His mistress child update Tuesday 26 September 2023

His mistress child 26 September 2023: The Episode starts with Krishna thinking of Yashoda’s words that he is like his father, rather than his mother, so become like him. He comes out of the room and sees Yashoda leaving. He shouts and says I am not like my father. Yashoda stops and looks at him. Krishna runs to Yashoda. Girdhari and new warden looks at them. Krishna comes near Yashoda and says I hate that man, I can’t be like him. Yashoda says even you did the same like him. She says your father first left your mother, and then left me and you. Krishna says I didn’t run from home, I came here, as I don’t want to do wrong with Aastha and Nupur. He says their father is a good guy, but my father is not good. Yashoda says if you want to do bad with me and asks if you will leave me alone like your father. Krishna says I love you very much, like I used to love my mother. Yashoda says since you came in my life, I am surrounded with questions, now our questions are same, as our guilty person is same. She says we have to wait for the betrayal man in the same house and asks him to come. Krishna holds her pallu and starts walking.

Amma tells that babu ji is sitting in the temple and told that he will return home, if Yashoda returns home with Krishna. Mahua comes and says Bhabhi doesn’t care for the kids who are hungry at home. She asks Nupur and Aastha to take the biscuit, but they refuse. She says Bhabhi has kept her phone off. Arvind asks her not to make issue and asks if your phone doesn’t off. He says if Krishna leaves then it will be troublesome. Aastha says I will talk to Mummy.

Krishna says I used to hear scoldings infront of him, but he didn’t tell the truth. He says he didn’t feel sympathy for him, what I will ask him. Yashoda asks him to confront him. She says she will also confront him. She says they shall stay together and may be their journey will become easy. They come home. Mahua says I know that bhabhi will return with Krishna. Aastha asks Yashoda why did she bring him here. Krishna says don’t talk to her like this. Aastha says I am talking to my mother? Yashoda says he didn’t come with his wish, but I brought him as this house is of Krishna also. Amma asks if she has gone mad? Yashoda says Krishna has to stay here for 6 months as per court orders and tells Aastha that they have no choice. Amma asks yashoda to bring Babu ji back from the temple. Yashoda says she will bring her babu ji back home. Nupur says she will come with her. Yashoda says no, and goes.

Kamini is having food and waits for Bansal to bring butter milk. He brings butter milk and gives her news that Yashoda brought Krishna house. They go to talk to Babu ji. Nupur comes to Aastha and asks why is she upset and says Mummy did the same what she used to do when we used to go to Bua’s house. Aastha says we are her children and not Krishna.

Nupur comes to Krishna and asks if he thought nobody loves him other than his Sir ji. She says Papa left and then you also left. She asks didn’t you see our love, don’t we love you? She says I felt that my Krishna Bhaiyya will bring my Papa, but he ran himself. Mahua comes there and asks Krishna to answer Nupur. Nupur says leave his hand and asks Krishna not to answer. She takes Mahua from outside.

Kamini and Bansal come to Babu ji and instigate him against Yashoda and Krishna. Kamini says you have no respect in the house. Bansal says she didn’t come till now. yashoda comes there and covers Babu ji with his shawl. She asks him to come home and says if you have lost your son, then I have lost my husband. She says we are waiting for him, but we can’t forget our responsibility. She says I did wrong by bringing Krishna home against your wish, but you are my responsibility before Krishna. She asks him to come home. Kamini says you shall become lawyer on Ashok’s place, as you are manipulating babu ji. Yashoda swears that she will not go home, until you come home. She says I will not stay here, as people might see and make stories. She says she will stand far and wait for him. Kamini and Bansal ask Babu ji to come with them to their house. Yashod says if Babu ji feels that his bahu is acting then he will come to your house, else will go to his office. Krishna thinks of yashoda’s words and writes in the book. Soon it is night, Babu ji feels cold. Yashoda is also sitting away and feeling cold too.

Mahua telling Amma that Babu ji might be shivering up with cold. She asks Amma to cover her with shawl. Yashoda and babu ji feel cold. Babu ji sees yashoda shivering. Mahua tries to instigate Amma and your anger is justified, and even I am angry, this is happening due to Bhabhi. Arvind says Bhabhi is outside, due to babu ji. Mahua says Bhabhi will come home alone. Amma says Yashoda will bring babu ji home, she will not come alone, I trust her. Babu ji comes to Yashoda and asks her to come home. Mahua says if Babu ji had to come then he would have come long back. She asks what Bhabhi will do that he will return home and says she don’t understand the reason. Just then Yashoda and Babu ji returns. Mahua says she was worried for him. Babu ji says there was only one reason, why Yashoda brought Krishna home. He says there are many reasons to return home. He says since Yashoda came home after marriage, she has taken up all the responsibilities on her shoulders, says everyone knows what she has done for us. He praises her and asks her to wipe her tears. Yashoda wipes her tears. Mahua gets upset. He says Ashok went, but I didn’t forget your place in this house. He gives her a night’s time to oust Krishna from home. Krishna comes there. Babu ji says I can’t take your test daily. Mahua smiles and goes.

Yashoda comes to Krishna and says that’s why I don’t want to stay here, you are in trouble because of me. He says I don’t want to ask any question from my father, and will leave in the morning. He says he will leave the city. Yashoda finds his book and says you have written 87 questions, if you run from here, then how you will get answers. He says then our lives will be incomplete. Krishna says if I don’t go, then what you will answer. Yashoda says don’t know, and tells that she will not run away like his father. She says I can’t bring you back daily, and asks him to stay back for himself and his mother. She says I will bring something for you to eat. He says he is not hungry. Yashoda says don’t know how much we have to wait for him, till then we have to live and asks him to have food.

She comes to Amma and says she will make food for everyone. Amma says we had it, and tells that she doesn’t like to see her worried, but don’t know what to say due to the circumstances. Yashoda says everything will be fine, this trouble will end. Amma says this time is not passing, and the troubles seem to be like a mountain. She says we used to have food at 9 pm altogether and today, your babu ji is in his room, Aastha and Nupur waiting for their Papa, Arvind and Mahua are fighting in their room, you are here and don’t know where Ashok is wandering due to Krishna. Yashoda asks Amma not to blame Krishna for Ashok’s decision. Amma asks what is she hiding from them. Yashoda says I myself is waiting to get answer from him. Amma asks her to throw Krishna out in the morning. She goes. Yashoda says Ashok ji didn’t give her chance to question him or fight with him. Krishna hears and goes to his room. He says you have ruined my mother’s life and yashoda madam’s life too. He says you couldn’t do justice with anyone.

In the morning, babu ji recalls giving time to yashoda to throw Krishna out. Amma comes there and gives him tea. She says I made her understand, she must have decided to throw Krishna out and says she cares for you. Mahua comes and says I would have made tea. They see Krishna there. Amma asks Yashoda to say that she will throw Krishna out after drinking tea. Yashoda says my decision doesn’t matter, even if I want then also I can’t throw him out of this house. Babu ji asks why? Manoj comes there and greets him. He gives the paper to babuji and says Ashok got this order from court before he left, and tells that nobody can throw him out until 6 months completes. Babu ji gets angry and says don’t know what is his destiny, his father left him and his mother left him due to illness. He says don’t know whose sin we are bearing and tells that he can’t bear him in this house, and will make the legal papers ready, that this is his house and will not let him stay here. Yashoda is shocked.

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