Timeless love starlife update Friday 8 March 2024

Timeless love 8 March 2024: Vidhi waking up in the morning at 6 am. She thinks where is Dev ji? Dev comes there. Vidhi asks why did he keep early morning alarm. Dev says wake up, it is time to rise and shine. She asks what to do early morning.

He says I will say and brings their jogging clothes, says we will do exercise. He tells that if we make our body feel good, then our heart will be happy too. He says we will go for morning walk to make our heart and body healthy. Later when they return after walk, Satyavati asks them to freshen up to have breakfast. She is thankful to God that they have handled themselves. Simmy tells Priya that today is her friend Koyal’s birthday and she has invited her to her birthday party. She asks if they shall go to market and buy gift for her. Priya says they will talk later. Simmy insists. Vidhi says I will take her to buy gift. Dev says we will take Simmy and she can buy anything.

Simmy says if I go with Tawo ji and Tai ji then will buy more stuff. Vidhi says I am lucky to have such a family. Satyavati says even we are lucky to have you. She says I thought Dev is strong, but you are more strong. She says this bad time will end. She asks them to meet her psychiatrist friend Meera for their mental health, and says she wants happy Vidhi back. Dev says but…Vidhi says we will go.

They meet the counseller, who tells that miscarriage like situation make the mother cut from the world and from herself too, and says first step is that she shall accept it, secondly they shall spend more time together and talk to them, so that they find a way to overcome this situation. Dev thanks Meera for her advice.

Chitra sees Vidhi’s phone and Jai’s call on it. She picks the call. Jai asks where is Vidhi? Chitra says they are busy. Jai says he was feeling guilty as the accident happened in his office. Chitra asks him not to feel bad and tells that they are not in a mood to talk to anyone. Jai says he didn’t see Vidhi since a long time and has to do something.

Amba switches off Vikram’s game and tells him that she has to pay a big price because of him, and Dev went away from her. She says she has found a way to get him and asks him to help her. Ruhi comes home with Bimla and gives rose to Dev and Vidhi. She tells that she came first inter school story narration competition. She asks Dev why is he upset? Dev says I am tired, but is fine seeing you. Ruhi says superman can’t be tired and asks him to smile. Amba asks Vikram to call Chitra and tell her that he wants to meet Dev and her, and wants to give a chance to his marriage. She asks him to tell that if they don’t come then he will suicide. Vikram asks why will I do this? Amba threatens him. Vikram says ok, I will call now.

Bimla tells that she has brought gobi ka paratha for him. Dev says he will eat. Jai comes there and says it is good that you all are here. Chitra and Satyavati ask him to come. Jai recalls Dev asking him to stay away from his wife. Jai says I have come for a special purpose and tells that today is his Mother’s barsi, and he has nobody at his side. He says nobody thinks of me, just Vidhi thinks of me. Everyone looks at him. Jai says Chitra also thinks of me. He says he has brought prasad for them, and gives to Satyavati.

He says he is worried about Chitra, and also about Vidhi and Dev. He asks Vidhi, how is she? Vidhi says she is fine? Jai says so many days have passed, if you want then can join the office, as everyone is missing her. Satyavati says she is not well. Jai insists. Vidhi tells Jai that she will not work in that office again and asks him if he don’t understand. Bimla tells Dev that Vidhi shall not talk loudly. Satyavati signs Dev to take her to room. Dev takes Vidhi from there. Jai looks on as they are going to their room. He says I can understand and will leave. He looks at Vidhi and goes.

Bimla tells Hariprasad that she has come from Vidhi’s house. He asks how are they? Bimla says Dev has handled himself, we are very lucky to have jamai like him. He says even he is in trauma, but he has handled her well. She says even I couldn’t handle her so well like him. Later Dev picks all the toys and baby photo frames, baby chart etc. Bimla says Dev has proved his love. Hariprasad says Dev will make Vidhi fine with his love. Bimla says Vidhi will be fine soon. Vidhi wake up and finds the toys, baby frames etc on the bed. She sees Dev standing and asks if he didn’t sleep. She says she is troubling him a lot.

Dev recalls Meera’s words that may be Vidhi wants the baby early due to their age gap, and that’s why she couldn’t bear the miscarriage. Dev tells Vidhi that they have to start afresh and for that, they shall bid adieu the memories which has given them so much happiness. Vidhi asks if you want this really. Dev brings a box and asks her to thank the things and keep them one by one in the box. Vidhi looks at the doll and says you are the first toy of my life, whom I loved so much, but God wanted something else, thank you for giving me so many memories, I will miss you a lot and hugs the doll. She keeps the toys in the box, and then the baby photos frames. Dev deletes the pregnancy App. They seal the box with tape and hug each other.

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