These Streets Update Wednesday 15 September 2021

These Streets 15 Sept 2021: Asmita looks at her bangle. Khurana says you can’t wear them with uniform. He says I can’t take them off because they are my marriage’s symbol.Shan wakes up and sees paro next to him. She is nude. Shan says why do i feel weird?Asmita comes to Khurana with her secret uniform. She dresses as a sikh man. Khurana wishes her luck.

Shan leaves. Paro wakes up nd sees the pictures she took with Shan. SHe says now Mohit’s child is yours. It will be fine.
Asmita is outside the house in a car. Khurana says should I come? SHe says n. Asmita follows Shan. Shan comes to a market. He gets sme papers from a guy. Asmita wonders what they are. He asks the guy is there anything wrong with them? He says no. Asmita wonders what’s going on.

Asmita comes home. Ridoy sees her. He says I was waiting for you. I know you wont like it if I ask were you were. She says a friend was going to US. Ridoy says I would have love to meet your friend too. Asmita says next time. He says yeah sure. Riody leaves.asmita wonders what is Shan upto.Beauty looks at the photo with Paro and laugh. She says see how I cash your pregnancy.

Asmita and Khurana look at the video. They see the file was for passport. Asmita says why is he getting fake passport made? Asmita says I have to keep an eye on him. I wont get emotional.Shan gets ready. Asmita keeps an eye on all his activities. Beauty comes and says congratulations everyone. Paro is pregnant. Everyone is dazed.Asmita comes to her room she sits down crying. Asmita recalls moments with Shan. Asmita sobs and says how can you do this shan? I never thought I loved a man like you.

Asmita says God why are you doing this with me. Asmita’s conscience comes and says how long are yuo going to be with this hope? Everything is clear. It all shows shan is a culprit. Her heart asks her to trust Shan. Asmita says but he is innocent. Her brain says see things, Paro is pregnant with his baby. He is havoing all fun in his life. THe heart says he can’t do this. Brain says he is the culprit. He is Paro’s. Asmita screams and says enough. She sits down crying. Asmita says I will find out what truth is.

Shan comes home. He says why are you all looking at me like this? Beauty says don’t act innocent. You cant hide it. ridoy hugs him. Ravindra hugs him and says you made me great grand father. He says how can she be pregnant? Nevi says what? Shan says I never touched her. Beauty says maybe they were not ready. they are kids themselves. Shan it’s a good news anyway. Dont’ be shan. San says don’t do this drama. This is a lie. Paro says you can’t call our child a lie. This is our baby. I thought you would be so happy but you don’t wanna own him? Shan looks at Asmita. He takes Paro upstairs.

Shan says what nonsense is that? She says you are father to this kid. Truth is in front of you. Shan breaks a vase. Paro says what are you doing. She says I know you were not ready. You were drunk that day. And then you came close to me. You made me yours. He says I don’t remember anything. She says but I do.. You were making love to me but taking Asmita’s name. Shan sits down in Shock. Paro says I wont tell anyone. Just accept your baby. I can tolerate anything for my baby. Shan leaves. Shan leaves the house. Asmita comes in front of his car.

Next Thursday update these streets


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