This is fate update Thursday 28 December 2023

This is fate 28 December 2023: Rakhi is walking Preeta downstairs and everyone starts watching her. Arjuns remembers, how Preeta loves him and starts smiling. Rishab says, Preeta is looking very beautiful. Arjun turns back and says, she’s going to be his wife. Angali thinks, Arjun reacted to him, and now Rishab will get triggered and do something to stop this wedding. Rishab walks upto Preeta and Arjun stands up. Rishab and Preeta watches each other.

This is fate 27 December 2023

Rishab firmly grabs Preeta’s hand and takes her to Arjun. Rishab tells Arjun that Preeta also wants to marry him, and his mother also wants this wedding to happen, and these two people means a lot to him, and if they really wants to this wedding, it will happen definitely. Rishab tells Pandit to starts to process. Pandit agrees to him. Arjun puts his hand in front of Preeta to

take her with him to pandit. Preeta leaves Rishab’s hand and sits with Arjun. Rishab goes back and stands with the crowd. Everyone gets tensed. Shrishti tells Kritika and her grandmother that they have do something fast, nothing will happen if they don’t take any action. Pandit says there is no areca nuts in the plate. Rakhi asks Shrishti to bring some. Shrishti replies, there is no supari left. Rakhi tells her that she bought it, and asks her to go and get it from kitchen. Shrishti agrees to and leaves to bring it. Now, Rakhi also asks Kritika to bring some Akshat too. Kritika also agrees and leaves to get it.

Pandit asks Preeta and Arjun to place their hands over each other’s hands. Preeta and Arjun puts their hands forward.

Meet in Love 28 December 2023: Mahendra and Meet are in a common area, where Mahendra asks Meet to make a decision regarding Jasodha’s situation. He emotionally manipulates her, suggesting that Jasodha will be charged with domestic violence and cannot be released. He pressures Meet to sell her factory and demands an immediate decision. Sumeet overhears their conversation. Meanwhile, Manmeet arrives at Gunwanti’s ward and finds her attempting to commit suicide. Gunwanti pretends to cry and claims she doesn’t want to live with her disfigured skin anymore. Manmeet tries to reason with her, but she continues acting and insists that he leave.


Meet feels helpless in the face of Mahendra’s ultimatum. He interprets Meet’s silence as her unwillingness to sacrifice her factory, implying that they can let Jasodha


languish in jail. Reluctantly, Meet agrees to sign over the factory. Sumeet shouts that the factory is Meet’s dream and a sacred entity. However, Meet explains to Sumeet that family is paramount and nothing is more important. She states that she is prepared to sign, but on the condition that Gunwanti withdraws the police report she filed against Jasodha. Mahendra agrees and departs. Sumeet cries and embraces Meet. Manmeet asks Sarkar about Meet’s whereabouts. Meet arrives with Jasodha, leaving the children delighted. Meet indicates that she has brought Jasodha home, shocking everyone.

Sumeet and Raj are overjoyed to see Jasodha back and happily embrace her. Jasodha seeks Sarkar’s blessings by touching his feet. Manmeet instructs the children to go to their room and questions Meet about Mahendra and Gunwanti’s change of heart, as they were previously adamant about not reversing their decision. Meet lies, claiming that they are family and eventually came to understand. Manmeet is skeptical of her response. Sarkar expresses his disbelief, and Jasodha asserts that she gave birth to Mahendra and knows him well enough to understand that he has become consumed by greed and revenge. Thus, it is impossible for them to have agreed without any deal.


Manmeet implores Meet to look into his eyes, stating that he can discern when she is hiding something just by looking at her. Jasodha places Meet’s hand on Manmeet’s head, urging him to tell the truth. Meet falls silent, shocking them all. Shagun arrives with a model of the factory and mocks their situation. Manmeet questions her about her new drama. Shagun claims she has come to reveal the truth that Meet couldn’t. She presents papers signed by Meet, confirming the sale of the factory. Shagun declares that Meet has lost this time and leaves.


Jasodha picks up the papers and scolds Meet for her decision. She emphasizes that the factory was not only Meet’s dream but also the dream of all the women in the village. She asks Manmeet to make Meet understand that her decision is incorrect and that she should have allowed Jasodha to remain in jail. Angered, Manmeet storms out, and Meet follows him. She calms him down, and he expresses his disappointment regarding the factory, which was both Meet and Ahlawat’s dream. However, Meet asserts that family is more important and asks if he will support her decision. Manmeet agrees with Meet.


Everyone is getting ready for Meet’s factory bidding. Meet arrives, feeling disheartened as she thinks about Meet Ahlawat’s dream of having a factory run entirely by women. Manmeet notices Meet walking absentmindedly.


Mahendra brings Gunwanti back home, and she continues to act as if she is in pain. Sarkar and Jasodha express their disappointment towards them. Mahendra claims that by law, no one can ask them to leave the house. He forcefully pushes Sarkar’s wheelchair. Jasodha raises her hand to stop Mahendra, but he prevents her. Jasodha says that Meet will give Mahendra a fitting answer.


Manmeet calls out to Meet, but she keeps walking. Meet hugs Manmeet and breaks down. Manmeet encourages her, telling her that she cannot accept defeat and they will work hard to regain control


of the factory. Chanda arrives and advises Meet to reconsider her decision to sell the factory that she built with so much hard work. Chanda hands over the factory papers to Meet. The bidding for the factory’s price begins. Gunwanti looks at her photo, but it suddenly turns off, so she puts it on charge. Thinking that no one is watching her, Gunwanti quickly sneaks into the kitchen to eat halwa. Mahendra enjoys as people bid higher for the factory. Meet prays to God, asking for guidance on how to stop the bidding.

Meet returns home and places the factory papers in front of God and she prays for help in preventing Manmeet’s dream from shattering. Suddenly, the paper flies off and lands on Gunwanti’s phone. Meet notices Gunwanti’s photo on the ward without any burnt scars, realizing that Gunwanti was never burnt, and everything was just a charade. She decides that she needs to go and tell the truth to everyone. Meet suspects that Shagun might be behind this and thinks she needs to inform Manmeet about the truth. However, Manmeet’s phone is switched off, making it impossible for Meet to contact him.

Manmeet worries about why Meet hasn’t returned yet. Meet realizes that she needs to go to Anue and expose the truth to stop the bidding. However, while leaving, she accidentally drops Gunwanti’s phone into a bucket of water, causing it to stop working. Meet panics, realizing she must do something as she can’t let Shagun win. Shagun arrives at the factory bidding and taunts Manmeet, saying that his wife couldn’t bear to see her dream shattered, so she’s not present. Shagun keeps provoking Manmeet, but he manages to control his anger.

Meet takes a bowl of salt, thinking that it’s time to sprinkle salt on Gunwanti’s wounds. Chanda asks Manmeet if there’s no way to save Meet’s factory. Manmeet assures her that Meet won’t lose and leaves somewhere. Meanwhile, Meet goes to Gunwanti’s room with the salt, claiming that it’s medicine to relieve burns. Gunwanti allows her to apply it and mentions feeling better. Meet tricks Gunwanti into tasting the salt, shocking her. Meet exposes Gunwanti’s lie, and Gunwanti confesses that she was acting and had plotted against Jasodha. Gunwanti believes that Meet won’t be able to prove it. The inspector arrives hears everything and arrests Gunwanti.Mahendra says now I have the biggest bid of 61crores, is there anyone would like to bid more. Manmeet and Meet rush in and shouts stop this auction. Mahendra says you two are late your factory is already sold. Meet breaks down and fall on ground.

Prithvi and Shamu pulls up with their gang. They starts going inside and security guard asks them to submit their mobile phones first. Shamu denies and says, they will not give their phones. Security guards tells them that they ordered to take everyone’s phone. Shamu and Prithvi knocks both the guards down. Prithvi tells his men to close the gate and hide the body. Their gang hides the body. Prithvi tells everyone to put on their masks. Everyone puts on their masks and proceeds to head inside.

Preeta and Arjuns completes all the rituals and everyone gets joyous. Pandit tells Preeta and Arjun to put the garland over each other. Preeta thinks that Arjun is Karan while putting on the garland over him. Everyone starts clapping. Arjun puts the garland over Preeta. Preeta starts recalling her previous wedding scenarios. Pandit tells them to sit back down. Preeta and Arjun sits back down. Pandit asks Rakhi to tie the knot between Preeta and Arjun. Rakhi takes the cloth and ties both of them with it. Preeta recalls all the scenarios of previous wedding. Pandit asks Arjun and Preeta to get and start taking rounds of sacred fire. Preeta and Arjun gets ready to take the rounds. Arjun grabs Preeta’s hand and helps her to get up. Preeta thinks that Arjun is Karan.

Shamu and his gang invades the wedding with firearms. Everyone gets scared. Shamu points his gun and tells everyone to accumulate in a corner. Shrishti’s grandmother thinks that it’s Shrishti’s plan and tells Karina they are Shrishti’s people. Arjun tries to ask what is going on? Prithvi points his gun towards him and, warns him to stop moving, or else, he will shoot him. Everyone gets scared. Preeta asks, what do they want?! Prithvi tells her to stop moving. Shrishti’s grandmother walks up him and everyone tries to stop her. She goes upto him and slaps Prithvi. She tells Prithvi that this is Preeta and he don’t have to trouble her, he have mess with Arjun and Angali. Shamu points his gun on her and tells her to go back. She gets angry and tells him to shut up! Shamu gets angry and orders his men to make every one close their mouths.

Arjuns goes towards Prithvi, but Prithvi grabs Rakhi and shoots his gun in the air. Everyone gets scared. Prithvi warns Arjun that if he moves again, he will shoot her. Arjun tells Prithvi to leave her. Prithvi shoots on a metal plate. Kritika tells Shrishti that someone is shooting gun and gets scared. Shirshti and Kritika goes to check. Prithvi asks Arjun, if he got sacred? Prithvi shouts that they are here to rob this whole place. Everyone gets shocked. Prithvi says all their fault, because they have a lot of money which caused imbalances among the people, somebody have a lot of money and on the other hand, some people have no money. Prithvi says that they are here to take some money from them.

One of Shamu’s gang member agrees with him. Prithvi says, the best thing about this party is that, nobody have any phone, because they are very fancy and everyone can pay attention on the wedding. Prithvi asks everyone to politely to give their jewellery. Rishab warns Prithvi and his gang that he will press the emergency switch and tells them to put the guns down. Prithvi gets scared and Rishab presses the button. The emergency button doesn’t work and one of Shamu’s men starts making emergency alarm’s noise to mock them. Prithvi starts laughing. Prithvi tells Rishab, he’s not the only one who’s smart. Prithvi tells everyone that, now they only have one option. Preeta yells at them and tells them to shut up! Shamu yells back at her.

Shamu starts attacking and everyone starts fighting. Mahesh takes Rakhi with her. Rakhi breaks off and throws a coconut at Prithvi. Prithvi’s gun fall down and Rishab starts beating him. Preeta gets worried.The wedding becomes chaotic and everyone starts fighting with each other. Shrishti spills areca nuts and it scatters all over the floor. Everyone starts tripping on the nuts and falls down. Shrishti advises Preeta to hide.

Mahesh brings Rakhi into a room to save her. Rakhi asks him, why is he taking her in this room, and pushes him on the bed. Karina and Dadi also follows them and comes in. Mahesh asks Karina to explain Rakhi that they are professional thugs. Rakhi says that she only threw a coconut and it landed on one of the thug accidentally. Mahesh appreciates Rakhi’s aim and tells her to stay inside. Rakhi denies and says, she will go to help her children. Mahesh grabs her, so that she can’t leave the room. Rakhi asks Dadi to tells his son stop touching her. Dadi says that there are a lot of thugs outside.

Rakhi stays stubborn and tells Mahesh to leave her. Mahesh calls Rakhi abnormal. Rakhi asks Kareena if tell Mahesh, they have already fought thugs in their lives. Kareena asks, when? Rakhi reminds her about the aircraft. Kareena agrees with her and says that Rakhi sacred away snakes in the aircraft? Dadi gets scared and asks Rakhi if she didn’t got sacred of snakes? Rakhi tells her, she’s very brave and tries to leave the room again. Mahesh again stops her again and asks Dadi and Kareena to help him. Rakhi breaks off and leaves the room. Mahesh follows her. Dadi and Kareena stays inside and locks the door.

Prithvi shouts that Luthra’s scattered areca nuts tells his gang to stay attentive because they are very vicious. Shamu orders his men to search for the bride and bring her. Shamu men is gathering everyone in the corners.Preeta, Arjun and few of their family members are finding a place to hide. Prithvi finds them and they splits their ways. Prithvi gets confused and proceeds to find them. Preeta and Angali hides in a room and Angali locks the door. Preeta asks Angali, where are the rest of the people who were with them? Angali tells Preeta that everyone scattered. Shamu’s men starts breaking the door of the room in which Preeta and Angali are hiding. Preeta gets scared.

Rakhi goes back to the mandap and sees that no one is there. Mahesh follows her says, everyone must have hidden. Rakhi asks, but where? Mahesh takes her with him to hide. Arjun, Rishab and Shrishti meets Mahesh and Rakhi. Rakhi asks, where is Preeta? Arjun turns back and realises that Preeta is not there. Everyone gets scared. Shamu man approachs them and everyone of them hides in the room.

Two of Shamu’s men breaks in Preeta’s room. Both of them leaves Angali and focuses on Preeta. Angali grabs a knife. Shamu’s men are standing on a rug. Preeta pulls the rug and both of them falls down. Preeta kicks them and runs away with Angali. Shamu goes in the wrong direction to find Preeta.Prithvi is running after Kritika and she falls down. Prithvi points her gun on her. Kritika begs him for mercy. Prithvi puts his hand forward to helps her to get up. Prithvi asks her, is will become his hostage? Kritika puts his hands up and Prithvi makes her hostage.

Everyone is hidden inside a room. Mahesh asks Arjun to explain Rakhi, that those thugs are very dangerous, she wants to fight them. Arjun says Rakhi is very brave and we should appreciate her. Rishab tells Mahesh to appreciate Rakhi’s bravery. Shrishti also agrees with him. Arjun leaves the room to find everyone. Rishab also leaves the room. Mahesh tells him that dadi and Kareena in the guest room, and now they have to find Preeta. Rishab says, he will find her.

Preeta asks Angali that why didn’t she helped her in the room? Angali doesn’t says anything. Preeta tells her that she was asking for the knife for self defence, but she didn’t passed it. Angali rudely says that she wanted to harm her, that’s why! Preeta asks, why? Angali tells her she doesn’t likes her and also doesn’t wants this wedding to happen, because Arjun is her friend, and now, he doesn’t even listens to her.

Just then, Arjun shows up and tells Angali to stay away from their lives. Angali asks Arjun that why is he talking to her rudely? Preeta tell them to calm down. Angali yells at her and leaves. Arjun advises Preeta to not take Angali seriously and follows Angali. Preeta wonders that why is she doing all this? She decides to find a phone, so that she can call the police.Arjuns asks Angali that what would have happen if she didn’t helped Preeta when Shamu’s men were trying to attack her? Angali rudely asks Arjun, what would happen? Arjun says, she already know. Shrishti eavesdrop on them and listens to everything. Angali replies to Arjun, she doesn’t know what is happening in her brain, and doesn’t even want to know. Arjun tells Angali that if Preeta would have got harmed, he would have gotten hurt, because he loves Preeta very much. Shrishti gets shocked.

Prithvi brings Kritika as hostage and everyone gets scared. Prithvi asks his gang member to bring a hand bag. Angali asks Arjun if friendship doesn’t matter to him, and why doesn’t he understand anything. Arjun gets frustrated and asks, what isn’t he understanding? Angali tells Arjun that she loves him. Arjun says, he also loves her too, and tells her that she’s a really good friend of him, but that doesn’t mean that she can say anything about Preeta. Arjun tells Angali that Preeta is very innocent and cares for everybody, and if someone tries to mess with her, she will also fight back? Angali asks Arjun if he loves Preeta more than her? Shrishti listens to them and wonders, why is Arjun acting so dumb. Arjun says that his love for Preeta very deep and tells Angali that she’s very important to him. Angali says that she understood and leaves. Arjun also leaves. Shrishti listens to everything.

Rishab finds Preeta and asks her that what is she doing here? Preeta says that she’s finding a phone. Rishab tells her that everyone got worried about her. Preeta tells Rishab that she thought that he was upset from her and Arjun. Rishab says that he only wants to see her happy and goes back to find the phone. Two of Shamu’s men comes in and threatens Rishab and Preeta. Rishab protects Preeta and warns them. Arjuns comes from behind, knock both of them down. Rishab, Preeta and Arjun runs away.

Rishab trips over the carpet, but Arjuns grabs him. Preeta remembers that how Karan also saved someone. Rishab thanks him and both of them gets awkward. Preeta watches them. Shamu tries to attack Preeta from behind but, Arjun saves her and starts attacking him. Preeta starts recalling past events when Karan saved her. Preeta calls Arjun, Karan and Arjun gets shocked.

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