This is fate update Tuesday 26 September 2023

This is fate 26 September 2023: Sameer pulls Shristhi close to him, he asks if she did not understand or did she not like it, he says that he is going to explain asking if she remembers that she came to his office for the modelling project and called him a short person, she recalls how she called him a short heighted person when he once again if she recalls what happened in his house as she poured white color on him, he decided to teach her a lesson but then start liking her a lot even when she is the one who irritates him a lot, he blames she is the one who is always wrong but he is forced to apologize each and every time just so she notices him, he asks if she knows why he does it all, he reveals he really likes her and it is far greater then her height, he questions if she knows the level that is greater then the liking, he hugs her so they both fall on the bed, she pushes him away as she is worried someone would see them, she manages to push him away but he is unconscious.

This is fate 25 September 2023

Bi jee and Janki are walking when Bi jee offers to take her to the public garden and would even have start singing and swing where she would also buy ice cream, Karina sees them both mentioning she is seeing the auroras everywhere, Janki starts looking for something to which Karina also starts searching for it, Janki explains she is searching for the mirror in which Karina sees her face, Bi jee explains that so that they find out all the mirrors in which she sees her face, Karina calls her Janki jee when Bi jee says that she has found out Karina is drunk as she is calling her as Janki jee but Karina refuses to accept that she called her as Janki jee, she doesnot even let her touch her, Karina tries to push her away when Rakhi also comes walking while singing, she questions if they were loving when Karina exclaims they are fighting however Bi jee and Rakhi say it is wrong to fight as now Karina must first apologize to herself then both to Bi jee and Janki, Karina starts crying demanding the mirror, Bi jee leaves with Janki when Karina exclaims she found the mirror in the room of her Preeta who is always getting ready to impress Karan. Rakhi exclaims that since Preeta is so pretty she would have the mirror; she gets ready for Karan. Rakhi prays their love remains like this forever so after a while both of them will give her a small daughter, she will become a grandmother. Rakhi starts crying when she is not able to find Karina but is relieved to see her sleeping while sitting, she starts singing a song to Karina exclaiming that now she must sleep.

Natasha and Sherlin are walking when Natasha exclaims that she feels karan would still be sleeping now, Sherlin questions why does she talk so negative as this is the reason she gets negative vibes from her, Sherlin asks her to talk positive, she says that she is in this house because of the single glass of bhang, Natasha exclaims that she would be really proud from her winning as because of that she is in this house, Sherlin exclaims she always wins just like Natasha is about to win today and she must take him to her room tonight, while in the morning even if nothing happens then she needs to show as if a lot has happened.

Sherlin opens the door and is shocked to see both karan and Preeta sleeping on the same bed, she closes the door without allowing Natasha to wake him, she questions why did Sherlin not allow her, Sherlin asks if she is stupid because they both are still husband and wife, if the Luthra’s find out about it then everything will be ruined, Natasha asks what if Prithvi finds out about it, Sherlin reveals if that happens then she would be thrown out of the house as she will no longer be of any use to him, no one tends to keep someone if they are not of any use.

Prithvi is smiling in the cell, when the constable comes questioning what is the reason he is smiling, prithvi replies that he should get all the suffering of his elders and asks why is he against his happiness as people say he looks cute when he is smiling so he should be allo0wed, the constable replies he doesnot know the reason because Prithvi is not going to get the bail as it might even get rejected, Prithvi says that constable is surely against his happiness so asks if someone gave him bribe when the constable says that he has the stick of the police. Prithvi explains he has Nagre who is the most clever lawyer and even the people who do wrong tend to shiver.

Prithvi is shocked to see when the constable brings both Nagre and Pardeep, Nagre explains that the car hit the wall but it did not move, Pardeep exclaims that the wall should have moved aside and so it was the mistake of the wall when it should have moved aside, Pardeep exclaims it is the fault of the wall, the constable in forms Prithvi that he feels Nagre would not be able to help him as he himself is really drunk so would be locked in this cell.

The constable locks both Pardeep and Nagre in the cell, Prithvi immediately pushes them both in the corner questioning where are his papers but they do not understand anything so Prithvi pushes them in anger when the prisoners in the other cell yell warning them to stay quiet, Prithvi questions how would he help Prithvi come out when he himself got locked up, Nagre apologizes exclaiming he was not able to do anything hearing which prithvi gets worried.

In the morning Preeta and Karan both wake up when she remembers what happened last night so immediately covers her face, he asks if they both were sleeping here so immediately rush to get dressed, they bump into each other when he exclaims that they should do it again as Dadi says that if do not it then get into a fight, Karan tries to mention what happened last night so she rushes into the bathroom, Karan exclaims he needed to attend it as he is getting late for the practice.

Prithvi is sitting while both Nagre and Pardeep are sleeping, the constable comes irritating Prithvi who explains he is really angry so must be left alone, when the constable leaves, Prithvi is about to strangle him, he throws water on both Nagre and Pardeep.

Nagre questions how did he come here when they went to the Luthra house to snatch his papers, Pardeep exclaims that today is the next day as everything happened yesterday. Prithvi explains he trusted them both and made a plan so that they manage to take the papers from the house but instead of stealing it they both got high and are now in the lockup, he questions how will Nagre manage to help him when he himself is locked up.

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