I’m on the edge update Wednesday 17 August 2022

I’m on the edge 17 August 2022: Devi brings Adhi to the room. He is drunk. devi falls on him. he grasps her and comes close to her. Adhi caresses her face. He says there is something in your eyes that doesn’t let me look away from you. I want to tell you a lot of things. Devi is shy. Devi says you should sleep. she puts him on mattress. Adhi pulls her on him and caresses her face. He asys you are my wife. you are my lioness. Why are you scared? Devi says we are out. He falls asleep. Devi caresses his face. he says you are so nice. I really love you.

Devi comes out and says can I get a call? he says there is no network here. Devi says our family must be worried.

Scene 2
Adhi wakes up next morning. He says where am I? He recalls last night. Devi comes in and says you woke up finally. Drink this lemonade. I told you not to drink so much. Then you lost control so much. Devi says you are an angry guy normally and so lovey when you are drunk. She says my earring is there in your bed. She takes it. She says there are lipstick marks on you. She cleans it. Devi says you gave me the best happiness of my life. Adhi wonders if he got physical with Devi last night? DEvi gives Adhi clothes and leaves.

Devi hears police with Ambika. Ambika sees her and hugs her. She says are you okay? devi says I am fine. She says to Adhi how dare you bring her here? Devi says adhi saved my life. We saved each other and then we met some people. He is my protector. Ambika says we will drop you home. Devi says no we will go dont worry. He is here to protect me.

Adhi thanks the students and they leave. Devi holds Adhi’s hand. Adhi is shocked.
Heera says we will celebrate today. Adhi will throw devi’s dead body in my feet. We don’t have much time. Devi comes in and says time for what masa? Heera is shocked. She looks at Adhi angrily..

Heera sees Devi in anger. Adhi goes to his room. Devi says don’t worry. he is just shy so he went to his room. Last night was very special. Masa says what.. Devi goes to her room.

Sarla comes to meet Devi. She says where are your in laws? Devi says I am so nice to see you. Adhi comes. She says Adhi she is sarla my mom’s bestfriend. She says I am like her mother. Do you keep her happy? A wife is your partner for life. Adhi says you can ask her. Sarla says daughters never tells what happens to them in their in laws’ house.

If you don’t respect her you won’t get anything. She hides it all from us. You should be happy you have such a good wife. you should be grateful you have such a good wife. I hope you realize before its too late.Adhi and DEvi touch her feet. Sarla says I am a mom I am always worried about her. she hugs Devi.

Adhi is angry in his room. He recalls what happened in the camp. Saradh comes and says you look worried. What happened? Adhi says can you do something for me? saradh says ask anything. Adhi gives him a belt and says hit me. Saradh says what are you saying. What have you done? he says I have not been committing my promises. Saradh says I can’t do this. Devi comes and he leaves. Saradh says to devi he wants to punish himself. I don’t know for what. Devi says everything was fine I dont’ know what is he talking about.

Adhi comes to heera. He says I wont give any clarification. Please hit me. I don’t deserve to live. Hit me with this till i die. He starts hitting himself. Heera says stop it. You couldn’t keep your promise but I know you will do it one day. Don’t harm yourself. You can always rectify your mistake. Try it again. Everything will be fine. He leaves. Heera is angry. She says you have betrayed your family. Why did this happen. She breaks glass in anger. Kesar comes and says masa your hand is bleeding. she dresses her wound. Kesar says how did this happen?

Devi says what is going on in his mind? Adhi comes to hall. Masa says to Adhi you have really hurt me. You forgot that you are my pride. it really hurts me. Adhi says no such thing happened. I didn’t touch her. DEvi says why are you lying. You love me and you saved my life. adhi says she is lying Masa. Heera is not there. DEvi says what are you saying? Adhi says I hate you. This was all a drama. This all was a lie. I hate you. Devi stand sin a shock. Adhi says I hate you I played with you.

Scene 1
Adhi says to DEvi you played with my mind. I trusted my enemy. You tried killing my masa. I trusted you that was my worst mistake. I know you drank poison. I did all this drama to kill you. You should be punished. I took you to jungle to bury you. i took you to the lion so it can kill you. Devi stands in a shock. He says I took you to the cliff so I can shove you. I wanted you to die every time. Every time you got saved. I hate myself for trusting you. You thought i love you haha. devi says so this was your reason for trouble. Life kept saving the one you wanted to kill. He leaves. DEvi sits in shock and cries.

Kesar comes and says what happened. She makes devi stand up. Devi is in shock and tears. Devi says no one can change what happened but now I will teach adhi a lesson. i tolerated everything he did but he needs to answer. Tit for tat. Masa thinks Adhi will do anything asks. Adhi needs to know some people are like Masa. They are upto no good. I will bring this change in this house. adhi will know learn importance of a wife. And by the time he realizes it will be too late.

Scene 2
Next morning devi comes to Adhi’s room for pooja. Adhi is asleep. Devi sits next to him. She says you need to see the reality. You think something happened between us that night. I will make that lie truth. She sprinkles her hair on his face. He says who is it? She says your wife. DEvi says why are you going away. you came so close that night. He says I have to go. Devi says let me help you choose clothes. She says wear this shirt. You have made me your wife officially. Masa should accept us too. Adhi leaves.

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