The beautiful explosion of Turban in Nigeria!


Celeb in Turban

If there is one thing to love about fashion, it is its ability to continue to evolve, recycle and adapt itself to trends and times as they come. This year has seen a whole lot of new styles and trends in every area, one of which is the explosion of turban.

Ever since it resurfaced and gained prominence; the streets of Lagos have never stopped blooming with the array of different and captivating colours that the turban has to offer. If really you did not know that the colour pink or say blue had different shades to it, then you should give the turban a chance. Yeah literally study it and simply be amazed.

In an interesting development, Churches and events seem to be the hive of different colours of turban, fashionistas who love getting their matching and colours just right are simply having a field day with is. So are choristers, Asoebi-ladies, club members, female celebrities and so on. Even brides and their maids are not left out in this trend.

I love most that they can easily be manipulated; Turbans yield themselves to different styles and fits all hairstyles, you just need to master the craft. Whether you want yours plain, with beads or already sculpted for straight up wear, you are sure to get your needs met.

I hope your wardrobe is already crawling with these beautiful darlings, because I can categorically tell you that mine is :). I have blue, black, yellow, wine, purple and pink and I don’t think I will be stopping any time soon.

So please share with us how many colours you have. 😉


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