Anupama starlife update Monday 15 January 2024

Anupama 15 January 2024: Nakul walks to Malti Devi/MD. MD asks him to speak whatever he wants to. Nakul reminds her the incident where Anupama was injured by broken glass pieces and says he had kept those glass pieces as he was hurt after MD made Anupama as her successor instead of him.

He says he realized his mistake and doesn’t want her to make such mistake. MD gets angry and asks him to go to Anupama instead of staying with her then. Nakul says MD is her guru, mother, mentor, everything and even if he leaves her, Anupama will hold his ear and bring her back, so he will stay with MD and try to show her mistakes until she corrects herself. Samar informs Anupama that her dance academy is sealed as they don’t have a commercial license to run it.

Anupama recalls how she started her dance academy. Samar apologizes for failing to save her dance academy. Dimpy says instead of crying, they should do something before students claim refund of their fees. Toshu asks who informed municipality about it. Leela says MD surely would have done that as she had challenged Anupaama to destroy her completely. She criticizes MD for her narrow thinking.

Anupama asks her to calm down as they will find some way out. Dimpy says whether they find a way or not, they will be destroyed for sure. Anupama asks her to have patience, they lose their thinking power in anger. Dimpy says why didn’t she think before returning midway from flight. Kavya warns her to mind her language. Dimpy continues. Leela warns her to shut her filthy mouth. Anupama asks Leela to calm down and think about getting out of this situation. Hasmukh says Anupama is right. Vanraj notices bruises on Anupama’s wrist and asks if she had gone to MD. Anupama says yes. Leela says Anupama did wrong by returning midway from flight, she should do something before MD takes some big step against them. Vanraj asks Anupama to forget it and go home and rest as she looks tired. Anupama leaves for home.

MD’s event investor tongue lashes her for the losses he made due to event cancellation. MD says she will pay for his losses. Investor disconnects call saying she has to at any cost. MD thinks one who didn’t stand in front of her is speaking loudly with her because of Anupama, she will not spare Anupama easily. Nakul hears that. Anupama returns home recalling Shah family’s words. She tightly hugs Anuj and cries. Anuj says everything will be alright. Anupama says it has to be.

CA walks to her. Anupama emotionally pampers her. CA says she finished her homework with Pakhi’s help. Anuj sends her to bring her teacher’s note and asks Anupama what happened there. Anupama says she is afraid now as she saw revenge in Gurumaa’s eyes, she doesn’t want Anuj and her children being punished by gurumaa. Anuj says MD lost her moral ground after slapping Anupama. Anuj says let her try to take revenge, he has seen many enemies in life and will protect her at any cost. Anupama says she mind is very upset and she feels something uneventful will happen.

At night, Anupama wakes up and doesn’t find CA beside her. She calls CA and Anuj and finds power off. She reaches for them in whole house falling down repeatedly and finds even her phone switched off. Power comes back. Anuj returns home with CA after getting her ice cream. Anupama asks where they had been, she was worried for them. Anuj says CA wanted to have ice cream, they saw her sleeping and didn’t want to disturb her. Anupama says he should have waken her up as she is disturbed after Gurumaa’s warning to harm her children.

She rushes to Shah house and calls her children. Vanraj, Hasmukh, Leela, and Kavya walk to her and ask what happened. Toshu, Kinjal, Pakhi, and Dimpy come out next. She hugs them and asks if they are all fine. Pakhi asks what happened. Anupama says she thought they are. She asks them where is her Samar and searches for them. Toshu says Samar is no more. Anupama shouts Samar… She wakes up from sleep and prays god to protect Samar. Anuj asks what happened. Anupama says she got a nightmaer where her Samar.. Anuj tries to comfort her. Anupama says since she returned from gurumaa’s house, she feels something will happen as gurumaa is determined to harm her children to take revenge from her. She says she feels something will happen to Samar. Anuj says it’s just a nightmare as she is worried, Samar is absolutely fine until her blessings are with him, he will destroy MD if she tries to harm Anupama’s children.

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