Timeless love update Monday 13 November 2023

Timeless love 13 November 2023; The Episode starts with Dev goes behind Vidhi to their room and pulls her closer. Vidhi asks what you are doing? Dev says pulling wife closer to me. He says I used to think about just work, but now I was thinking when work will end, when I will come to you. Vidhi says even my condition was not different, this room and house was alone without you. Dev says he was feeling alone there, and says he is nothing with her. He asks her to say, if everything was fine here. He asks her to tell. Vidhi says we will talk later and asks him to tell if the trip was fine. Dev says yes, Maam.

She asks since when you started calling me Maam. Dev says until you call me Sir, I will call you Maam. He says my name is lovely, and asks her to call him Dev.

Priya gets worried and thinks of the guy’s threat. Abhimanyu tells Priya that the clients were very demanding. Priya gets threatening messages and gets tensed. Abhimanyu asks where is she lost? Priya says no, and asks him to take shower. He says I am trying to talk to you, and you want me to take shower.

Vidhi asks Dev what is the time and gets worried. Dev asks what happened, since I came, you are behaving strangely. He asks if Mausi ji said anything. Vidhi says nobody said anything. Dev asks if you was missing me. Vidhi says she will give clothes for laundry. She finds nighty in his bag and asks what is it? He says he brought it for his wife. Vidhi closes the door and asks if anyone saw it. Dev asks if we are kids. Priya asks if we are kids, we can talk later. He asks what is in the bag? Priya says annual charity function papers. Abhimanyu says you was ignoring me for this. She gets a call and gets worried. Dev says you have closed the door, now people will say that you have closed the door. Abhimanyu gives the handbag to Priya which he brought from Dubai and asks if she was upset that he didn’t bring anything from Dubai. He asks what happened, why you didn’t like it. She asks him to have shower and then they will have lunch. She says she has to go out for some work. Abhi says my wife doesn’t like surprises. He says I am going to have shower and asks her to give towel. He goes. Priya calls Rakesh and says Abhimanyu came suddenly so she is stuck and asks him to give her sometime. Rakesh says the excuses will prove costly for you. He is with Amba. Amba says if priya doesn’t you money then I have plan B. She says my ticking bomb is going on with the right speed, and the storm will come in all Raichand family. She says Dev will repent for throwing me out of his life, and says you have no lifeline than Amba Mehta.

Mausi ji asks Servants to bring the food fast. Vidhi brings food and serves to Dev. She is about to serve Abhi, when Satyavati says priya will serve Abhi and asks Vidhi to sit with Dev. Priya serves food to Abhi in a hurry. Abhi says you are serving as if you are serving to the prisoner. Dev asks Vidhi if she had food. Satyavati says Vidhi didn’t have food. Dev asks Vidhi and Priya, why their behavior is strange. Abhi says Priya’s behavior is strange. Mausi ji asks why everyone is behind Priya and praises her. She says Vidhi has brought storm since she came here, she had insisted to do job, and Satyavati got unwell. Satyavati tells Dev that Vidhi told her, but she made her understand their house customs and she understood. Vidhi tells Dev that Mummy ji explained her about the house rules. Dev asks Vidhi to complete her MBA. Mausi ji asks what she will do by doing MBA. Dev says she shall not leave midway.

Urmila and Pramod take shagun envelopes to pay the interest for the loan. Urmila says she heard that Dev will work for salary now, and he has returned his everything. Bimla and Hariprasad ask them not to drag Vidhi and Dev into this.

Dev lies in Vidhi’s lap and says finally I got some rest now. He asks her to call him Dev. Dev says whatever is in your heart, comes out, you can’t hide anything from me. Vidhi says I have hidden something from you. Dev gets up and asks what? Vidhi says I lied to you. He says you can’t lie to me. Vidhi thinks what to tell, if I tell truth then Priya will fall in problem, and if I don’t tell then it will be wrong with Dev sir. She says after you went, someone blackmailed me, so I got 25 lakhs from office. Dev asks why is she lying and asks her to tell about whose matter it is? Vidhi says this blackmailing thing is dangerous, and asks him to help her, and don’t punish her. He says I will help you, but didn’t like you lying with me. Vidhi hugs him and says I am sorry, I can’t tell you all the truth, and can’t hide also. Dev says I know whatever you did, there was goodness behind it. Priya gets a message asking her to face the consequences.

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