This is fate update Wednesday 27 December 2023

This is fate 27 December 2023: Preeta is shocked to see Anjali hugging Arjun, he explains it is not like this as she will never lose him because he will always stay by her side as her friend, she asks him to promise but Arjun replies that promises tend to break but he would try as she might have heard that those who try never fail. Arun sees Preeta staring at them, he feels really tensed but she walks away. Rishab is driving the car he is not able to focus and is constantly thinking of something.

This is fate 26 December 2023

Prithvi is following him in the truck, Rishab thinks when Preeta agreed to marry Arjun, he was left tensed hearing it and even Rakhi mom said there is nothing wrong with Preeta marrying Arjun since he is Karan, Prithvi smiles while following him, Rishab thinks his mother is never wrong, he is really tensed but continues to drive. Prithvi gets a bit frustrated so follows him. Rishab recalls how Kavya was really happy with Arjun, he doesn’t see the truck coming rom the front, so immediately turns the car which hits the streetlight. The crowd immediately gathers requesting to call the ambulance as he is really hurt. Prithvi slowly reaches the car door, and smiles while staring at Rishab.

Prithvi is eating the banana while the doctor is checking Rishab, she leaves so Sherlin immediately asks why he brought Rishab here, he should understand they might get in a lot of trouble, Prithvi informs the doctor is his friend and gave Rishab the injection due to which he will not wake up till tomorrow morning. Sherlin asks what his game plan is. Prithvi replies to his plan cannot be understood by everyone, Prithvi explains once Rishab wakes up, he would get to know that Arjun is not Karan. Sherlin asks if Prithvi has lost his mind because they have the proof however Prithvi assures he has all the things to end the proof, they have to wait till tomorrow morning when he would help them stop the marriage and know arjun is not Karan.

Arjun slowly walks out to the balcony where he sees Preeta sitting on the swing, she immediately picks the journal. Arjun asks what has happened, but she assures there is nothing wrong, he asks if she felt jealous seeing him with Anjali. Preeta after thinking for a while questions what is he saying but he says he just felt it however does not feel bad, Preeta replies he is wrong since she is not jealous and his feelings are wrong, Preeta tries to leave but he stop her explaining jealousy looks really nice on her face, he mentions if they love someone then they cannot see that person with anyone else, he explains she felt jealous which means he has a special place in her heart. Preeta starts thinking how Karan would say she is his lie and always said he just desired to get her in his life, she mentioned she started to laugh only after getting married to him. Arjun removes the hair from her face, thinking how he would do the same before,

he explains he doesn’t if he had said it before, but she is beautiful. Preeta is just thinking about Karan and starts crying, Arjun leaves so Preeta also stands up by the swing, thinking he said everything else but is not saying that he is Karan. Preeta thinks how she warned him of what might happen if she leaves him, she once again starts crying. In the morning Sherlin is staring at Rishab who is still unconscious, Prithvi is shocked to see her so slowly comes to see how she is staring him, he asks if she is feeling for Rishab. Sherlin replies she was just thinking when Rishab jee would wake up, Prithvi gets jealous so Sherlin explains she was wondering when he will wake up. Prithvi asks her to not waste any more time and go to the market so they can prepare a good breakfast, Sherlin is confused but leaves in frustration. Prithvi slowly tries to wake Rishab who is still unconscious, he panics so Prithvi helps him sit up assuring he is fine. Rishab questions what Prithvi is doing here, Prithvi explains this is his house, Rishab tries to leave however Prithvi forces him to sit down explaining he is not well.

Prithvi mentions he got into an accident last night, Rishab hearing this is shocked. Prithvi questions if he doesn’t want to know what happened last night, Prithvi reveals he saved Rishab from the accident, asking if Rishab doesn’t want to know if the accident happened on purpose but Prithvi informs he knows who was involved in the accident and he blames Arjun. Rishab asks why Prithvi thinks he would believe anything he says, because if Arjun has any problem then would come to talk with him. Prithvi explains because Arjun knows he is the only one who can stop him from marrying Preeta, Prithvi explains he even has one more proof that will prove he is acting of being Karan. Rishab demands to see the proof, Prithvi explains Arjun wants to prove with the birthmark that he is Karan, but he says a tattoo artist has given him the mark. Rishab angrily demands the proof, Prithvi shows the video in which the artist accepts he made the mark on Arjun’s body. Prithvi explains Arjun knows that Luthra’s are innocent and emotional, so he played with them, the Luthra’s have also given everything to them including their house, property and even the daughter in law.

Rishab angrily warns him to behave, he is about to walk out of the house when Prithvi informs they can stop the marriage but it is only possible when Rishab agrees, Prithvi informs that Rishab just has to make Arjun sign the papers giving everything to Preeta je because after that Rishab would become the owner. Rishab exclaims his plan is really foolish, he questions what benefit does Prithvi have in it, he tries to assures he is doing it from his heart. Prithvi explains he has done a lot of bad things in his life because of which he lost everything in gambling so just desires ten to fifteen million. Rishab warns him to stay away from his family, explaining he will take the suggestion from Preeta je but Rishab leaves without saying anything while Prithvi tries to assure he is just their well-wisher and saved his life, Prithvi thinks he has wasted a lot of his energy, but Rishab was not convinced. Kritika is angrily preparing the decoration when Shristhi angrily pushes them,

Rakhi asks what she is doing when Shristhi explains she does not want this marriage to happen. Karina informs she also does not want this marriage to happen but why should they attract the attention while behaving in such a manner, she however explains she knows Shristhi is not mature. Preeta also comes, Rkahi asks her to go and get ready. Shristhi stops her requesting her to not go ahead with this marriage, Karina mentions she doesn’t agree with Shristhi but also feels Preeta should not marry Arjun, Kritika explains even she feels he does not think nice of their family, she requests Preeta to not marry Arjun. Preeta gets tensed. Rakhi says her Karan can never do anything of the sort, Karina informs her that he is arjun but Rakhi insists he is Karan, she explains she feels even what they are thinking is true but the feelings of a mother can never be wrong, Shristhi asks if she does not care of their feelings because Arjun only acts of being nice but is a really bad person, Sherlin mentions arjun would surely throw everyone out of this house after marrying Preeta,

Arjun walking down explains he is true of his word and has never deceived anyone, he promises to not oust anyone from this house after marrying Preeta but they still do not believe him, he promises to give his entire property to Preeta, everyone is shocked hearing this. Arjun calls his manager advising him to prepare the papers as he is going to name the Luthra. Mansion in Perata’s name and even the entire shares of the Luthra empire while also half shares from all his companies, he turns back asking if everything is sorted. Arjun leaves mentioning he is going to get ready so requests Preeta to also get ready herself. Anjali is shocked after finding out that Arjun is giving the entire property to Preeta.Dadi opens the door but is shocked to see Prithvi standing there, he tries to enter but she stops him and he asks where is Anjali, Dadi explains she has gone to the Luthra house as Arjun is getting married there, Prithvi requests her to call Anjali when Dadi asks why does he contact her himself,

Prithvi informs because she is not answering his calls, Dadi scolds Prithvi warning him to get out of her house. Prithvi wonders what is going on with Anjali and he is worried what might happen if he is not able to arrange the money.

Mahesh is in the room when he sees Rishab so stops him asking what is going on with him as he did not come back last night, Rishab instead asks Mahesh what is going on with him, he explains he feels Arjun is Karan, Mahesh requests him to not talk like his mother as he is already really tensed, when Rishab informs he is not just talking like her but felt it, Mahesh does not understand when Rishab informs the feeling he got when Arjun hugged him was the same, Anjali is shocked hearing it.  Prithvi is outside the Luthra Mansion and trying to call Anjali but she does not answer,

he is shocked to see Shamu instructing his men to look for Prithvi as he is trying to evade them all, Prithvi tries to run away in the auto but it runs out of fuel so Shambu manages to catch him, Prithvi requests for some more time since he will return the money, Shambu gives him till eight o clock tonight, Prithvi is glad that he got more time.Mahesh asks Rishab if he has any proof of his feeling, Rishab sits down with Mahesh explaining he got in an accident last night and when he woke up he was in the house of Prithvi, Rishab informs he does not think good of their family at all and the reason he tried to instigate him against the truth but Prithvi cemented his belief that Arjun is Karan. Rishab informs the fingerprints were a match and even the handwriting is the same, so he is sure Arjun is Karan. Mahesh sits down explaining he has no proof but as soon as he finds out, he would beat Karan to the extent that even he would not understand it.

Rishab sits down explaining even Preeta je found out which is why she agreed to marry him, Mahesh says Rishab informed she agreed to protect their family but Rishab says she would have fought if it was anyone ese but instead she agreed to marry him, because she found out the truth.. Mahesh asks if it is the truth then why did he not reveal the truth about his identity.Preeta comes out after getting ready, she is shocked to see Rakhi standing in front of her, Rakhi blesses Preeta mentioning she has never seen a more beautiful bride, Rakhi blesses her to have all the happiness in the world, explaining how they say Bhagwan does not give pain to anyone more than they can bear, Preeta starts crying after hugging Rakhi, she notices Shristhi standing on the door so calls her towards herself, Shristhi quietly stands in front of her, Preeta asks why does she not believe because they are telling the truth that he is Karan, Shristhi holding her hand agrees that he is karan, Shristhi asks but if he is Karan then why is he irritating them a lot and not reveal the truth by himself,

Preeta mentions even they cannot understand it but would surely find out the truth, however are sure he is Karan. Rakhi mentions Shristhi is right to be worried but Preeta and even she knows he is Karan, so Shristhi should at least believe in the feelings of a wife and mother. Shristhi explains Preeta is looking beautiful, she asks her to get fresh if she likes since the Pandit jee is going to call her very soon, they both hug each other.Anjali enters the room, Dadi stops her asking where she went, she informs Prithvi came here and said he tried to call her but she did not answer his call. Anjali then is about to call someone.

Prithvi is with his friend and offers him tea, Prithvi explains he needs his help and would surely return it soon, Prithvi explains he needs a million rupees when his friend leaves smiling that he does not have that sort of cash. Prithvi immediately starts yelling at Anjali questioning why she is refusing to answer his calls, Anjali replies this is what he deserves since because of his actions, Rishab is sure that Arjun is really Karan. Prithvi replies she should not think light of him because only he can help her marry Arjun, but if Rishab does not desire it then she will not be able to do anything, Anjali and Prithvi both start arguing, he informs she needs her help which is why she comes to him whenever she is in trouble. Sherlin is worried after seeing him and wonders why does Rishab not believe Prithvi.

Arjun is happy after getting ready in the room, he is shocked to see Rishab standing at the door, who starts remembering his time with Karan. Arjun asks if he has anything to say, Rishab replies indeed he has alot of things to say. Arjun is tensed when Rishab comes explaining he might not know it but when he was asked to marry Preeta, he refused it not because she is not a nice person but her love for karan is true and simple, which is why he never desired however he only fulfilled the ritual. Rishab explains his relation with her was not of marriage but even greater since he respected and cared for her, and she was married to him as the wife of Karan. Arjun tries to leave explaining he cannot talk about Preeta with him, Rishab stops him explaining he really cares for Preeta and would not bear if there is even a single drop of tear in her eyes.

Arjun requests Rishab to let him go since the time of Mahurat is about to end. Arjun walks out of the room, Rakhi exclaims he is looking really beautiful and he must not get the evil eye of anyone. She takes him away. Rishab sits down exclaiming he was not able to say anything the last time but if he harms Preeta je this time, then he would show him what he can do, Rishab while crying calls him Karan.Rishab remembers when Rakhi told him and Mahesh that signatures of Karan and Mahesh are matched, and when she was at the hospital she also saw the birthmark. Her believe became true. Rishab also agreed with her and adds up that, when Prithvi tried to convince him, he didn’t believed him and thought that somebody must have done something to on their house, and when his mother and father did all the investigation everything got cleared. Rishab get hyped and goes to slap him. Rakhi stops him and says, she wants to know that why did he hide everything from them. Mahesh also agrees with her.

Rakhi tells him calm down…Rishab recalls everything and gets teared up. Rishab wipes his tears and goes the marriage ceremony. Prithvi is eating fruits. Sherlin shows up and pats on Prithvi’s back. Sherlin tells him that he’s always eating, look at the clock it’s already 8:30, and at 9 o clock, that goon will show up. Sherlin says that knows that neither him got all the money, nor her. Sherlin gets stressed and says, nobody will even give them money. Shamu shows up with all of his friends and starts knocking on the, while calling Prithvi to open the door. Prithvi and Sherlin gets scared. Prithvi immediately hides from him. Shamu opens the door and grabs Sherlin. Shamu orders his boys to go inside and search for Prithvi. Sherlin tries to break off from Shamu. Shamu shouts Prithvi’s name and calls him outside. One of the Shamu’s boys comes out after searching the whole house, and tells Shamu that Prithvi isn’t here.

Shamu tells him to search properly again, or else, he will. Shamu shouts that he’s taking Sherlin with him, and if he doesn’t return his money by 9 o’ clock he will kill her. Shamu counts till 3, and Prithvi comes out. Prithvi apologises to Shamu and says, he will return his money by 9 o’ clock, but leave Sherlin. Shamu tells him to return the money by 9 o’ clock and take his wife. Prithvi requests Shamu, but he ignores him and takes Sherlin with him. Prithvi starts tearing up and says, he got robbed.Preeta is getting ready for the marriage. Karan passes by the door and sees her through the opening. Karan gets mesmerised after seeing and starts gazing at her. Preeta accidentally drops her ear rings and picks it up and while picking it up, she sees Karan. Karan walks upto her and firmly grabs her arm. Karan takes the earring from Preeta’s hand and helps her putting it on. Karan and Preeta starts gazing at each other.

Anjali is sitting in her room and Priyanka tells her, if she doesn’t take help from Prithvi, then how will she get her love? She tells Angali if she doesn’t take any action, she will never get him. So, she advises Angali to ask Prithvi for help. Prithvi is frustrated and holding a knife and says, even if Angali takes help from him, or not, she will have to give him money anyhow. Prithvi throws the at the wall and starts smiling. Anjali’s grandmother calls Ramesh to get the vehicle ready because they have to go to Arjun’s wedding. Angali and Priyanka comes out of their room ready for the wedding. Angali’s grandmother asks her if she’s also going to Arjun’s wedding? Angali replies, of course, she has to go because Arjun is her friend. Her grandmother tells Angali that Arjun will get happier after seeing her in the wedding, and after seeing him happy, she will also get happy. Angali’s grandmother checks Priyanka’s clothes and asks her, if she’s going to the wedding in these clothes? Priyanka replies, she not going to the wedding, because she have an important work.

Prithvi goes to Shamu’s place. Shamu’s bodyguard stops Prithvi from going inside. Prithvi tells him to leave him, or else, it will not end well. Shamu comes in and tells his bodyguard to let Prithvi in. Shamu sits in the table along with his boys. Prithvi comes in. Shamu tells everyone that he already said that Prithvi will come to take Sherlin. Everyone starts laughing. Prithvi asks Shamu, where is Sherlin? Shamu calls Sherlin to come out. Sherlin is tied onto a chair and her mouth is also tied and one of Shamu’s goon takes her out. Prithvi tries to help Sherlin with Shamu’s bodyguard stops him. Shamu tells Prithvi to give him the money first. Prithvi says that he doesn’t have 15 lakhs. Shamu is about to slap Prithvi, but he says, he got 1 crore and everyone can get it if he helps him with a plan.

Shamu says that he thinks that he doesn’t love his wife. Shamu takes out a pistol and points it on Sherlin. Prithvi tries to to stop him, but Shamu shoots the gun. Prithvi gets shocked.Pandit asks Rakhi to call the groom, so that they can start the rituals. Rakhi realises that Arjun isn’t with her. Arjun in coming downstairs and everyone starts looking at him. Rakhi asks Arjun, where was he? Arjun asks Rakhi if she’s happy with this wedding? Rakhi replies, she’s very happy with this decision and will be even more happier is he calls her “mom”. Pandit tells them to hurry up. Angali shows up and Arjun thanks her for showing up. Angali tells him that she had come. Arjun proceeds and sits with the Pandit. Rakhi calls everyone to start the wedding rituals.

Prithvi sees Sherlin is alive and asks her if she’s okay? Shamu tells Prithvi that he didn’t miss, he just gave him another chance. Prithvi gets aggressive and grabs Shamu. Shamu’s bodyguard grabs Prithvi off him. Shamu tells Prithvi that 15 lakhs isn’t anything for him, just want to set an example, so that everyone starts get sacred of him. Shamu puts the gun on Prithvi’s chest and tells him, he’s doesn’t only have powers, but he’s also intelligent. Prithvi tells Shamu to shoot him, if he can get anything from him. Prithvi insists Shamu to listen to his plan. Shamu sits down and asks him to tell his plan. Prithvi breaks off and tells Shamu, if everyone helps him, they can execute the plan. Prithvi tells everyone that he will take everyone to Luthra’s house.

Shamu yells at Prithvi, and tells him that he will give all the money and nobody is going anywhere. Prithvi says that they will go there go there rob the place. Prithvi tells they are the most wealthiest family, and there’s a wedding going on there, and they can steal all the jewellery. Prithvi tells Shamu that, they can steal more 15 lakhs and asks for 25 percent from all the stolen money and goods. Shamu asks Prithvi, why will they give him 25 percent, just for this news? Prithvi says that it’s not easy to go there, he will take them inside. One of Shamu’s men says that it will be very exciting. Prithvi says, he can help them in this and asks Shamu if he wants to execute this plan?

Shamu agrees with him, but he warns him if he tries to be over smart, he will shoot him. Prithvi tells Shamu to release Sherlin first. Shamu tells Prithvi that she will stay here, and nobody will disturb her. Sherlin denies. Prithvi tells Sherlin to trust him, he will help her and she will be safe here. Shamu tells his men to take Sherlin back inside. Prithvi tells her that he will take her back. Prithvi says that they will have get few things ready.Everyone is sitting in the puja. Pandit asks Rakhi to bring the bride. Rakhi goes tocall her.

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