and takes Garv. Titli calls Garv. Dhara comes and apologizes. Titli says this matter should have not come out. Maina comes and taunts her. She says you will lose Garv. Garv says I will return the money. Megha says I was just helping you. Titli says no one can come between us, we are together. She calls Garv. Dhara says its all my fault, this happened because of me. Titli says relax, you know your brother, when he is angry, he doesn’t talk to anyone. They hear sound and go out. They see the blood stains on the floor. They see Garv. Titli says I will apply the medicine. Garv shouts and throws the jug of water. Koel comes and says Garv, what happened, what’s this blood, come, I will do the aid.

Maina comes and scolds Koel. She asks her to stay away. Titli says Koel is also hurt. Maina says you are the reason for Garv’s condition. Manikant says you have done a lot for my son, no need to do more. Garv says you can’t talk to Koel like that. He pushes Titli and says don’t come between us. Garv says Koel has raised me. Manikant scolds him.

Garv claps and says you are saying right, you can never be wrong, world can be wrong, what did you call me, weak, I have become weak, I should get punishment, who will give me the punishment, I will punish myself. He slaps himself. Titli, Koel and Maina stop him. They cry. He throws things in anger.

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