His mistress child update Wednesday 6 December 2023

His mistress child 6 December 2023:  episode starts with Arvind not getting sleep recalling Amma pleading him to save Babuji. He walks out of his room. Bansal asks where is he going at this time. Arvind says he is going to hospital, nothing should happen to Babuji. Bansal says even he is concerned about Babuji and nothing sould happen to him, though Babuji considers Yashoda as his bahu more than Mahua, Ashok over Arvind, Yashoda’s children over Arvind’s dead baby, etc. Arvind says let Krishna and Yashoda do whatever they can to save Babuji, then he will do whatever he can. Bansal grins thinking he succeeded in manipulating Arvind.

Next morning, Krishna recalls Randhir’s advice to beg on road if he wants to arrange money for Babuji’s surgery. He writes on a board that he needs money to save Suresh

Gupta’s life and starts begging. People add money in his begging box. He recalls Babuji insulting his mother, him, and Yashoda and later encouraging him during kabaddi match, etc. A man asks who is Suresh Gupta. Krishna says his father’s father. Man says he should write his grandfather to get more money from people. Krishna replaces Suresh Gupta with Dadaji. Yashoda walks to him and says he is accepting Babuji as his grandfather in this situation and gathering money for him. Krishna says he is doing this as Suresh is her FIL and not because he is his grandfather. Yashoda clicks his pic and says let Babuji know what he did to save his life. Krishna asks if she wants to make Mr Gupta feel guilty.

Yashoda returns to Babuji. Babuji says Yashoda always says that Ashok gets an intuition before something happens, why didn’t he come to meet him then. He then asks why didn’t Arvind and Kamini come to meet him when they are in the same city. Yashoda says they have already left the house to come and meet him and walks away saying she will go and check where they have reached. During breakfast, Kamini requests Bansal to take her to Babuji. Bansal says Yashoda will humiliate her and corner her for money. Arvind says jijaji is right and asks her to just wait and watch. Yashoda calls Arvind and says she didn’t call him for money, but to request him to visit Babuji as Babuji is eagerly waiting to meet them. Arvind yells at her and agrees.

Yashoda and Amma request doctor to let them pay Babuji’s surgery fees in installment. Doctor says he understands their situation, but hospital doesn’t have such policy. Manoj offers money to Amma and tells Yashoda that he brought whatever he had and his wife has gone to mortgage her jewelry and arranger 1-2 lakhs. Yashoda thanks him. He says he has managed to get a buyer for Ashok’s cabin. Yashoda gets happy hearing that and says their problem is solved. Randhir walks in and says buyer will not come now. Manoj calls buyer who refuses to buy Ashok’s cabin. Randhir says old man has to pay for slapping him and humiliates Yashoda.

Krishna continues to beg money while Yashoda pleads his known contacts to lend her money. A pawn broker offers to lend her money in exchange of property papers. Arvind with Kamini notice Krishna and taunt him that he is using his relationship now to gather money. Krishna taunts back that when children are useless and don’t want to follow their responsibility. Kamini threatens to slap him. Krishna threatens to expose their true colors to the whole world. Kamini takes Arvind from there and says Krishna wants to provoke them and succeed in his plan.

 Kamini asking Arvind to stop the bike and tells that she will pull his ear and will treat him. Krishna says don’t do this mistake, else I will tell your truth to everyone, that you both are so cheap. Arvind gets angry and says he will beat him. Kamini says he wants to provoke you, and asks him to ride the bike. Yashoda asks the jeweller to give 25 lakhs Rs. He says he can give only 1 Rs, and that too by taking the house papers and minimal interest. Kamini and Arvind come to the hospital. Amma asks them to behave good and don’t tell babu ji about his condition. Kamini and Arvind act good infront of Babu ji. Yashoda, Krishna and Manoj are arranging money. Manoj brings some money and gives to Amma. Amma folds her hand. Babu ji tells Arvind and Kamini that they came to meet him,

forgetting everything, it is good and says if children are with parents in such time then it feels good. Kamini and Arvind go out. Amma comes behind them and tell that they need 25 lakhs for his operation.

Arvind and Kamini say he already told Yashoda that he can’t arrange money. Amma asks Arvind to sell the house. Arvind says you want to save your husband’s 4 days, and ruined our future. He says where we will go with Mahua and Sonu. He asks Kamini to come. Babu ji hears them and asks him to take the bike keys. He tells Arvind that if he had not come out then wouldn’t have known their reality. He says I thought Arvind is not good at calculations, but he is good and calculated that he shall not waste the money for my 4 days life. Yashoda comes there and asks Babu ji, why did he come out? Babu ji says it is better if he dies. Yashoda says she is arranging money and nothing will happen to him. Arvind says babu ji. Babu ji says he is dead. He says it is good to be childless, rather than having children like this. Arvind and kamini leave. Yashoda and Amma take Babu ji inside.

Babu ji tells that he has seen everything, has seen elder son becoming sadhu, and younger son changing so much. He says now he shall die. Krishna hears him, cries and goes from there. Yashoda and Amma are crying too. Krishna comes to the temple and tells that the old man is in this condition, he doesn’t love me, but love others and asks the goddess to take his (own’s) life, but save him. He breaks down. He hears a couple asking the doctor to save his son. Doctor says they need the boy equal to their son’s age, and that his bone marrow shall match with him. doctor asks if you know what we are talking about. Krishna says my father’s father is in the hospital, and tells that he needs money.

Arvind says he will not ruin his future for babu ji’s 4 days. He says let him die. Kamini and Bansal looks on. Yashoda is calling Krishna. Krishna tells Doctor that they shall go inside his cabin and talk. The boy’s parents also insist. Doctor tells Krishna about the tests which he has to go through and then if the bone marrow is taken out, then he can have complications and he can become handicapped, or it can affect any of his organs. He says he needs his parents’ consent also. Krishna asks him to get his test done. Yashoda calls him. Krishna makes an excuse. Amma comes there and tells that Babu ji’s condition deteriorated. Krishna goes to the doctor and asks him to get his test done. Doctor gets his test done. Nurse takes his blood sample, and tells that the report will come by morning. Doctor checks Babuji and says he will be save if the money is arrange and the operation is done. Krishna comes and asks Doctor to make arrangements for operation. Amma cries and asks Yashoda, how we will arrange the money. She fears that they will lose him. Krishna sees them crying.

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