Twist of Fate Written Update – Friday 14 December 2018


Abhi notices Munni and keeps staring at her with teary eyes and he reminces all the moments he spent with her in the last few days. Munni disappears from his sight and he suddenly comes to his senses and goes to the green room leaving the performance in between.

Purabh follows him there and asks him why he came backstage. Abhi tells him that he saw Pragya in a weird attire and she was trying to say something but he couldn’t get it. Purabh asks him if he is lying but Abhi says he is going out to find her.

Purabh who initially does not believe thinking Abhi is lying but eventually believes him and tells Abhi can’t go between the crowd therefore he will go and check. Later, Aaliya and Tanu enter the venue and split in different directions searching for Munni to stop her from spilling the beans.

Purabh goes to look for Pragya and asks the security guard if he has seen the girl in the photograph. He says may be but he doesn’t remember. Purabh asks him to bring her to back stage if he meets her and also not let anyone go out of the venue after the concert gets over until he approves and if anyone wants to go then they should make them meet him first.

Munni is crawling around to meet Abhi as she meets Tanu. Tanu tries topping her and she beats her neck and twists it and goes off. Rishabh is worried that Abhi has left the stage and the public is getting violent.

He searches for him and finds Abhi backstage, he tries to talk Abhi into taking the stage again but Abhi is in another world and he just keeps saying that Pragya is back. Purabh then goes to look in the crowd and gets a glimpse of Munni.

Purabh is happy that Abhi’s trust has brought her back. By the time he gets conscious to reach her, Munni walks away and he sees her walking towards the entrance. Rishabh somehow manges to get Abhi to the stage and Abhi sings as he happily waits for Pragya. Purabh goes out of the venue to look for her.

Outside the venue two terrorists with the intention of fulfilling their mission, killing everyone are planning to kill the crowd by the human bomb that one of them is wearing. The other one goes to lock every backdoor and they both enter the venue through the main entrance by shooting the security guard.

There Karan is talking to his girlfriend in backstage and plans a date with her. Rishabh comes there and Karan tells him that he has a date and he is leaving but Rishabh says he has an appearance at stage once Abhi is done with his performance.

Karan is not in a mood to wait for the concert to end and says he need not wait for Abhi to complete the performance. Rishabh hugs him and says he saved him from humiliation on the stage. Karan says he will do the same some day. Karan tells him that he likes to be pampered by him.

Rishabh calm his younger brother down as Karan says he wants to remain small always to get pampered. Meanwhile, Abhi sees Munni again in the crowd and he shouts Pragya. Tanu and Aaliya hear it.

The crowd starts cheering for Abhi and Pragya as she stands there shocked and he jumps on the crowd who carries him backward in Munni’s direction after he calls out her name loudly.

When Abhi reaches Munni the human bomb holds Munni’s arm and pushes her. Abhi sees that his Pragya/Munni is being pushed away by the human bomb and the terrorist who take over removes his jacket and tells them that they all are about to die and it’s a terrorist attack and warn everyone to stay where they are.

Purabh who hears Abhi shouting Pragya’s name and runs in to see their reunion but finds the guards dead their. Meanwhile, the manager goes and informs Rishabh and Karan who are at backstage about the attack that the terrorists have sneaked into the concert and are threatening to kill everyone in a bomb blast.

Rishabh rushes outside. Purabh calls Rishabh who has already been informed of the attack and he tells him about the situation. Purabh gets tensed and he gets Daadi’s call, he lies to Daadi but Daadi feels something is wrong and asks Daasi to switch on the TV.

Rishabh calls the inspector and Purabh also informs the commissioner. Rishabh goes on the stage while Karan tries to stop him to not give up his life in this. Rishabh says he has organised the concert and they have come here because of him.

Rishabh tries to talk to the terrorists but he threatens him and plan to let off the gun when Abhi and Rishabh try to stop them. Abhi asks Rishabh to step back and he tries to talk to them. Abhi tries to convince the human bomb to not do this as this brings no message to the world.

The terrorists corner the VIP MP from the crowd and says they killed their friend. Abhi tells the boys that they are just deceived by their boss as no God promotes hate or killing. He gives them a speech on humanity and peace.

Abhi asks the bomber to think about the children around and asks him to think if he would be able to live with the guilt and the human bomber (Bobby) goes in to deep analysis as Abhi talks to them with patience about the true meaning of God and faith while his partner is constantly reminding him of his mission and provoking him to press the button.

Bobby who is now convinced says he won’t be able to do this and removes the bomb jacket and throws it aside. His partner shoots him with a bullet as Abhi and Rishabh hold him.

Bobby thanks Abhi for saving him from the blame and for saving so many people. Bobby dies saying he is happy he does not have to die with a burden.

Bobby’s partner says now he will complete the mission and reaches out to the bomb jacket. As he bends to pick the jacket, Karan picks it up and asks if he couldn’t understand what all was said.

Karan threatens the terrorist. The terrorist says he will die now and pulls the trigger when Rishabh runs and pushes him. Rishabh is glad that he manage to saves his younger brother in time. The terrorist again goes to pick it up when Abhi kicks the bomb out of the venue in the confusion and the terrorist points gun at Abhi.

Meanwhile Karan picks his bat and hits a ball that hits the gun in the hand of terrorist and it falls off the terrorist’s hand as he is about to pull press the button Karan with his ego winks at Abhi and says now they are equal for saving each other which signify that scores are settled and he leaves.

Karan saves Abhi just in time and then the terrorist takes up burning log and tries to hit Abhi and Rishab. Munni jumps in right before Abhi to save him as Abhi again gets lost in her and remembers every time they have been in trouble and saved each other.

Suddenly the terrorist hits out and they get separated again. The terrorist threatens to set Abhi on fire with a burning rod in his hand while Karan comes in once again and hits him with his bat on his head and he dies.

The fire spreads in the venue and there is a stampede and everyone rushes. Daadi and Daasi turns on the news and comes to know about the incident and decide to call Purabh. They call him and say that they are coming there. Purabh and the police cannot seem to find a way to go inside.

Abhi and Rishabh rescue the crowd and Abhi goes outside. Aaliya and Tanu worry about Munni reaching Abhi but they decide to leave as the fire at the tent gets worse. Munni helps Rishabh rescue the crowd and he is impressed by her bravery and selflessness.

Daadi and Daasi reaches the venue and fuss before Purabh who tries to calm them. When all are gone, Abhi tells Rishabh that he should leave and when Rishabh asks him to come along he says he will have to find Pragya. Rishabh asks the manager about Karan and he informs him that he left from the back door and Rishabh wonders how could he leave without him.

Rishabh asks Abhi how she looks and when Abhi shows him the photograph of Pragya, Rishabh tells him that he saw her inside and she helped the crowd selflessly. Abhi goes in to save her and Rishabh follows him. Abhi finds Munni unconscious thinking she is Pragya and he picks her up and both of them run to escape.

Purabh and Daadi are still out as they aren’t able to open the door. Meanwhile, Mitali turns on the news to finds out about the attack and informs the rest of the family about the incident. They watch the news worried. Tanu and Aaliya watch outside as Purabh waits for Abhi to come out with Munni.

Tanu is happy that Munni died but Aaliya is worried about her brother Abhi. Abhi and Rishabh aren’t able to find a way out when Karan calls them. Karan who waits at the roof of the tent as he wants his brother and Abhi to come up as the only way out is through there.

He says he has found a way out and when Rishabh asks how they will come up, he says he has a way for that too and throws a ladder. Abhi is worried though but Rishabh convinces him to go on. Karan asks them to come fast.



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