Meet in Love Zeeworld update Friday 29 December 2023

Meet in Love 29 December 2023: Gunwanti is arrested, and she tells Meet that even though she discovered the truth, she won’t be able to stop the bidding for her factory. Manmeet arrives and quickly takes Meet away with him. Meanwhile, Mahendra receives a cheque for 61 crores from an anonymous source. No one bids higher, and it is announced that the factory has been sold for 61 crores. Meet arrives and shouts that they cannot proceed with the bidding. Mahendra informs her that she is too late as the factory has already been sold. Manmeet helplessly sits on the ground.

Meet in love 28 December 2023

Mahendra asks the buyer of the factory to come forward, but he is shocked to see that Sarkar is the one who bought it. Jasodha brings Sarkar to the scene. Sarkar snatches the factory papers from Mahendra and explains that he staked all his belongings to save Meet’s dream. He hands over the papers to Meet, leaving Mahendra shocked once again. The inspector arrives to arrest Mahendra and looks around for Shagun to help him but realizes she has already left. Mahendra is taken away by the police.

Sarkar says to Meet and Manmeet I was wrong being against you. Manmeet massages Sarkar’s feet, and Meet gives him medicine. Both of them take care of him. Meet reassures Sarkar not to dwell on what has already happened. Manmeet asks Sarkar what he wants. Sarkar proposes to see Meet and Manmeet getting married again. He joins their hands and blesses them. Manmeet says they will consider it once Sarkar gets better. Meet agrees to fulfil Sarkar’s wish and assures him that he will recover soon by seeing his wish come true. Sarkar playfully teases Manmeet for being slow-witted.

The entire Ahlawat house is decorated. Sumeet informs everyone about Meet and Manmeet’s remarriage. Baa suggests that both families should stay together until the marriage is completed.Shagun reveals that she didn’t abandon Gunwanti and Mahendra but went to talk to a lawyer to free them. She offers them sweets and provokes them by mentioning Meet and Manmeet’s remarriage.

Sumeet and Raj help choose dresses for Manmeet and Meet and playfully argue about who will look better. They trick Meet and Manmeet into getting closer for a kiss. Gunwanti and Mahendra arrive in disguise. Meet’s grandmother talks about how she used to trouble Meet a lot when she was younger but eventually grew to love her, expressing her desire to see Meet’s smiling face. Sumeet jokes with her, and both children hug her. Meet gets Mehendi applied and smiles happily.Meet’s saree pallu opens, and she is unable to adjust it due to the Mehendi on her hands. She looks around for someone to help her when someone covers her mouth from behind, causing her to hit the person in shock. She is surprised to see that it’s Manmeet and scolds him for coming.

Manmeet gets romantic and approaches Meet as the song plays. He helps her put her saree back in place, and Meet smiles. Meet and Manmeet promise to be with each other until their last breath. Gunwanti and Mahendra plan to kill both Meet and Manmeet. Sumeet sees them and drops a vase in shock. Gunwanti and Mahendra start approaching Sumeet.

Mahendra and Gunwanti disguise themselves as working ladies and discuss their plan to kill Meet and Manmeet inside the Ahlawat Mansion. Sumeet accidentally drops a vase while overhearing their conversation and quickly hides, realizing that she needs to inform Meet about it. Mahendra realizes someone has overheard them but mistakenly speaks in his normal voice, forgetting his disguise. The servants become alert, but Gunwanti saves the situation. They encounter Jasoda, who questions their presence in the room and instructs them to go to the kitchen and help the other ladies.

Sumeet gets locked inside the room by mistake and desperately knocks on the door, but no one hears her due to the loud music.Sumeet calls out to Jasoda, but she misunderstands it as the wind and leaves. Sumeet sadly sits in the room. Meanwhile, Manmeet dances during their sangeet ceremony, and Meet happily claps along, joining him in the dance. Sumeet struggles to reach the window hinge and stands on a sofa.

Still unable to reach, she places another vessel in between. Meet asks Raj about Sumeet’s whereabouts. Gunwanti tells Mahendra that Meet might be asking about Sumeet since she is nowhere to be seen. Mahendra starts suspecting that Sumeet may have overheard their conversation.Sumeet manages to open the window and jumps out of it. She runs and reaches the function. Manmeet sees her and calls her to join in. Suddenly, the lights go off, and Mahendra does something that causes Sumeet to fall unconscious.

She mumbles about Gunwanti and Mahendra to Meet and Manmeet, pointing towards them. However, before Meet can reach them, Sarkar falls off his chair. Meet asks Jasoda to give Sumeet to her, but Jasoda suggests letting Sumeet sleep in the room with Sarkar as she may be tired.Meet notices Mahendra wearing men’s shoes and questions their presence. Gunwanti lies, claiming that they are workers who have come to help in the kitchen. Meet observes their suspicious behavior and pushes a waiter towards Mahendra, causing him to shout in his normal voice, shocking everyone.

Hoshiyar and Masoom are surprised and confused by the situation. Meet unveils the veils of Gunwanti and Mahendra, leaving all the guests and family members shocked. Everyone starts gossiping about them. Mahendra shouts that Meet has pushed him to his limit and now he will seek revenge all at once.Mahendra takes out a knife and tries to attack Meet, but Manmeet intervenes and stops him by holding his hand.

Manmeet tells Mahendra that he has crossed all boundaries of their relationship. Mahendra insists that they only have enmity, and Manmeet starts beating him mercilessly. Meet urges them to stop fighting and orders Mahendra and Gunwanti to leave immediately. Manmeet realizes they need to do something. Meanwhile, Sumeet, who is sleeping in Sarkar’s room, senses something amiss. Manmeet enters the room and tries not to disturb Sumeet, but he finds only pillows in her place. Sumeet has been taken captive by someone, and Gunwanti whas kidnapped Meet.

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