This is fate update Wednesday 20 September 2023

This is fate 20 September 2023: Prithvi instructs nagre to come and meet him urgently, Sherlin wonders why is Prithvi confusing her so much since she thinks that he has stolen the papers but then why is he not accepting it, Natasha stops Sherlin asking why did she steal the papers,

Sherlin questions what is she saying as she did not steal anything but believes Natasha stole them, Natasha replies she always claims to be really clever but cannot lie, she knows that Natasha did not steal anything but Sherlin insists that she is the one who stole them., Natasha explains that she believes Sherlin stole them but her mind cannot accept it.

Natasha explains she also knows who stole the papers but she doesnot have the conformation that he has stolen the papers, Natasha exclaims she is still quiet so this means Natasha is telling the truth when Sherlin explains that she did not agree with her however Natasha replies it is not necessary she say everything from her mouth but people like her who are born in a poor family tend to know what ids right so Sherlin knows who stole the papers, Natasha explains she was just a second ago saying she knows Natasha stole the papers and is now retracting the statement, Natasha explains all this conversation is without any meaning as she knows that prithvi stole the papers, Sherlin thinks Natasha has started saying a lot so she will sort out this matter.

Dadi is in the room when Rakhi brings the medicine, they both ask Karina what is the problem, she explains she is worried about Karan since before he was really flamboyant and without any worry but now is really stressed out, Karina explains that she asked Karan to do something but he declined however she knows he did it for their family, Rakhi asks what did he do, Karina reveals he stole the papers, but Rakhi replies that she is sure her son cannot do anything like this, Dadi also asks what is she saying when Karina replies she is sure that he would have given those papers to the lawyer, he exclaims they all in front of the police said that he did not steal anything, Karina mentions they would do anything for him but she knows he has stolen those papers, Karan mentions that he thought they trusted him but Preeta has shown more interest in him, she saved him from being arrested when the police were about to take him, he leaves the room, Karina tries to follow him but Dadi stops her.

Karan is in the hall when he hears Prithvi assuring Nagre that he is coming, he starts following Prithvi who is about to walk out of the house but feels as if someone is following him, he notices it so texts Nagre to wait where he is and once again searches the parking area, Prithvi finally walks out, Karan is shocked to see Nagre when prithvi asks if he can tell Nagre a secret, prithvi questions if he has stolen the papers then can they change the name of Preeta from those papers, Nagre questions it is possible, Prithvi assures he ahs stolen the papers when Nagre demands them right now but Prithvi assures he will come to the office in the morning.

Karan in the parking calls the inspector requesting if he can right now since he has found something that will prove that prithvi has stolen the papers when the inspector says that it is still a really problematic case, he mentions that he can arrange a team right away and come to their house but he must keep an eye on everything, Karan is standing in the parking looking at Prithvi who is standing outside the house.

The entire family is sitting when Preeta and Shristhi come to sit on the table, Kritika exclaims she understands everything but even then some people do not have any shame and still eat the dinner with those people whom they do not like, Karina replies such people are said to be shameless and ungrateful, Shristhi starts laughing explaining that she has a lot of terror in this house so no one is able to stand in front of her saying this to her face, Sherlin says to Kritika that some people donot have any brain which is why they tend to ignore it all, Natasha exclaims she would have heard that sometimes people tend to consider the taunt as a compliment and if someone is so dumb then what can they do. Shristhi apologizes to Preeta because she vowed to not argue with certain people but now they are forcing her so she would have to do it, she would have to first talk with this Batasha,

Natasha corrects her name when Shristhi replies that she doesnot even know the correct idiom as it is said that scarsam cannot be understood by fools, just like three of them who did not understand what she said because they do not have any brains, Kritika questions if this was not enough but Shristhi is taking it way too far, she asks Kritika to have the courage to listen to her reply and first why are they listening to this girl, they listen to Karina mam because she is her elder but who is Natasha to say, they are already listening to Karina, she scolds Shristhi but this angers her when Shristhi warns her to not scold her,

Shristhi explains she is seeing how badly they are behaving with her sister, she is the owner of this Luthra mansion and even then did not insult anyone, Mahesh uncle gave the power to become the owner of this house, he did it with his own intent, Sherlin replies they all know that she forced him to do it, Shristhi questions why does she have any problem because before Preeta they used to eat after Prithvi and were like his workers, Shristhi mentions that they all should respect Preeta because Prithvi used to treat them badly, Preeta stands questioning what is she saying when she knows that they do not care for anyone, Shristhi says that she and her sister have decided a punishment for Natasha, she would have to work in the kitchen. Dadi questions what is Shristhi saying because they treat Preeta the same way she treats them all and it is because of her actions, Shristhi also requests Dadi to not interfere when Preeta stops her.

Kritika sees Prithvi going upstairs so asks him to join them, he insists he will come within five minutes but karan stops him questioning if he is going to take out the papers that he stole from Preeta’s room, he gets shocked questioning what is he saying when Karan calls the inspector who walks inside with his entire team. Prithvi asks what is going on, Sameer coming says he acts as if he can understand anything but cannot comprehend that his brother called the police who can find any clue, inspector reveals they on his request came with the special team, they all leave to search the room of Prithvi. Karan is standing with prithvi questioning if he got scared but Prithvi replies he is never scared, karan explains he will get scared now so must come with him.

Prithvi is in the lockup, karan comes to stand in front of him and stands with the inspector who reveals the FIR has been registered when prithvi asks if he cannot understand what is going on since his wife has manipulated to send him to the lockup, karan orders him to shutup revealing the only reason he doesnot reply him in the house is because he respects the women and cares for them but this doesnot mean he cannot stand in front of Prithvi, Karan holds him by the collar when prithvi questions if he cannot understand what is wrong because Kritika is his only sister and is crying even then he is eager to stand against him, seeing this he gets really angry and once again is about harm Prithvi but the police pull him away requesting that he should only sign the FIR, the constable start taking selfie with Karan,

Prithvi questions why are they taking the selfie with him when he is no longer the star he once was, Prithvi is even sure he would not be selected in the team this year, Inspector orders him to shutup but prithvi replies what good will keep talking, inspector informs Karan that his task has been completed so he can leave now.

Rakhi sitting with Karina and Dadi explains she is really glad that prithvi got arrested and the police took him, what else can be good then it, Dadi is relieved that Karan was released, Karina replies she is tensed how could she not trust karan as she thought he would have stolen the papers because she asked him to but he has always done the right thing and she is sure he is a really nice boy, Rakhi replies that she is also feeling a change in the air and is glad after Prithvi got arrested, Kritika entering the room questions what is to be worried about because this house is still in the name of Preeta, she asks if Rakhi forgot it all, but she replies she doesnot care who owns the house as she was talking about the feelings as she felt like this house is once again the Luthra mansion,

Kritika asks Karina to say something because she can understand the feelings of Rakhi as her son was saved but she should speak as her son in law got arrested, Karina asks her to calm down as she is happy that karan was saved but did Prithvi do any good deed with them, he treats them like slaves and rings the bell to call them, she always chooses Prithvi over Preeta but he not done anything good with them, and as for karan and Prithvi, she will always choose Karan over anyone else, Kritika questions what about herself as she is her daughter, she leaves getting tensed explaining they have shown her what they feel, Kritika leaves in anger. Karina questions what has gotten into her.

Rakhi stands explaining to Karina that they need to understand her feelings since Kritika was about to get married to Akshay but that marriage did not happen so after that she married Prithvi and considers him to be her husband with all her strength, she is standing in a position where there is immense confusion in her mind, but there is nothing to be worried about and everything would be sorted.

Karan is driving the car thinking about what prithvi said to him and warned that his sister would not be fine, karan calls Sameer asking where is he, Sameer replies that he is in the house, karan then questions him about Kritika, Sameer mentions she would also be in her room, karan explains they both have to take care of her since she is not like before and even her relation with Preeta is not the same, she starts crying even on small things so they must take care of her, Sameer assures he is going to sit with Kritika and talk with her in the meantime Karan can come back home.

Kritika sitting in the room is thinking about how the police were dragging Prithvi jee out of the house when she tried her best to stop them but they did not listen to her, Sherlin sees her crying, she thinks that when prithvi got arrested Kritika was the only one who stood against the family and she was standing in front of Preeta, Sherlin thinks she needs the support of Kritika now that prithvi is not in the house and she needs the support of Kritika, Sherlin goes to sit beside Kritika assuring she knows what is she suffering from, how she would have felt when they were taking Prithvi away,

Sherlin reveals that she is the elder daughter in law of the Luthra family and lives with a lot of people but even then is really lonely, she knows when a life partner is not with her then they feel lonely just because Rishab jee is not with her, Sherlin assures she will not let what happened to her also happen to Kritika, she is always going to support her, Kritika hugs her, Natasha standing in the corner thinks technically they both are the lover of the same person but then are hugging each other, Natasha thinks how did prithvi got caught since he was always able to evade and protect himself, she must have thought a lot of him as he was not able to stand infront of Preeta.

Prithvi is sitting when the constable asks how did he like their hospitality, Prithvi stops him from opening the door asking him to think it through as he knows that his men would have surely come and made them realize their right place, the constable replies he will stay with them for some more time as someone has come to meet him, Prithvi asks if it is Karan Luthra who once again came to fight with him or did he think he would come back to fight him.

The constable mentions he thinks really well but for now a lady has come to meet him, Prithvi thinks it would be Sherlin, he is taken to the meeting area. Preeta is waiting when prithvi is shocked asking how did she come to meet him because he thought it would be Sherlin what is she doing here, Preeta replies he is right since this place is for people like him and not her, Preeta reveals that he was asking her a lot of questions but she felt she will answer him here, Preeta reveals all the answers for his questions it the love which she ahs for the Luthra family,

Preeta reveals that she loves each and every member of the Luthra family, this house is both her in laws house and her own house, as Mahesh papa considers her as his own daughter, Preeta reveals that she desired to who an evil person like him out of the house and she felt there should be someone with whom she can reveal the truth as she threw him out of the house and came to tell the truth. Preeta reveals he was right to think that she brought the papers in the house because of her as she purposefully brought them back, she was sure he would steal these papers.

Prithvi praises Preeta for the game which she played, he reveals if he is the devil for the family then she is also not a good person in their eyes, she did it all to get the love from the luthra’s but they will only give her rejection as they never trusted her, even if she goes to reveal them that he is an evil person but they will still reject her because she is still evil for them and should go to tell them she planned it all for their safety, no one would stand with her. Including her husband and Rakhi aunti or even Mahesh, she can go and test it. Preeta replies she doesnot care until she knows that she took this step for their benefit, he said the truth they donot love her and it is because they are not aware of the reason, she is staying there but when Mahesh papa gets healthy, she is sure they all will love her and did he not see how karan supported her because he is in this jail because of karan, who stood with her in all this situation, even if he did not say anything.

Preeta advises him to worry about his own life since she has also sorted this for him, she is going to send Sherlin to this lockup, she will be with him even if she is in the women’s lockup, she questions why is he looking at her like this as must wait till after Holi because she wants her family to enjoy the function, she leaves wishing him Happy Holi, Prithvi turns to look at Preeta with immense anger.

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