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Prithvi sends the goons to Rakhi’s room to loot on the jewelry, and then come downstairs to fake the fight with him. The goons didn’t recognize Prithvi but were happy that they knew where the jewelry is.
Prithvi comes to the hall and calls Sherlin aside. He informs her about the goons and asks if she has done for him as promised. Sherlin shows him the P in her mehndi.

Rishab finds Prithvi holding her hands happily and comes to question Prithvi why he held her hands. Both were speechless for a while. Sherlin tells Rishab that Prithvi didn’t know there is a ritual of writing groom’s name in bride’s henna. She asks Rishab if he wants to see the name.

Rishab asks her to show now. Prithvi forbids Sherlin as it’s a bad omen according to his mother. Rishab asks why he just said he didn’t know about the ritual then. Prithvi tries to change the topic to Karan. He mentions in front of Rishab that Sarla and Preeta thinks him to be their best life partners, and he is happy about it. Sherlin at once begin to feel nervous and her hand shiver, she takes a leave. Rishab was suspicious.

Rakhi and Kareena bring jewelry sets to gift Sherlin. Dadi brings Rishab to sit beside her on stage for the gifts ritual and calls for Sarla, Janki, Mahesh and others. Sherlin sends a message to Prithvi to stop Janki come here, else she might react after watching her.

Rakhi and Kareena present Sherlin with the jewelry. Dadi goes to bring the bangles from the room. Kareena shows the set to Preeta and asks her consent about the necklace. Preeta says it’s beautiful, she hasn’t seen anything like this before. Kareena insults that it’s beyond Preeta’s standards. Mahesh stops Kareena, Rakhi tells Kareena that Preeta is more precious than the jewelry, she recognized the worth of the necklace and even accepted it. Rishab was furious and clarifies to everyone specially Kareena that if anyone insults Preeta again he will break this marriage.

Rakhi calms him down and asks for the gift. Rishab goes upstairs to get the gift. Shrishti takes Janki aside, Sameer follows her. She asks Sameer to play loud music to avoid anything else said by Kareena.

The robbers decide to loot the jewelry in the wardrobe as well and play a sixer here. Dadi reaches the room and finds the jewelry boxes empty. She hears some disturbance in the room and calls who is there.

Karan comes behind Preeta in the hall and asks for some missing thing. Preeta was irritated and asks what it is. She gives him a chance to say it in two words, else she is going. Karan complains that first it left, and now she is also going. He is looking for her smile. Preeta smiles.

Karan tells Preeta that she gets tear eyed in every little matter. Preeta laughs calling him as a great actor. Karan says he is hero for every girl, only Preeta likes that Prithvi. He conditions that if Preeta calls him – The Karan Luthra as his hero; he won’t call Prithvi a bearded goat again. Preeta agrees. Karan calls a waiter and tells Preeta to begin. Preeta genuinely says that Karan Luthra is her hero, then regrets having said that.

They share an eye lock with each other. The waiter takes a permission to go. Karan tells the waiter to announce in front of everyone that Preeta called him as hero. Preeta forbids him tell anyone. They have an argument over the matter. Rishab comes to stop the argument, he makes the waiter leave. He asks Karan to come with him, Preeta calls him a crazy person
who must be locked somewhere. He is genuinely ill mannered.

Dadi shouts Rishab and Karan for help while she was gathered and held hostage by the robbers. They clutch her mouth tightly and attempt to remove his mask off. She successfully runs outside the room. The robbers decide to loot on the whole house now.

Rakhi decides to go and look for Dadi and Rishab. Dadi comes running downstairs and tells Mahesh about robbers in the house. The robbers had run downstairs and held everyone at gun point. They instructs to shut the windows and doors of the house. Sherlin and Prithvi were happy about it. Shrishti thinks about calling police. One of the goons spot her. Shrishti was offensive but the goons snatches everyone’s phone. Prithvi murmurs to the goons that their acting is on point, the goon thinks he seems to be crazy. Prithvi thinks he never expected these bribed robbers to act so well.

Rakhi requests the goons to spare their guests. They hold her and Mahesh hostage, they warn if anyone takes a step forward he will fire a shot and kill her.

Upstairs in the room, Karan was curt over Preeta and decides not to help her, she always show him an attitude. Rishab says he is right, it has been proven and Kareena also says so. Karan changes his consent. Rishab laughs at him, and says he can’t bear a single word against Preeta. Karan thinks why he feels bad when someone speaks against him. Karan says he is confused, why this happens to him. Rishab tells Karan that he considers her a true friend, and they can’t hear a single word against her.

Rishab shows a gift to Karan and asks about his consent. Karan doesn’t like the design, but says its right for Sherlin. She doesn’t deserve any better. Rishab asks why he is taunting over Sherlin. Karan thinks he is afraid she will ruin his life. Rishab warns that he will do the same with Karan’s bride to be. Karan taunts him for being too nice. They go downstairs.

The goons checked on everyone’s bags and cellphones. Rishab and Karan were shocked to see Rakhi crying and pleading in front of the goons. They run downstairs to help. Kareena warns the goons against hurting her family. The goons fire a gun shot. Mahesh calms everyone down and allows the goons to take away anything, but only behave well with the ladies. As the goon warns to kill Rakhi if someone interferes in their work, Rishab charges over him.

Mahesh furiously holds him back, joins hands to everyone and allows the goons to take away everything. Prithvi asks Sherlin if he must show his heroism to them. Sherlin says he must move on when they go to Preeta.

Prithvi’s hired goons arrive at the Luthra’s house. They discuss if the gun seems to be real, as they were fake. They watch Karan’s photo as they have to beat him today and wear masks before entering into the house.
Prithvi signals the robber to go towards Preeta. Janki wonders why Prithvi is signaling the goon.

Prithvi thinks that everything look real, the robbers must hurry to Preeta. Prithvi was now worried that they aren’t doing what he instructed them to, he will cut their price. He decides to whisper In the goon’s ear so that none can realize.

Prithvi wonders why the robbers behave as if they don’t recognize him. There, the robber twists Rakhi’s arm and pushes her down the floor. Karan and Rishab come to wrestle with them. Prithvi watch the robbers being beaten by the brothers and think his heroism will be lost soon. Sherlin tells Prithvi when Rishab and Karan are tired, he must jump in and show his heroism.

Everyone was shocked to see one of the robbers hit Rishab at the back of his head. He fell on the floor unconscious. The other one breaks a bottle at the back of Karan’s head. The family was taken aback. Karan gets blood over his hand and faints. The family cries. A robber calls Preeta forward as she is much concerned for Karan. Preeta sits beside Karan and questions why they are hurting him, they must also have a family.

Sherlin whispers to Prithvi that his time starts. The robber appoints Preeta to gather all the jewellry for them. Prithvi forbids Sherlin take her jewellry off while Preeta gathers the jewellry from everyone.
Mahesh takes a chance to leave the hall and call ACP.

He complains about robbery at his house. The police assures to reach them in next fifteen or twenty minutes. Sherlin tells Prithvi to jump in now. Preeta had walked towards him, he forbids Preeta to get involved with him at any cost. Preeta was fearful.


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