This is fate update Tuesday 16 August 2022

This is fate 16 August 2022: The judge exclaims that after hearing all the witness the court finds Rishab Luthra guilty, he is about to announce the verdict when Rakhi stands exclaiming she is his mother and knows that he can bear all sort of pain but would never do anything wrong, she requests the judge to not punish Rishab as it would ruin his life, just then the bell rings and Prithvi immediately gets frustrated thinking why did Rakhi had to be like mother Teresa as otherwise the curt would have announced the punishment for Rishab, the judge then exclaims even if the court timings have ended, the verdict against Rishab has been filed which would be revealed at the next hearing that is after three days, until then Rishab would be kept in police custody.

Rakhi once again pleads with the police to let Rishab go however they exclaim he can only be met in the visiting hours at the jail, Prithvi standing is really amazed thinking that he was the one because of which they all lost the case otherwise Rishab would have been freed, he has ruined the life of Rishab Luthra.

The lawyer standing outside the court exclaims that this is the only thing which can cause them to lose the case, he advises the person to go in his car to Puna, Sameer asks karan if he heard then Karan asks for his car keys and leaves in it.

Rakhi is following Rishab, he sits in the car but Rakhi doesnot let him go and so requests the police to not take him as he is innocent, Rishab requests her to not follow him, Preeta is with Rakhi but she is constantly crying, she requests Rakhi to not be worried as Rishab will come back, Rakhi is constantly crying when Karina comes pushing Preeta away, she assures Rakhi that everything would be fine and she must not be worried, Karina takes Rakhi away while giving Preeta a frustrated grim, she sits in the car along with Dadi and Sherlin, they all leave.

Preeta is standing when Shristhi comes, Sameer rushes to her explaining that Karan had to go to Puna after the assistant of the prosecutor since they feel something is wrong, Shristhi assures Preeta there is nothing to be worried about since they all are with her, Preeta is however tensed because she was not able to fulfil her promise.

Sarla in her house is talking on the call with Bi jee, she assures her that she will come and visit her, Shristhi entering the house questions where is she planning to leave, Sarla explains that she was on the call with Bi jee and felt that she is ill as even her voice seemed weak, she therefor desires to meet her, Shristhi replies Bi jee is acting just so Sarla can go to her as she talked with her and she seemed fine, Sarla replies she is talking of her Bi jee, meaning her aunt whom they all call as Bi jee, she came to Mumbai once so Shristhi has not even met her, she then asks Shristhi what happened at the court exclaiming Rishab would have gotten bail,

Shristhi replies Rishab did not even got the bail as the lawyer of Sundeep proved that Rishab purposefully tried to kill Sundeep and because of which he might not be able to walk ever again, Shristhi then explains that Rakhi started to plead in front of the judge so the time ended otherwise Rishab would have been punished for a very long time. Sarla mentions she felt bad after seeing how Rakhi was tensed and even Mahesh was really worried, as she herself is a mother, how bad would she have felt after seeing him standing in the court. Sarla questions why Bhagwan always ruins the lives of those who are really good.

Rakhi is walking in the house, Preeta follows her inside, catching her when she is about to fall, Preeta helps her sit down on the sofa and asks Sherlin to go and get the medical box as she will check the blood pressure of Rakhi, but she explains she is fine as Rishab is the one who got mis treated but if he is not fine then how can anyone else be fine, Rakhi explains that she is a simple house wife and doesnot work in the office but Preeta is a doctor and knows what is right or wrong so how could she choose such a poor lawyer who was not able to win the case.

Karina is really glad that Rakhi managed to see the truth about Preeta as she knew from the start that Preeta was never serious about the case of Rishab, she only cares about her sister and Sameer so came with them, she did not see how Rakhi was weeping, Sherlin explains she also saw this from the start but they were the ones who believed so much in Preeta so she thought Preeta would be able to achieve everything but she cannot do anything.

Preeta once again says that she is trying her best to do everything she can for Rishab, Rakhi however scolds Preeta mentioning she has gotten fed up, with her promise to keep trying, had she really cared for them she would have been able to achieve her promise, she failed and it somewhere also ruined the trust which she had in Preeta, Rakhi orders her to stay away from the case of Rishab from now on as they would handle it themselves as a family, Preeta tries to clarify her position however Rakhi leaves mentioning how she would consult Mahesh and he will himself hire the lawyer whom he finds suitable.

Karina stops Preeta when she is about to leave, she explains how she will clarify what Rakhi meant as Preeta should try to stay in her limits, she claims to be able to do anything but cannot be so great so should instead focus on her family, she is sure her mother would never have taught her anything as she was busy in teaching her how to get married to boys from the rich family, Preeta replies saying it is enough, she clarifies how she has to perform the roles of a daughter, wife,

mother at the same time and doesnot have the strength to pay any heed to such lame words of Karina, she therefore listens them from one side and forgets them from the other. Karina gets really furious wondering how did Preeta dare say this to her, Preeta then clarifies saying she is not worried about what Rakhi said as she is a mother and her words against Preeta were because of her pain, Preeta then replies she doesnot care about what Karina says to her, she even warns Sherlin to not talk in between Rakhi and her because Rakhi is her mother so has the right to say anything which she feels but if Sherlin tries to say anything wrong to her, she will surely in return say a lot more to Sherlin. Karina questions if she doesnot feel she is saying a lot, Preeta explains she feels she is saying a lot because Karina said things about her mother so she would never be able to stay quiet, Preeta questions how would she feel if Preeta says anything against her mother, Karina tries to warn her, but Preeta says that she would not remain quiet so leaves, Sherlin says to Karina that Preeta misbehaved with her, Karina assures Preeta would have to pay for this someday.

Preeta comes to the room where Pihu is doing her homework, she asks Preeta to come and check if she made any mistake, Preeta checking it mentions it is all correct and Pihu is a genius, Pihu asks Preeta where Rishab is as even Kiku was asking about him. Preeta explains he has to work so is really busy, Pihu still questioning about Rishab asking Preeta to request him that he should come to her leaving his work, Preeta agrees saying now she should take out and finish her English work, Preeta starts thinking how Rakhi scolded her exclaiming she has lost the trust which Rakhi had in her, she failed to save Rishab.

Sherlin enters her room, closing the door she is thinking about what happened when there is a knock on the door, she opens it thinking it is Karina bua but it is Prithvi, she then comes inside sitting on the sofa, he questions what is going on which is why she reacted this way, Sherlin exclaims she is getting really mad, Prithvi asks what happened when Sherlin explains Preeta talked very rudely with Karina bua, Prithvi questions why is she worried when Karina was insulted, Sherlin exclaims because Preeta even insulted her, Prithvi requests her to calm down, Sherlin asks him to stop it, she exclaims if someone constantly scolds him how would he feel, he mentions then he would hit the person,

Sherlin replies he would not be able to do anything since he still loves Preeta, she mentions Preeta, Shristhi and even Rakhi have scolded so how would he feel if this happened to her, Prithvi questions why is she getting angry with him, Sherlin exclaims it is because of his mother. Prithvi warns her to not talk about his mother.

Prithvi once again requests her to not be worried since her time will change and then the entire Luthra family would listen to her, Sherlin questions what has he done which made him so sure that everything will change, Prithvi assures he would do it now, her time will surely change, he clarifies that Rishab is in jail so this is the golden time to make this moment their own, Sherlin questions what does he think karan would watch this all, Prithvi explains Karan will be busy in saving Rishab and so in the meanwhile he will takeover the entire business empire, Sherlin questions what if Sundeep opens his mouth, Prithvi assures nothing wrong would happen, and when they would have taken over the entire empire, she can take her revenge from the family, Sherlin questions if this would really happen, Prithvi assures it will happen, Sherlin then hugs Prithvi smiling that their plan will succeed.

Sundeep is sitting playing the game when Sudeepa enters, he at once covers his legs but is relieved to see it is just her, he exclaims she scared him, Sudeepa says he doesnot care about everyone when she knows the matter was heated but now the hearing has ended so what is his plan, Sundeep explains he is waiting for the moment when he will become a millionaire overnight, Sudeepa questions what surety does he have that prithvi will even need him after the hearing has ended since she knows Prithvi would not give him the money after the second hearing so she would advise him to take the money before the second hearing, Sundeep exclaims he will call prithvi just now.

Prithvi enters the room when he is shocked to see Kritika working on the laptop, he taking the laptop questions what is she doing when she always used to say his mobile is his second wife then he can also say the same about her laptop, Kritika replies she is searching for a good lawyer for Rishab, he saw how their lawyer was not even able to fight the case properly, Prithvi himself gets a call from Sundeep, he seeks the permission so starts talking with Sundeep who questions when will Prithvi give him the money which he promised for blaming Rishab, Prithvi mentions he will give it soon but Sundeep asks for it now, prithvi agrees to meet him tomorrow where he will give him one million, Kritika asks why is he so tensed, prithvi explains it was one of his employee, she knows how they give him so much tension.

Sudeepa advises Sundeep to not trust Prithvi as he seems to be a clever person, she explains he should instead take the money from Preeta even if she was offering a small amount but she will surely give him the money, Sundeep questions why does she always trust a women, he clarifies that just like she trusts Preeta, he also trusts Prithvi so will surely get the money, Sudeepa asks him to have a snack with her, he agrees but only after four since before that the doctor takes a round.

Preeta is with Pihu, she exclaims Pihu is really intelligent since she finished her work so easily, Preeta questions why do the school give her so much homework, Pihu then realizes she forgot one of her homework but needs a chart paper for it, Preeta reveals she has them in the other room,

Pihu stops Sameer asking where is he candy, Sameer apologizes explaining he forgot, he reveals how she asked him to bring a candy for her which he forgot, Pihu exclaims there is no need for it now, Sameer asks her to not act so clever, she replies she is not acting but is genuinely clever and will go with Sameer to get the candy, Sameer allows Preeta as it will change the mood, Pihu also requests Preeta, she at first refuses but then is forced to agree to them both.

Rakhi is sitting on the sofa crying, Sherlin seeing her questions what is she doing sitting here as it is not even night, so what if she has gotten mad as she is away from Rishab, Sherlin going to her asks what is she doing here, Rakhi explains this is where Rishab would come to sit when he was tensed, he would sit here for long hours after which all of his problems were sorted but she is not able to find any solution for her problems. Rakhi exclaims how she feels Rishab would suddenly come to her but she questions Sherlin when will Rishab come back, Sherlin thinks that she has started being emotional, Sherlin thinks it is really good for her so she needs to enjoy but it will happen when Rakhi leaves her hand, Sherlin requests Rakhi to go and rest not for her but for Rishab, she thinks of how when Rakhi would be in her room, she will enjoy and have something sweet for herself.

Preeta is with Pihu and Sameer, Pihu immediately asks Sameer to stop the car, he exclaims it is not right since someone might get hurt, Pihu exclaims she needs candy floss, she even asks Sameer to have some but her mentions he is dieting however she forces him to take some, he agrees to come after parking the car, Preeta leaves with Pihu to go at the candy floss store, Pihu asks for ten but Preeta mentions they can only take three, Pihu then goes to the balloon store, ordering one for each colour, Sameer comes asking why is Pihu teasing her mother, Preeta goes to take the candy floss, she hits Sundeep, he gets really tensed seeing her, Preeta also realizes that it is Sundeep, Preeta immediately follows him asking Sameer to take care of Pihu. Preeta even stops a person, but he is not Sundeep,
Sarla makes the kheer for Pihu, Shristhi entering through the gate is about to fall, Sarla questions why does she keep falling.

Shristhi explains she came to bring the chocolates for Pihu, Sarla questions why is she taking off the wrapper when Shristhi explains it is so she will tell Pihu that she made them with her own hands, Sarla gets in an argument with Shristhi exclaiming she would not eat her chocolate since she would know that Shristhi not made them but that Sarla herself made the kheer for her.

Sarla is sitting when Pihu enters, Shristhi along with Sarla get really excited so hug her, Pihu asks where is her gift, Sarla exclaims she has made it with her own hands just for Pihu, she sitting at the table is amazed with the chocolates, Shrishti requests them all to not reveal her lie, Pihu asks about them, Shristhi sitting with her mentions that she made them with her own hands, Pihu exclaims there are also the same chocolates in her house, Shristhi replies it is because she sends them first to Preeta, Sarla questions why is she lying in front of a child.

Preeta is really tensed, Sarla notices her so asks what happened, Preeta explains she felt as if she saw Sundeep at the market but if the doctor is true then how was he able to walk, she cannot be mistaken, Sarla asks what is to worry as she can go and check at the hospital, if Sundeep is present then she was mistaken but if he is not this means Preeta is right.

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