Timeless love starlife update Saturday 16 March 2024

Dev sees the divorce papers. Abhi says Vidhi Bhabhi can’t do this. Priya says surely this is Amba’s conspiracy. Satyavati says Amba is the one who wants to separate you both. Dev says this is not done by Amba, and says he identifies Vidhi’s signatures very well. He says it is clear that Vidhi is safe for now. Vidhi is the locked room and says Dev ji shall understand that I have signed forcibly and not with my wish.

Dev says I got your message, Vidhi, thank god you are saved, I love you. Jai writes Vi-Jai on Vidhi’s hand with mehendi, and says it is victory of our love. He says we will have mehendi, haldi and marriage tomorrow. He says he heard that Dev had taken her to Goa and had stayed there in lodge. He says they will go to Thailand for honeymoon and he will take her to all the world. Dev recalls Vidhi telling him about the secret codes which Hariprasad and Bimla used to share before marriage. She then sets their secret codes. Dev sees smilie and two dots, and M M highlighted and thinks what she wants to say. Vidhi says I will be just of Dev ji always.

Jai says I told you not to take his name and asks if you don’t understand my love. He then says sorry. Vidhi thinks to make him believe that she will marry him and tells him that she believes on Dev and her relationship due to Milapni Mata. Dev thinks M M is Milapni Mata and thinks to go there. He thinks Vidhi wants to send him there. Vidhi says Milapni Mata has made Dev ji and my relation and asks him to remember that Rao ji bhai used to worship Milapni Mata, and says she has chosen what is good for me, and asks him to go there and asks MM if she wants us to be together.

She says if I get her approval then I have no problem with this alliance. Jai thinks to go there and take blessings from Mata. He tells Vidhi that he will go there, ties her hands and goes. Dev calls Bimla and asks if she saw the photo and asks what Vidhi wants to tell me, and asks her to go near the temple, and call him if she sees any activity. ACP calls Dev and asks him to come to the PS. Dev leaves.

Sakshi calls Kaushik and thanks him for helping her to clear her name from this case, and says you helped me in such a short time, and thanks him. Kaushik says I didn’t help, but Dev asked me to help you and that’s why I submitted the documents. Sakshi recalls Jai’s behavior and says Jai didn’t help me when I was in need, but Dev sir helped me without asking me anything, and says only truthful person like Dev can do this. Dev asks ACP why did he call him? ACP asks if you pressurized your wife to resign. Dev says I asked her, but didn’t pressurize her.

ACP asks if you had offer a better job in Raichand Industries. Dev says yes, it is her company. He gets Sakshi’s message and checks it. ACP talks to his assistant. Dev reads Sakshi’s message in which she is thanking him and telling that she is getting underground as her life is in danger. She then gives him a clue and says your work is Vi Jai, and that it might help you to relieve your pain. ACP asks do you used to visit Vidhi’s workplace again and again. Dev says yes. He gets Bimla’s call who informs that Jai is in the temple. Dev realizes Vidhi is in Jai’s captivity. He asks her to stop Jai and says he shall not leave. He tells ACP that he has to leave and asks him to come with him. ACP says your interrogation is going on. He says I heard that you went to Saleem Don. Dev says I told that I was enquiring about her. ACP blames Dev and tells that all the clues sign that his family’s thought is narrow minded.

Bimla asks Jai what is he doing here? Jai says he has come to pray for Vidhi. Bimla says don’t know where is my daughter. She asks if he came to keep the bangles, and tells that Chitra and his Jodi is good. Dev asks what are you saying? ACP shows the warrant and tells that he is under arrest.

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