Perfect husband update Wednesday 10 November 2021


Perfect husband 10 November 2021: The Episode starts with Pushkar doing a drama. Vidhi goes away. He gets shocked and looks for her. He says for the first time, situation is going out of hands, how can I be helpless, is this the same Vidhi who used to be afraid, I have an art to change the situation, how can I lose to my wife, where can she go. He thinks she has gone to her Maayka. Rajshri waits for Vidhi and Pushkar. She worries. Charu says I m really worried for them. Pushkar comes to Ashwin’s house and asks for Vidhi.

Nivedita says she didn’t come here. He gets shocked. Rajshri and Charu break their Karwachauth fast. Rajshri cries seeing her husband’s pic. Charu asks why did you disappear. Rajshri says I came to call them. Charu says I m very hungry, no one cares for her. Nivedita says Vidhi would be at your home, its Karwachauth, she would be waiting for you.Ashwin asks what’s the matter. Pushkar says Vidhi isn’t at home, she didn’t tell me and went somewhere, I felt she would be here. She asks how can she go.

Ashwin asks him to say truth. Maasa says there is some matter, else she won’t go, why aren’t you saying truth. Ashwin says Pushkar is worried. Nivedita says maybe she is in the temple, she always go there when she is upset. Ashwin says we will also come with you. They leave. Bela waits for Rangeela.He meets her and says you will be fine, I have a surprise, have patience, I will just come. He fixes a mirror and shows her the moon. She praises his smartness. She breaks her karwachauth fast. He feeds her sweets. She likes him.

Vidhi cries thinking about Pushkar. She thinks of the guy’s words. She says I have no right to involve family in my problems, I should have not run, I have to face this. She prays to get help. Pushkar comes there and sees her. He asks are you mad to leave house alone at night. Ashwin and Nivedita come there. They ask Vidhi the matter.Vidhi saying I was just going home. Ashwin asks them to stay at home tonight. Vidhi says no, Rajshri would be waiting.

Nivedita gets dizzy. Vidhi says she took much tension, we will show her to Daima. They leave from temple. Maasa waits at home. Bela argues with her. Maasa asks her to go and sleep in her room. Bela asks what happened to her now. Ashwin gets Nivedita home. He says she fainted suddenly. Maasa says we won’t get doctor at this time, call Daima. Ashwin says Vidhi went to call her. Daima comes and checks Nivedita. She says congrats, Ashwin you are going to become a father. Everyone smile. Maasa says I will get sweets for you.

Bela and Vidhi say congrats. Pushkar congratulates and hugs Ashwin. Daima says be careful for initial three months, she shouldn’t get any tension now. Maasa stares at Vidhi. She thinks Vidhi left Karwachauth puja in the middle, why.Rajshri asks where are you Pushkar, is everything fine. He says yes, Vidhi got upset with me and left, she is kiddish. Rajshri says but everyone was waiting for her, what’s the matter. He says don’t worry, I didn’t scold her, I believe she needs time to get mature, its not her mistake, please don’t say anything to her. She agrees.

She asks them to come home, Vidhi has to break her fast. He says sorry, we are at Ashwin’s house, Nivedita got unwell, we came here to meet her, we will come in the morning. She asks him to show Nivedita to doctor if she gets more unwell. Nivediya asks Vidhi to come for aarti. Vidhi goes away. She asks Pushkar what’s the matter. Pushkar says you know we both didn’t get time together, I have to clarify for everything. Ashwin says but she never did this, she apologized to end fight when she wasn’t at fault, there is some big reason. She asks what happened now.

Pushkar says I can handle the petty issues, I m sure Vidhi and our relation will mature with time, I will convince Vidhi, you break your fast. He goes. Ashwin says Pushkar and Vidhi will manage their own lives. She agrees. She says I forgot you also kept fast. He says I m feeling hungry. Pushkar comes to Vidhi and says you have no answers, as every question is related to me, just I can answer you, you will find everything a lie in this situation. She makes him away. She says fast won’t help now, you may leave. He says fine, but listen to me once. She turns away. He goes out and recalls her words. He says I made everyone dance, but Vidhi has become my weakness, think what is her weakness. Vidhi gets a call. She gets shocked.

She says why did this happen. She runs. Maasa asks where are you going now. She calls out Ashwin and Nivedita. She says Vidhi has run out at night. Nivedita asks Ashwin to go and see. Ashwin goes. She says what’s happening here. Vidhi comes here. Pushkar starts his drama. Vidhi asks what happened to you. He says just a small accident, I m fine. The man says he isn’t ready to drink water, he said he is fasting. Pushkar says how can I break the fast kept for my wife. He asks Vidhi to break her fast first. He recalls taking the man’s help and hurting himself. Vidhi drinks water and also makes Pushkar drink. Pushkar thinks after all I have broken your fast.

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