This is Fate Written Update for Friday 8th February 2019


Preeta comes to Karan and tells him to keep his attention at Sherlin. She sends him at the outer door to keep an eye over the guests.

February Teasers, This is fate

Karan thinks that Prithvi is surely here for some false purpose here, today he will unveil Prithvi’s true face. Prithvi was hiding from Karan when he comes across two men. He notices they had taken the
drugs and tries to avoid them.

The man stops Prithvi ready to fight with him, then mocks Prithvi calling him a monkey. He insists on Prithvi to smell the powder as well. He leaves the pack of drugs in Prithvi’s hand. Nitin and others come running upstairs as there was a raid of police. Prithvi was worried. Karan watches Prithvi with the packet of drug and runs towards Prithvi. Prithvi runs away from Karan.

Sherlin watches Preeta looking around in the party. Sherlin decides to leave with friends as there might be some drugs case here. She watches the police take Nitin aside. Preeta was worried and looks around for Sherlin, she might be with her boyfriend. The police ask the host what’s happening, the staff here called them as people are taking drugs here.

The inspector calls his mate to shut the doors here, and inspect the matter.
Karan thinks Prithvi would call his girlfriend, he must look around for him and his girlfriend right now. Prithvi was hiding with a pack of powder, then decides to teach Karan a lesson. He crawls from behind and stuffs the pack in Karan’s pocket; smirking. Police was checking every individual. Prithvi was also checked, he hid his face as he has some facial allergy.

He signals at Karan that the guy with brown jacket has drugs. The inspector goes to Karan while Prithvi leaves. Karan resists his inspection.

Rishab was waiting in the office, worried he has no sense of responsibility. He calls Karan but unanswered; he rejects the idea to go to City Zone club as well. Rishab thinks he is being restless for Preeta’s proposal to break with Prithvi. He decides to trust on Karan for now.

Prithvi gets Sherlin’s message to come at kitchen corridor. A girl asks Sherlin to leave, else the police would doubt them. Sherlin shouts at them for being restless, the other girls leave. Sherlin was restlessly waiting for Prithvi and hugs him tightly. She says she was afraid what if Prithvi was caught. Prithvi was moved that she cares a lot for him, he is with her. He boasts its impossible to catch Prithvi.

That Karan spot him, but he played such a game that Karan Luthra is finished. His name, respect and career are finished now; then narrates her the whole events. He sends her outside to wait in the car, while he will catch her soon.

Karan clarifies to the inspector he doesn’t take drugs and resists his physical inspection. He says the inspector must find out who deals in drugs here and how they reached this place. The police finds a pack full of powder in his pocket. Karan was shocked to see this and denies owning it. Preeta comes worried why they have gathered him around.

Karan says they found drugs in his pocket and they blame he owned it. Preeta defends Karan and says there must be something wrong about it. She hasn’t even seen him smoking. Someone must be afraid to see them and stuffed it into Karan’s pocket. The inspector calls for his arrest.

Karan shouts at the inspector boasting to be a star cricketer. Preeta calms Karan down, she apologizes the inspector and requests him. The inspector orders to take Karan.
Preeta tries to defend Karan but the inspector takes Karan. Preeta follows them outside and cries as Karan is innocent. The inspector wasn’t ready to listen. Preeta apologizes Karan crying that she had called him here. Karan calms her down and tells her to call Rishab. Preeta follows the police mobile.

Prithvi comes to Sherlin near the car and was happy. Sherlin was irritated but Prithvi was boastful about his work today. He tells Sherlin that Karan Luthra is arrested, his name, respect and everything is finished. He confesses to stuff the drug pack in his pocket. He tells Sherlin she missed all that joy, and was happy their plan was going on the right track.

Rishab was shocked to take Preeta’s call who was crying in an auto. She tries to explain to Rishab, and he senses Karan must have caught Prithvi red-handed. Preeta now tells Rishab Karan was arrested, she doesn’t know how but they have found drugs from Karan. Rishab was now taken aback and drops his cell phone out of worry.

In the police station, Karan has an argument with the inspector. They put him in lock up.
Sherlin comes to Kareena’s room with a bundle of gifts for them all. Kareena was excited for all the calls and wishes. Sherlin says she must give them all some gifts as well on this occasion. She shows her a dress for Kritika as well. Sherlin says she went for shopping for herself as Rishab happens to be quite busy. She shows Kareena a bridal dress.

Kareena goes to bring Rakhi. Sherlin asks for a glass of juice as well. As Kareena leaves the room, Sherlin informs Prithvi that no one knows about Karan’s arrest here. Prithvi says it will reach Luthra house soon. Sherlin says she already told Kareena that she had been shopping since morning. Prithvi goes to handle Arora house.
Sarla was cutting vegetables.

Bee ji asks for her shirt, Sarla tells her where it had been. Shrishti returns home asking for Preeta. They say Preeta went behind her. Shrishti says she was a little busy, and Preeta left at once. Sarla was worried, but Bee ji assures Preeta is sensible. Shrishti calls Preeta but it goes un attended. Shrishti was worried for her.

The lady inspector tells Preeta to shut up, else she would be put to lock up as well as they are both drug dealers. Preeta was weepy and complains about the justice system. Karan tells her to stop talking much else she would also be put to lock up. She goes to speak to the inspector as well but they don’t listen. Preeta decides not to be angry and handle everything peacefully. She will speak to him politely, as she needs.


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