Timeless love starlife update Saturday 9 March 2024

Timeless love 9 March 2024: Dev and Vidhi coming to Balghar and gives the toys box for the kids. The warden tells that the kids will be very happy. Dev tells Vidhi that they have passed the first stage. Vidhi says I understand what you are saying.

Dev tells that he wants time to take them to that phase where their happiness started. He asks her to close her eyes and swirls her. Vidhi opens her eyes and finds themselves in the room with white walls. Dev calls the kids, who brings the paint colors. Vidhi asks what is it? Dev asks her to do whatever she wants to and splash colors on the walls or paint it, do whatever you want, and make the life colorful. Dev splashes color on the wall. Vidhi along with kids and Dev paint the way, the way she wanted. Dev applies color on her face. She rubs her cheek on his cheek and applies him color. She tells Dev that they have all the relations, but the kids don’t have, but then also they stay happy. She says when they can be happy, then we shall be happy too.

Jai calls Vidhi. Vidhi says it is good that you called Mr. Shah, and says I am coming there. Vidhi comes there. The colleague tells that she is happy to see her. Vidhi climbs the stairs and recalls slipping and falling down. She comes to Jai’s cabin. Jai gets happy to see her and asks her to sit. He says I will call Shashi and will ask coffee for you. Vidhi says she don’t want anything. Jai says I came to apologize to you, I shouldn’t have talked to you like that. He says it is a small thing and asks from when she is joining office. Vidhi says my apology doesn’t mean that I am joining again, and says I told clearly that I don’t want to join. She says Dev alerted me many times, but now he is suffering because of my mistake.

She says he has done so much for me, always supported me and what did I give him in return. She says now I have understood what I want in my life and what I don’t want. She says I will be always thankful to you, for giving me a job, but I can’t forget what I have lost. She leaves from his cabin, while Jai tries to stop Vidhi. He says don’t know when Vidhi will realize that whom she regards as God is a demon, and thinks how to save Vidhi, now only Chitra can do something.

Amba asks Vikram, when he is going to meet Chitra. Vikram says I called her 8 times, but she didn’t pick the call. Amba says we have to meet Chitra anyhow. Vidhi comes back to Balghar and asks the kids where is Dev? The kids tell that they don’t know.

Vidhi sees the boy standing on the door, and tries to get inside, but the boy stops her. Dev says he will come. Vidhi asks Ruhi, what Dev uncle is doing? Ruhi refuses. Dev comes out after coloring his beard and hair black. Vidhi asks if you are Dev ji. He says yes. Vidhi says she wants her old Dev ji, who is matured…Ruhi says he is looking handsome. Vidhi asks him to bring her old Dev ji back. Dev says it is temporary color and will go in 1-2 days.

Jai meets Chitra. Chitra says you are giving me more attention. Jai tries to provoke her against Dev. Chitra says you made Dev Bhai as villain, and tells that Vidhi is unwell, asks him to give them sometime, and says they will take a good decision. Amba is there and asks what, Dev and Vidhi’s baby are no more. Chitra gets worried. Amba says I am your Amy mausi. Jai thinks she is Chitra’s mother in law. Amba acts as worried for Dev and Vidhi. She asks why you are not picking Vikram’s call. Chitra asks Jai to come. They leave.

Vidhi and Dev listen to the song ek ladki ko in the car. Priya asks if Vidhi shall work in jai’s office. Vidhi says she will not work there, and made it clear to Jai. Satyavati asks Dev why is he looking different and asks why you have colored your hair. Dev says he tried to experiment on his look. They laugh. Abhi says I shall do something to myself, else I may look elder than you. Dev says I like your sarcasm. Simmy tells that he likes his salt and pepper look. Satyavati, Abhi and Priya tell that even they like old look. Chitra says she likes even this look. Satyavati says my children shall stay away from troubles. Just then Amba knocks on the door and comes inside with Vikram. Vidhi thinks why did they come?

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