Timeless love starlife update Thursday 7 March 2024

Timeless love 7 March 2024: Chitra calling Dev, but his phone is in the car. Jai comes and holds Chitra as the goon pushes her. She faints. Jai signs them to leave. He sprinkles water on her face. Chitra gains consciousness.

Jai says the goons have run away before he would call the Police. She asks him how he came to know about the attack. Jai says we were talking on phone and you have forgotten to end the call. Chitra believes him and says you are an angel for me. Jai says I will drop you. He drops her to Raichand Mansion. Chitra asks him to come inside. He says he has self respect and will not come to the place where he is not allowed. Chitra asks who asked you not to come. Jai says Dev. He says we will meet outside. Chitra goes. Dev gets teary eyes, sees a small boy and takes him in his lap. The boy’s mother comes and snatches boy from his hands and leaves. Dev cries. Vidhi sees his pain and hugs him. They cry.

Bimla tells that she will make parathas. He asks her to make khichdi for him and parathas for Vidhi. He says we are going to meet Vidhi daily and says they might feel bad. Bimla says Satyavati is also a mother and knows well. She says I will make sure that she doesn’t feel bad. Hariprasad coughs and vomits blood on her handkerchief.

Dev and Vidhi come home. Satyavati tells Dev about the goons. Chitra says whatever Jai has done for me today, nobody can do it. She says it is revealed in testing time, who is yours and who is strangers. She says I called you, but you didn’t pick the call. Satyavati says he might not have seen your call, and asks her to keep her on his place and think. Chitra says Dev Bhai doesn’t love me anymore, else wouldn’t have separated my childhood friend from me. Satyavati says you are saying this in anger. Vidhi faints hearing Chitra blaming Dev. Priya brings water. Dev makes Vidhi drink water. Vidhi cries wondering what is happening with them.

Dev gets the alert from the pregnancy App and thinks he couldn’t do anything, and was helpless. He hears Vidhi saying in sleep that Mamma and Papa will not let anything happen to baby. Jai says Dev can’t stop him, and he has reached Vidhi through Chitra. He says nobody can stop him from getting Vidhi. Chitra thinks how she blamed Dev and then Vidhi fainted. She cries feeling bad. Satyavati asks why you are crying? Chitra says I told so much to Dev and says they must have felt bad.

She says if anything wrong happens to my baby. Satyavati says she shall not think anything wrong will happen, and says Dev and Vidhi love you a lot, and must have forgiven you. She says because of the goons, you came to know that Jai has helped you. Chitra says I don’t want Dev and Vidhi to feel bad and miss their pregnancy seeing her pregnancy. Satyavati asks her not to over think and sleep.

Dev thinks the family has to suffer because of him, first they lost home and business, and now their child. He says what is the use of being Dev Raichand, and decides to leave the house. When he is about to go, he sees his father making his younger self understand that he shall spread the goodness and truth in the world, and this is the strength which will not make him lose in life. He talks to his father’s portrait and says he remembers all his sayings, but he is feeling as if he has no strength. Vidhi comes there and says if you break then I will break too. She says we have to overcome from this situation for us and for the family. Dev says we will do it. Amba thinks Dev and Vidhi can’t overcome this pain, this is the chance to get Dev and oust Vidhi from his life.

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