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The Episode starts with Ishita enjoying the icecream. Adi and Roshni worry. The men come and ask for diamonds. Roshni asks for Romi. They show Romi. Adi says leave Romi first, I will give you the diamonds. The man leaves Romi. Adi hugs Romi. The man says catch them, the diamonds are fake.

Romi is put in car again. Adi says please leave my uncle. The man says you are playing a game with us, get the real diamonds else Romi is dead. Adi says no, I will get it. The men leave.

Ruhi and Amma apologize to people and give them black lentils. The man says fine, may Lord protect you and your mum. Ruhi thanks Amma. Amma says Parmeet has stolen lentils from your house and hidden in my house, so I got this, we all will pray for Ishita. Ishita asks is this a church, its so beautiful. She sees some crowsand smiles.

Raman takes selfies with Shagun. Ishita behaves strange and says let me go…. Shagun and Raman ask what happened. Ishita says those birds, stop them. Raman says there is nothing, we will go to hotel. Ishita holds his hand tightly and says when will I go home. They get shocked. Shagun asks why are you saying so. Ishita shouts again. Raman looks at her. Father comes there and chants some lines. He blesses Ishita and holds her head. Ishita faints. Raman holds her. Adi says I don’t know how to free Romi. Roshni says sorry, my idea didn’t work. Adi says I should say sorry for troubling you, thanks for supporting me, I m tensed, how will I get diamonds. She asks him to answer call, as they need some time. Adi answers and says they called us again. They leave.

Shagun asks Father, what’s happening to her. Father says your wife is possessed by a spirit. Raman says there is nothing such, I don’t believe in such things, she is hallucinating. Father says look, this is the proof, did she eat anything unusual. Shagun says just icecream. Raman says that’s not unusual. Ishita wakes up and sees them. She asks what have I done. Raman says nothing, I was talking to father about church. Aaliya says I have a great idea, we will take Ishita for shopping in a nearby mall. Shagun says good idea. Raman gives his card. Ishita asks what happened, what are you hiding, did I do something wrong. Raman says nothing happened, as long as I m alive, nothing can happen to you. He hugs her. He thanks father. Shagun says you guys carry on, I will come. They leave.

Shagun goes and stops father. She says Ishita is really troubled, please help. He says she is possessed, you need to go right back to the beginning, then you will find the answer. She says I can find the answers, thank you. He blesses her and goes.

Adi says where are they. He sees the car. He calls out Romi. The men get down. The man asks where are the diamonds, give them to me. Adi says I don’t have it, its enough now, you have troubled me a lot, you kidnapped my uncle, you are mistaken, we returned your bag, how shall I get diamonds. The man says wow, what a man, someone that can command me, dominate me, I m your slave. Adi says no, I want my uncle back. The man says give me a kiss and after that take your uncle. Adi asks what. Maa da laadla….plays…. Romi and Roshni sign. Adi says actually, I m feeling very shy, ask your men to turn around. The man agrees and closes eyes. Adi, Roshni and Romi run. Romi laughs and says if I tell this to Aaliya, how will she react. Roshni says not fair, Adi has saved you, he was so worried for you, they release you because of him, you can’t make fun of him this way. Romi gets a call. Roshni asks him to talk to Mihika. Adi says I switched it on.

Roshni says she will just scold a bit. Romi answers the call. Mihika says this is really bad, you lied and went to London, you didn’t answer my calls. Romi says really sorry. He says I made a mistake, we had sorted out problems with difficulty. Roshni says let me think of something, cheer up. Adi smiles seeing her. Bhavna gets Mihika’s call.

Mihika asks for puja date. Bhavna says we can do it tomorrow. Door bell rings. Bhavna asks her to hold. She checks and doesn’t see anyone. Door bell rings again. Bhavna says I will call you later. She goes to check and gets tensed hearing the knock. She gets shocked seeing some man/taxi driver. Aaliya and everyone talk. Aaliya says Adi went with Roshni for some work. Aaliya says we didn’t click pics to create memories. They click selfies. Ishita gets shocked seeing the spirit behind. She turns to see.

The Episode starts with Ishita deleting the pic. Shagun says be honest, did you see Sonakshi again. Raman asks what’s happening. Ishita asks what did father say, you stopped to talk to him, he told you something right. Shagun gets a message. She says this girl is from Bihar, she was in London, we got her guardian’s number. Raman says we will leave then and meet her. Ishita says I will come along. Raman asks her not to take tension. They leave. Aaliya asks Ishita to take some rest. Mihika gets Romi’s video message. He apologizes to her and says I love you very much, I always say, I won’t make mistake again but I do some mistakes, I promise I will try to not make mistakes, forgive me. She smiles. Romi waits for Mihika’s message. Adi asks him to wait. Mihika messages Romi. Romi goes to call. Adi says your magic worked.

Roshni says sometimes small sorry or thanks work wonders, when we are in love, we take partners for granted, its wrong, we must make partner feel special and protected, relation should grow stronger with time. He says wow, that was so simple and sweet. She says you should also do something, you didn’t call Aaliya since morning. He says yes, I will call her. She says that’s not needed, look there. Adi sees Ishita and Aaliya. Roshni says our life was like a crazy comedy film. Ishita says strange, we were like having a horror film. Adi asks where is Raman. Ishita says he will come. Adi says sorry Aaliya, the day was crazy. Aaliya says thanks Roshni, I saw you signalling to him, very kind of you to teach Adi, I didn’t know Adi would need to learn this from someone else, good going. She goes. Ishita asks Adi to go. Adi calls out Aaliya.

Shagun asks what happened. Raman says what nonsense is this, whatever we found at Sonakshi’s house, I got confused, how does Ishita not remember her. Shagun says Ishita shouldn’t know this, we need to hide this from her. Roshni asks Adi to go and spend time with Aaliya. Roshni asks Romi to buy something for Mihika, till then she will get hot chocolate for everyone. Ishita comes and asks Aaliya to see the awesome jackets. Raman calls Romi and asks where is Ishita, is she fine. Romi says yes, she is with Adi and Aaliya. Raman says fine, we are coming. Romi says finish your work and come. Raman says stay with her, don’t leave her alone. Romi asks where is Ishita, you guys had good shopping. Aaliya says she went out, I thought she is with you, where is she. Romi asks what. Roshni says I will tell later, first we have to find her. They all look for Ishita. Romi sees Ishita writing something on the floor and holds her.

She stares. He thinks why is she looking at me like this. He asks what are you writing. She leaves the pen. He asks are you fine, you have gone cold, what’s all this. She asks what’s all this, did you ask me to write this, what am I doing here. He says you wrote this, don’t you remember. She says why would I write this. He says Raman is there, come with me. Raman asks is everything fine. Roshni says we all were worried. Romi says she got tired, I think she should rest. He signs Raman. Raman asks Adi to take everyone. They go. Romi asks what’s happening, come with me quickly, see what Ishita has written. Raman and Shagun get shocked seeing the address.

Raman says its….. Shagun…. how’s this possible. Romi asks whose address is this. Raman says its Sonakshi’s address. Romi asks who’s she. Raman says Ishita is seeing Sonakshi everywhere, she said Sonakshi is troubling her, we found few things which indicates Sonakshi knows Ishita, we have put those things in the car, Sonakshi is already dead. Romi gets shocked.

Ishita says I liked the statues, you all have some food, go and get something. Roshni says we will go and have it. Aaliya says no, I will stay with Amma. Ishita says fine, go. Adi and Roshni go. Romi asks are you serious, you didn’t tell me. Shagun says Raman, are you sure that Ishita knows Sonakshi. Raman says Ishita would have told us, we have to leave from here, I can’t take chances.

Shagun says we have to leave earlier, lie to Ishita, she is more imp than my felicitation. Mihika says someone was ringing bell and bothering Bhavna, I will call her. She calls and says maybe she has slept. Ishita says where did Aaliya go, she didn’t come back from washroom, its so cold, I will go and sit in car. She sits in the car and finds an envelope. Driver says Raman went to someone’s house and got this from there. Raman comes and takes it from her. He asks her to wear some shawl. He calls Adi and asks where are you. He says Adi said there is a long queue there and asked us to have some food here itself, go, I will join you. He thinks I came on time, Ishita didn’t open the envelope.

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