This is fate Zee World Update – Friday 14 December 2018

Friday Update On This Is Fate

Preeta is seen standing on the road wondering what’s in her story further and why fate brought her to this new family when she sees a group of people rushing to the other side. Srishti comes to know that there is a stadium nearby and famous cricketer Karan Luthra has won the match.

An excited Srishti takes her sister also there and the two see Karan taking off his jacket and throwing it at his fans. Shistri calls him hot, Preeta gets annoyed at seeing this and calls it uncool and misbehavior as he has been drinking in the crowd and went shirtless. She walks away. Karan gets into his jeep and leaves with the escort. Shistri runs behind it.

As the two sisters are walking on the road, Preeta is hit by a car while trying to save her sister Shistri who runs behind Karan by a high speed car and she fell down injured. Shistra gets the driver clutching his collar.

The driver apologises and says that he can’t be late for his boss and has to get there in time as. nothing is important for him than his boss. Preeta sits in his car as she is hurt and faints. Shistri stops by a medical store and goes to get water. Karan comes there and scolds the driver for not being in time again. He doesn’t listen to driver’s story. Shistri gets the driver into auto and leaves for Bandra.

Karan takes the car from the driver and two girls sit with him in the car fighting with each other to be his girlfriend. He says that both of them can date him together. Just then Preeta regains her consciousness and the car stops with a jerk, Preeta covers her face on seeing the two girls flirting with Karan. She sits up and asks who is he, where they are and what is she doing here.

He asks her for her identity and also asks if it’s her car, or hers?. He further asks if he should present some papers and tells her to leave. Preita gets down the car and takes her luggage down, then she remembers about the accident. Preeta stops Karan and explains how she was hit by his car, he was about to kill her and is now running away. Karan remembers his driver’s story and hands her a bundle of money and gets out.

Srishti comes running to her and is excited about all that happened and hugs Preeta saying at least they got money and one of their tension was relieved. They head to look for hotel to stay. Preeta complains about the character of Karan Lutra and says he was prince charming of many girls.

Later, the two sisters walk towards a tea stall and ask the man about a nominal hotel nearby. He explains them the way and they start walking towards the hotel. Srishti is tired half way and gives up.

They then see a man stalking them, Preeta panics seeing this and Srishti shoos him away holding a wooden rod nearby. The two girls find themselves in a compromising situation as they see few drunk men approaching them from a hut nearby, when a car comes by and stops in front of them.

Abhi Mehra who comes to the rescue is sitting in the car and asks them where they want to go. When they tell him that they are looking for a hotel, he asks them to sit in his car and the girls get inside without a second thought. Inside the car, Preeta thanks Abhi for helping them, Abhi says God sent them at the right place at right time.

Srishti is very excited and as she is a big fan of Abhi and asks him to sing a song for her for a second. Abhi asks if he must play radio, Shistri requests him to sing it alive. Abhi begins. When Abhi investigates about what they would do in Mumbai,

Preeta says that they will spend a night in a hotel and then they would start looking out for a rental accommodation. Abhi remembers about Sarla wanting to give Pragya’s room on rent to someone. The girls agree. He takes Preeta and Shistri to Sarla’s house for shelter.

Sarla is seen looking at a wedding outfit with tears in her eyes while skimming through a closet. Her mother-in-law Beeji comes and asks her what is the matter. She says that she had two daughters and lost her younger daughter forever and couldn’t meet.

Beeji says that she also lost her son Raghu at a very young age and hasn’t seen him since and Sarla must also be patient now. The door bell rings and Sarla is surprised to see Abhi standing there with two girls. When Sarla enquires about them, he says that he saw them walking on the road side with their luggage and asked them to sit in their car.

When they told him that they were looking for a paying guest accommodation, he thought of bringing them to Sarla’s house as their needs match a lot with each other. Sarla welcomes them in and shows them Pragya’s room. Shistra comes inside with Abhi to ask him for a selfie, that her Mansik fans would be jealous seeing the picture.

Abhi thinks about Pragya and the accident. Preeta likes the airy room and asks her the name of her daughter and she is shocked to hear Sarla says Pragya’s name. She says Pragya is really nice and happy but these days, she has some problem that she is not sharing with her.

While telling them about her daughter, Sarla starts crying and leaves from the room as she realizes she is getting emotional. Srishti calls Sarla too talkative and emotional, when preeta starts comparing her to Sarla and reveals to her that she is their mother as they has the same tag line.

Shistri gets that Preeta is discussing about their mother and gets angry saying she never wants to meet their mother and they don’t even know her name. Preeta says her name is Sarla.

Meanwhile, Karan returns home to his Daadi who had been waiting for him with a dancing step. He makes his girlfriends sit and walks towards his mother when his elder brother Rishabh comes and pulls his ears for being late.

Dadi sees the girls and asks them to leave as it’s time for Karan to sleep. Rishabh takes him upstairs and then asks Karan to be more serious in his career as he has just won BPL and there are many more things in life and asks how would he qualify for national series.

Karan has hangover, so Rishabh arranges his room for him and makes him sleep as he has to leave for practice the next day. Karan asks him to relax and fell down on the bed, fallen asleep. Rishab leaves the room after turning the lights off.

Sarla wakes up to loud music the next day and is furious at the girls as it early morning and tells her mother-in-law Beeji she must have spoken to these girls at night. Beeji calms her down.

She walks up to see them in their room and at the door of room, Sarla stops watching Shistri dance. Preeta had shut the music saying this would disturb others at home. She strictly decides the volume of her music would remain low today and promise to buy her younger sister head phones tomorrow.

Sarla gets tear eyed as she is reminded of Pragya and Bulbul on seeing them behave like her daughters. She thinks that they might help her flush the old memories. Beeji also comes there saying they remind them of Pragya and Bulbul. But they can’t take their place, but can reduce their memories at least.

Srishti gets over the bed and says she realized today why she came to Mumbai. She tells Preeta that she would become a model of Mumbai and then date Karan Luthra.

Preeta isn’t too happy about her plans and is furious listening to his name. Shistri says she has decided her career. Preeta asks if she must manage the expenses till then. She holds the newspaper saying she already marked all the nearby hospitals and they have to arrange for the rent of the house, the first thing.

She turns to leave and open the door, Pragya and Bulbul’s photo fell down on floor. Shistri recognizes Pragya as Abhi’s wife, as she has seen her on media. Preeta calls Shistri jealous.

Later, Preeta goes out to look for a job as they have to pay the rent of the house every month. Rishabh is seen giving a packet of lunch to his Daadi, when a boy comes and takes it from them and runs away. The boy bumps into Preeta, who stops Rishabh and the rest running after him. She tells them not to harm th boy as he is hungry.

Rishab comes to Preeta and she hands him a bundle of money and assures the kid that no one will take the pack from him. Rishab asks if she has so much money. Preeta accepts she has no money at all but it was important to feed him.

She discuss this bundle was given to her by a cricketer. Rishab asks which cricketer, but Preeta’s bus arrives and was unable to says his name. At the hospital, Preeta asks the receptionist for vacancy of intern physiotherapist.

At the same time, Rishab arrives at the hospital with his Daadi and had an appointment with Dr. Sonali. The receptionist sends Preeta to Dr. Sonali as well. While in the room, Sonali introduces herself and comes to speak to Dr. Sonali. Daadi takes advantage of this and rubs red color over her ankle making a drama that doctor hurt her.

She asks Preeta to verdict it, but Preeta blunt out that Daadi is lying. Daadi leaves with Rishab. The doctor apologizes Preeta as the vacancy has been filled already.

At home, Shistri is practicing modeling. Sarla comes to ask her to ask for breakfast. Shistri tells Sarla she wants to be a model, and shows her Tanu’s posters pasted all across the room.

Sarla watches Tanu’s posters and boils out of anger, she tears the posters and says Shistri can no longer stay in her house. Beeji comes to calm Sarla then Shistri. Shistri takes the glass of Daadi’s drink and gulps it, then feels relaxed and agrees to stay in the house for a while.

Preeta is shown coming out of the hospital after rejection from a various hospitals. She watches Karan having an argument with a girl, he leaves the girl halfway and drives away. Preeta comes to the girl and asks Sania if Karan misbehaved with her and what it was about. Sania explains he wanted to force her but she didn’t let her. Preeta says they must teach him a lesson and takes Sania.

In the police station, Sania is reluctant to file a complaint against Karan because she loves him. Preeta insists that no matter how huge or rich a celebrity be, he must be taught a lesson and prevent him from doing this to others.

Preeta comes to the inspector and asks to file a complaint against Karan Lutra. She compels Sania not to hesitate. In the practice court, Karan comes to book his time with two girls who bet for his game. Later, Karan is with the two of them.

One of them is upset, while the other is happy. Just then, Karan receives a phone call. The girls argue with each other. Karan promises to reach and takes a leave from the girls as he has been called at police station.

Karan arrives at the police station. The inspectors there ask to take a selfie with him. The lady inspector arrives and informs Karan strictly about the complaint against him that a girl has filed the report of molestation against him. She points towards the girl. Karan could only see Preeta speaking to Sania.



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