Bitter sweet love starlife update Friday 12 July 2024

The Episode starts with the people insulting Vandu. Mrunal and Sonia smile. She gets Bobby’s call. Bobby informs her about the pics and asks her not to worry, its morphed pics. He says I have filed a complaint in cyber crime, I will find out who did this. Vandu tries to go. Some men stop her and tease her. Sonia says its too much.

Mrunal asks shall we go and help. Vandu pushes the man and scolds him. The man asks her to come. She falls down. Her saree gets stuck there. Mrunal asks Sonia to come. They get stuck in the crowd. Kunal comes and stops the man from holding to Vandu. Sultan…plays… Mrunal and Sonia see Kunal and hide. Kunal sees Vandu crying. He goes to her and covers her with a chunri. Kaun mera…. Plays… He says you aren’t alone, I m there.

He asks the man to keep the video recording on. He beats the men. He says now make this video viral, Vandu is my would be wife, if anyone sees her, then I will snatch eyes and break hands. He holds Vandu’s hand. Sonia gets jealous. Kunal asks Vandu to sit on the bike. She holds him. Baatein kuch ankahee si…plays… He makes her hold him. They leave. Sonia gets angry.

Kunal brings Vandu home. Vijay asks what happened. Kunal says talk later. He asks Vandu to go to her room and rest. She thanks him. He says please relax. She goes. Vijay says I understood, someone misbehaved with her because of those fake pics. Kunal says yes, but Vandu’s character is pure, no one can spoil it, nothing wrong happened with her. Hemant and Anagha, Atya and Vijay worry. Kunal says I guarantee, the culprit will get caught, take care of Vandu, we can’t imagine what she is going through. Anagha thanks him.

She says Vandu is lucky to get married to you. Kunal says I learnt that you aren’t happy with this alliance, I can understand, you are a father. Vijay says you are also a father, you aren’t right, you are selfish. Kunal says I won’t refuse, its not my adamancy, but my daughter’s happiness, you should also be selfish for Vandu’s happiness, Vandu’s happiness is with Tara, accept this for her sake. Vijay says you are using her weakness. Kunal says you can’t see her happiness. Vijay says its not a marriage that people are getting together for a child. Kunal says we have no misunderstanding about our relation, we are doing this by our wish and happiness.

Vijay says it’s a lie. Kunal says she might not get my love, but I will give her respect, I can’t give her love, but I will support her, I will never cheat her, she will get every right of a wife without asking, I won’t let her respect get down, her identity will be the same, it’s a promise, Vandana is becoming a part of Malhotra family, I will become a part of Karmarkar family, we will connect two families, I just have two demands, your blessings and promise that you won’t get upset on her. Atya smiles.

Kunal says take care and leaves. He comes home. Pammi shows the pics and asks will you marry such a girl. Kunal says its nonsense, it’s a lie, fake pics, you are becoming her enemy, you know her. Pammi says we got insulted. Kunal defends Vandu.

He says I m marrying Vandu, I won’t tolerate any nonsense against her, she will be my namesake wife, but she will become Tara’s mum and this house’s bahu for real, she should get respect. Pammi gets angry and says Vandu won’t become a wife, bahu or Tara’s mum, once Kuldeep comes, everything will be fine. Vandu recalls Kunal and cries. Kunal comes and asks her to get ready quickly, they have to leave. Sonia recalls Kunal and Vandu. Mrunal asks why is Vaibhav in jail, I have helped you in morphing Vandu’s pics, don’t act smart, else I will tell Kunal about your plan. Sonia says just shut up, the plan backfired, Kunal saved her, he went close to her, why shall I help. They argue. Kunal and Vandu come there. Kunal claps.

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