This is fate update Wednesday 6 December 2023

This is fate 6 December 2023: The Luthra’s are performing the pooja when there is a sudden change in the weather, they do not know that the police have arrived at the Luthra Mansion along with Anjali. They are unaware of the fact, but she comes to stand in front of the house, Shristhi notices the Akhund Jhot which is about to end so informs Preeta, she along with Rishab rush to protect it.

The police enter the Luthra house while the entire family is busy in the pooja, Kritika and Rakhi see Anjali standing at the door so are stunned, they get shocked when the Inspector comes asking about Rishab, Anjali points to him while he is in the Mandir, the inspector explains they have come here to arrest Rishab Luthra, Shristhi questions what he has done, Rakhi also asks the same question.

Rishab informs them all to calm down so questions the inspector what he has done, Anjali says they all are acting so innocent but all them are evil, she explains truth be told they all are animals, Rishab warns her to not even say a single word against his family, Preeta also questions what is she saying, Anjali blames that Rishab has molested her, which shocks the entire Luthra family.

Rishab asks the inspector what has happened, Anjali exclaims she is going to tell them, she blames Rishab for molesting her. Mahesh also asks if she has lost her mind, Preeta blames Anjali for losing her mind. Inspector demands Rishab to come with them to the police station because Anjali has blamed Rishab Luthra, Preeta questions if he would believe when anyone complains asking if he would believe when she says Anjali is the murderer, Rishab questions the inspector how can he start the investigations without listening to the other side, Anjali asks how cn a girl not understand when she is being touched without her consent so she blames Rishab for molesting her.Arjun sits back in the car when Dadi asks if he is fine, Arjun apologizes to Snedha explaining whatever he said to her outside was

because he felt she is Anjali, he exclaims that she told him she would go to the farmhouse but why is she still missing since last night.

Rishab questions Anjali what is she saying when she knows he is married, Anjali once again blames Rishab for doing this to her and she leaves exclaiming she is feeling scared, Preeta tries to stop her but the inspector vows to punish Rishab for the crime he committed, Mahesh also explains Rishab respects the women so cannot even think of doing anything wrong, Rakhi also assures Rishab is innocent but the inspector replies every mother feels her children are innocent, Shristhi mentions they might not know the values of their family and Rakhi doesnot defend her children if they are wrong, Inspector orders the constable to arrest him, Dadi stops him when they question why is he doing this without the proof but the inspector explains they have been working on it for a long time, Sameer questions how long have they been working on it, Inspector reveals that they have followed his every move since last night and his righteous actions cannot defend his wrong. The entire family tries to stop the inspector from taking Rishab away, Preeta questions why is he putting handcuffs because they will open the study so the police can interrogate him there but the inspector explains they are constantly objecting to the methods of the police, Rishab turns to Preeta explaining he is glad she trusts him but he doesnot want anyone to misbehave with her, she replies she is sure he has not done anything wrong and he must not think she doesnot trust him. The inspector warns her to let go of the handcuff, so they place them on Rishab.

Anjali reaches to the jeep when the lady constable assures her there is nothing to cry because her boss is really brave and always works on providing the women with justice, Anjali replies she is glad they trust her because she was worried if they did not arrest him after learning about the past good deeds, Anjali asks for water which the lady constable goes to bring, Anjali thinks she would have quarreled with the constable if she talked about her boss.

Anjali calls the reporter informing there is a breaking news in front of the Luthra Mansion which they must come to spread, she thinks of how Arjun said that Preeta and Rishab both killed him and he feels very bad to see them both living a happy life, Anjali thinks he is never able to harm the Luthra’s because he still considers them as family but this time Rishab and Preeta would both pay for their crimes since she is standing beside Arjun, Anjali thinks now Rishab will be in the place which he deserves along with Preeta.

The lady constable brings water for Anjali when after she drinking it requests the constable to take her away as she is really scared.

The inspector asks Rishab to talk some sense into his family, Mahesh explains they are making a mistake so he instructs Sameer to arrange for the bail papers which they would bring to the police station. The inspector replies he would make sure he completes his duty with utmost honesty. Preeta refuses to let them leave when Inspector forces them away before taking Rishab outside.

The reporters’ questions if the blames are true and Rishab has been charged with molestation and is it true, Rishab asks Sameer to take everyone inside, Mahesh assures he would make sure Rishab is freed from the allegations. Preeta also assures there is nothing to be worried about and she will always stand bedside him, the reporters question the Luthra family if the allegations are true, Preeta starts quarreling with them when Mahesh explains they all must head back inside, but the reporters once again stop them in their way, Preeta is really furious when Anjali sitting in the car thinks she is glad to see her in so much pain.

Arjun is sitting when Dadi thinks he is really tensed and she doesnot know what he is thinking about, she decides to call Anjali as only she can help him when Arjun walks over to her asking if she thinks her voice is really low but it is not the case as he can hear everything, he asks her to call Anjali and find out why she is mad with him, he leaves.

Mahesh along with the Luthra family head inside the house but the reporters question them all, Karina asks if they don’t know how Rishab is as he always respects them but even then they are blaming him, Mahesh pulls Sameer aside explaining he is going from the back door and arrange for the bail of Rishab, he advises Sameer to stay here and take care of the family, Karina blames Arjun for being behind this accusation since Anjali is his friend and she blamed Rishab because of Arjun Soorvyanshi. Rakhi thinks Karina di is right and Anjali did it all for Arjun.Arjun is in the house when he wonders why she is not answering their calls, he decides to go and file a complaint at the police station. He is about to walk out of the house when Preeta stops him.

The inspector enters the police station with Rishab, instructing the constable to remove his handcuff, he gets a call from his mother assuring he will come back early. He is worried hearing the sound outside so instructs them to check. Rishab sitting ask what are the blames which she has filed in her complain.

The reporters’ questions Anjali why she is blaming Rishab when he is a nice person. Anjali replies how can they believe when they do not even know him personally, so she is blaming that he misbehaved with her. She enters the police station explaining she doesnot want to talk about it.

Rishab assures the inspector he has not done anything wrong, he seeing Anjali stands up asking why is she doing this when he just dropped her back at her house, inspector replies that he took her to the farm house, Rishab agrees he made a mistake since she lives there and he saw that she was stranded so he took her to the farm house when she twisted her ankle so he helped her enter the house. Anjali explains her mistake is that she took his help, but it was her mistake, Inspector assures he would help her in getting justice, Rishab replies that the inspector is not interested in finding the truth because if Anjali complained then he is not even going to listen to him.

Preeta questions Arjun why he does it but Arjun assures he has no idea, Preeta explains Rishab jee has been arrested and only because Anjali filed molestation charges on him all because of Rishab, because of Anjali the Luthra family has been blamed but Dadi also asks her to come inside since she will bring water for her. Arjun assures he has not done anything wrong so they would sit down and talk but Preeta replies she did not come here to sit down because he has crossed all limits and blamed Rishab jee for molestation, she says she is not angry but will assure that when it comes to the respect of her family she becomes someone else, she blames that she knows the truth of Arjun, he getting angry instructs her to shut up but she replies she is going to warn him that she will make sure Rishab jee is freed from all the allegations and released while also assuring Arjun is thrown far away from them, that he would not be able to find even himself, she is furious.

Preeta assures she would throw Arjun so far away from her family and life that he would not be able even find himself even if he tries, she angrily tries to walk away while he is topping but she doesnot listen, Preeta is stunned when she turns and her saree is stuck in the wrist watch of Arjun, she keeps thinking about how they both have met and he always tried to help her whenever possible, she is confused thinking what is the reason behind it and why does he always wish to get close to her, he thinks of when he helped her as her saree caught fire, he even caught her at the KarvaChawth function so he is not able to forget the beautiful moments spent with her, Preeta getting restless is not able to bear it so walks close to him, he however puts down his hand angrily walking close to her, explaining even if she removes him from the world even then would not be able to get away from him since it is a matter of their kundali Bhagya but he can walk away from her.

This is fate 6 December 2023

Arjun exclaim he cannot let her walk away from her life for just a mistake and crime which he never commit, Preeta replies he might act like an innocent person but she is going to reveal his true face to the world, Arjun assures he did not ask Anjali to do anything of the sort but Preeta replies she will not even listen to Bhagwan if he says Arjun is innocent, he replies she is testing his patience when Preeta replies that he must know she is standing between him and Rishab.

Arjun turns thinking he must go to the police station and find out what is going on, Dadi asks if he is sure that Rishab would never do anything of the sort, Arjun replies that he doesnot know the truth but is sure that Rishab can never do something so wrong. Rakhi walking to him questions then why Anjali filed the complaint against Rishab so he got arrested from their house, Rakhi explains he vowed to always stand beside Rishab but is the way he protected Rishab, Rakhi questions what quarrel he has and she never thought he would use Anjali to blame their family.

Arjun requests Rakhi to hear his side of story, Karina explains he must listen to her because Rishab got arrested because of this false complaint and the reputation of Luthra family has been ruined, this all; happened because of Anjali. Rakhi asks if he did not think of their family even once when all of them showered their love, she thought her Karan had returned but he did not think of them but only desired his revenge, she asks what the reason is he is against their family. Arjun tries calling Anjali, assuring he will prove everything but Karina replies that he would say he tried calling Anjali, he replies he actually tried calling her.

Rishab holding the hand of Rakhi requests her to believe him for the last time as he did not do anything of the sort, Karina exclaims it is enough because he has done it all while is still defending himself, Karina angrily says she never wanted to come but was forced when Rakhi Bhabhi insisted, she calls him a liar and fraud hearing which Arjun starts crying.

Rishab sitting in the cell recalls how Preeta je assured he is innocent and even defended him in front of everyone, Rishab thinks how each and every member of his family knew he can never do anything wrong, he thanks Bhagwan jee as he gave him such a family who believe in him so what else can he desire because he got everything in this world, the other person in the cell questions why is he so emotional. Rishab replies he is happy because he got such a nice family, he explains sometimes in the hardships of the world the forget the blessing known as family because if they love each other as a family then must always be grateful for it. Rishab asks if he has seen a father since they always stand in front of their children during the problems while it is normally said that a mother cries for her children but when any problem comes to them, she will never let any harm come to them.

Rishab explains his brother always assured he would stand beside him while his Dadi and aunt always hug him whenever he is tired, so he always wants to live with his family the rest of his life.

Anjali is explaining to the lady constable what happened in the farmhouse when Snedha comes to hug her, the constable leaves explaining that Anjali might feel nice after talking to her. Anjali explains Arjun has been calling her, but she cannot meet him till Rishab Luthra is thrown in jail, Snedha explains she felt Anjali has been acting weird ever since he got engaged to her sister. Snedha questions what has happened when Anjali reveals she has done something very wrong for the person whom she truly cares for, Snedha asks if she loves Arjun when Anjali replies that she will do anything for the one person she loves as this is a war between Rishab and Arjun, she is always going to be standing beside him. Anjali replies she is sure Rishab would be thrown in jail after the case while she has filed against him.

Preeta reaches the police station requesting to meet Rishab jee, she is informed that the meeting time would start after an hour, Preeta tries to call someone when she hears the ring so asks if Anjali is here in the police station, she tries to meet her, but the lady constable questions why she wants to talk with her. Preeta asks the inspector there are timings to meet those who are in custody but there is no time to meet the person who is outside, so she wants to meet Anjali. The inspector agrees to allow her when the lady constable explains he must not have allowed her, Inspector explains that he has checked her background as she helps those patients who are not strong enough to take care of themselves.

Anjali explains she has filed a wrong case, but it is for the right cause since he made a mistake in the past for which he was not punished, Preeta entering questions how much she knows Rishab jee because he has never misbehaved with any girl. Anjali replies she thought Preeta would help her as women, but she is defending Rishab. Preeta questions why is she doing this because according to her she has filed the case because of Arjun.

Rakhi asks Arjun why he do it, he assures she can say anything but not cry however Rkahi stops him explaining he has lost the right so must remain in his limits, she explains she always loved him like her own son but feels it was the biggest mistake of her life that she treated him as Karan. Karina questions why she always compares him to their own son when he is not worthy enough, Rakhi replies to a mother never compares amongst her children but she truly loved him however knows her Karan was not like him since he would never cause any pain to someone like Arjun did right now or in the past. She asks why he broke the heart of this mother because she once before found out he tried to kill Rishab, yet she never said anything, Rakhi holding her hands requests him to go away from their lives because ever since he came everything has been ruined, he assures he would try to sort out the things.

Karina exclaims it is enough since her Bhabhi is innocent and believes anyone but she is not like this and he said it was just a mistake so he must go and solve it, Karina leaves with Rakhi while Arjun is left heartbroken.

Arjun immediately tries calling Anjali, but she is still not answering his calls, he says he would go to the police station, Dadi questions if he is still going to side with the wrong person as Anjali herself is saying Rishab molested her, Arjun assures that Rishab is not that kind of a person when he leaves to find out the truth. Dadi wonders why Arjun is still defending the Luthra’s when they have humiliated him. She prays that Arjun gets all that he desires.

Anjali questions why Preeta is involving Arjun when the matter is relating to her and Rishab, Preeta explains how she must not do this because they have never wronged anyone, she knows that a girl only does this when she is some sort of trouble because someone is pressurizing her, she explains she knows Arjun is not a nice person and not suitable for her family, she assures she is here to help Anjali if she is under some sort of trouble.

Anjali questions Priyanka Sharma if she is hearing at what Preeta is saying, she tries to explain that she got in a quarrel with Rishab that day after which her car broke down so he offered to help her, she agreed thinking he is a nice man so she agreed asking him to drop her at the farm house when he insisted to have a cup of tea, she agreed to offer him it after which he wanted to see the study room where he molested her. Preeta exclaims she must stop making such stories since she knows that Rishab is not a bad person, Priyanka questions why is she talking to Anjali in such a manner as she is her best friend, Preeta replies she is not her best friend because if she was a friend then would have known she is lying about whatever has happened, and If she would have known the truth then will not be standing here, Preeta further explains if she is still helping Anjali then is not a nice person

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