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Janki gets her memory back*

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Prithvi says if she’s saying that, then he won’t ask. Karan still says his girlfriend’s name is Preeta. Prithvi and Preeta are shocked. Karan says Rita, not Preeta. Prithvi asks him to say clearly.. he heard Preeta. Karan says he doesn’t like people whose names start with P. Preeta excuses herself. Karan also goes. Prithvi says thank God he didn’t say Preeta. Karan follows Preeta. She’s angry at him for calling her girlfriend in front of Prithvu. She asks does he realize that she’s a girl, her Roka is done. What if someone else had heard that? Everyone would question her character. Karan apologises her. She doesn’t stop shouting. He covers her mouth and asks her to listen to him. He says it’s her who makes him angry and then he reacts wrongly.

He accepts his mistake and says sorry from his heart. He knows her very well and respects her. He will never do anything that would question her character. Both have eye lock. Sajdaa song plays…Karan starts to leave. Preeta stops him and says sorry as well for creating scene with his girlfriends. She shouldn’t have done it. Karan says she should say sorry, but holding her ears. Preeta catches his ear and both laugh. Janki comes there and ask if there is anything going on between them. Both say no. Karan asks has she seen his girlfriends? They are makkhan and Preeta is… She asks she is who? He doesn’t say anything and leaves. Preeta says he’s mad. Janki says he’s your hero. Preeta says seems like she’s hurt very badly on her head.
Karan wonders what’s wrong with him.. why he gets lost.

Rishabh catches him and says before he disappears again, they should cut cake. Janki goes to washroom. Prithvi follows her. Everyone gathers for cake cutting. Karan asks where coach is. Sameer goes to check and brings him back. Sherlin sees Prithvi following Janki and both smile at each other. Prithvi pushes Janki off the stairs and hides. Everyone rushes to Janki and tries to get her conscious. Prithvi hopes she is dead, but Janki opens her eyes. She gets her memory back. Everyone is happy. Prithvi and Sherlin are disappointed.

Sherlin says she better leave from there. Prithvi also decides to leave before Janki exposes him. Janki sees him and stops him. She can’t remember when Prithvi went to their home and his and Preeta alliance got fixed. Preeta says not to worry, she will slowly remember everything. Everyone gets back to cake cutting. Sherlin was hiding on a side, her mom asks her to come. Janki sees Sherlin. Sherlin wonders where she recognized her.

After the cake cutting ceremony Karan enjoys the cake with everyone in family, then brings the cake to Sarla, Bee ji and Preeta in the end. He teases her by sharing it with Shrishti first. Preeta gives a bite to Karan and congratulates him. Sarla was leaving for market when Karan comes home with return gift of chocolates for Arora’s. He teases Bee ji and sits with Sarla. Sarla calls Preeta to prepare a cup of tea but she was in an off mood. Sarla goes to prepare the tea by herself. Karan wonders why Preeta upset is. Bee ji gives a free tip to Preeta and sends him to Preeta’s room; she is annoyed and he needs to clarify himself.

There must be lesser misunderstand ings in friendship.
Preeta was annoyed and doesn’t greet Karan. He holds her arm and asks if she is upset because she would miss him? She clarifies she is worried about Sherlin’s mission, she can’t share it with anyone else as she only trusts him. Preeta asks if he thought she would miss him for love. Karan now gets flirty, as it seems she is crazy in love with him. Preeta hits his chest, he was about to fall. Preeta holds him, bent over Karan. They share an eye lock. Karan tells Preeta they can accomplish Sherlin’s mission before he leaves, he has to play one-day only and before that there are test matches as well.

He tells Preeta they can coordinate over video-calling and support her. Preeta takes it wrong, and says Karan doesn’t wish her to marry Prithvi. Then he ruined a whole day to prove Prithvi wrong. She asks Karan for a promise that he won’t lose his focus from over Sherlin. Karan was irked, then promises Preeta. She takes him outside, as his tea must be ready. Karan thinks he will do what he wish for, there is surely some other girl in Prithvi’s life. He was determined to unveil Prithvi before leaving for South Africa.

Sherlin lay with Prithvi in the room, and happy that Janki doesn’t remember anything about them. She was then worried as she recovers, they would get into a huge problem. Prithvi hugs Sherlin from the back and says they must marry Preeta and Rishab really soon. Preeta would never break their wedding. And Rishab is way nicer and would be in love with Sherlin by that time.

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Sherlin was happy that Karan would also leave and get busy in South Africa. It seems every card is getting into its place. He gets a call from Nitin, Sherlin recognizes him as their college friend. Prithvi was irked, as Nitin used to be her lover.

On the call, Nitin reminds Prithvi about the reunion. After the call, Sherlin was excited about the reunion. Prithvi clutches Sherlin’s face and warns her to stay with him all the time. Sherlin assures she is only his and won’t look at anyone else, he is really special for her. She would need to go to parlor. Prithvi says she already looks good, but every girl has a right to look better. Prithvi allows her to go. Sherlin was worried what if someone uploads their picture together? Prithvi says he will handle everything. Sherlin was happy that their circle would be there. They hug out of excitement.

Preeta comes out and was happy to hear Karan call Bee ji as Babe’s. Karan spits he once called Preeta as Baby-doll as well. Then clarifies he actually called someone else, but Preeta also belongs to old school of thoughts girl. Preeta gets a call from Shrishti to come to parlor.

Karan offers Preeta to drop her, but Preeta says she would go by herself. Karan takes a leave, then returns at the door and waves at her.


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