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The episode begins at the hall as the goon forces Preeta to bring her finger so he can cut off the ring from her finger. The goon says that he must get every single gram of gold from every individual in the hall, everyone panics The goon then ask his partner to bring a knife so he can cut off the ring from Preeta’s fingers.

The other goons then collect the gold that preeta took from everyone and they stuffed them into their bag. As the goon held Preeta’s hand to cut the ring Sarla and Shrishti begs him to have mercy on them and leave Preeta.

Few minutes later, Karan stood up with Rishab’s help they fought them off and the police arrives in time to save Preeta from the goons and took the goons to the police station. Shrishti takes Karan into the hall. Prithvi was jealous of all the privilege he was getting. After everyone has been saved by Karan and Rishahb, Shrishti then comes to the front and announces Karan to be their real life hero who not only saved Preeta but all of them. Karan stood there smiling, Shrishti tells everyone to sing Hip Hip Hurray slogan for Karan.

Prithvi was so angry and leaves, Sherlin then follows Prithvi outside despite Sherlin’s mother stopping her. Sanjana is tensed. Rishab comes to hug Karan and was proud of him. Karan says he was able to do everything today because he knew Rishab stood behind him.

Sherlin gets into the car with Prithvi. He tells her to go away, he didn’t want any sympathies from her and recalls her calling him a Chapaddi. He wasn’t ready to leave Jagga and his men. She must go inside and give a good speech for Karan to prove herself a good Luthra’s daughter in law. He drives away. In the corridor, Sarla comes to Karan. He was hurt as she places her hand over his shoulder. Sarla was thankful to Karan for all the respect and favors for her daughters. Rishab says she is family. Sarla blesses them both with prayers.

Sameer and Shrishti stood together. Shrishti thanks him for not doing anything in the whole fight. She suggests him to join a gym and tone his body like Karan, and prepare himself mentally like Rishab as well. Sameer says the goon placed a gun over his forehead, he could have died. Shrishti warns him not to speak about death again, else she will kill him. Sameer thinks he can never understand what she does or speak.
Prithvi comes to Jagga’s place and breaks everything around.

Jagga tells Prithvi that they reached the party and found the doors already locked. It’s a rule of their work that the one who reaches earlier gets the benefit. Prithvi complains they didn’t even inform him. One of their men asks if Prithvi attempted to beat them. They make fun of Prithvi for being beaten in return. Jagga feels pity for Prithvi. His goons discuss if he isn’t sensible enough to go and speak to those robbers, he could have understood the matter.

Prithvi thinks that all his plan was ruined today, Sarla must have begun to like Karan again now. She only spoke of him now. At Mehra House in Kumkum Bhagya, the family try to convince Abhi for Holi celebrations. Abhi was furious and announces his verdict decisively. They ask Pragya to take their favor, Pragya says she was already scolded. Purab tries to inquire Abhi about some reason, as its Disha’s first Holi in the house. Disha lets go of it. Abhi thanks her for understanding him. Disha breaks into a cry.

Abhi goes downstairs and come in dancing with a drum beater and some girls. He announces it would be a grand celebration here, he invited Rishab Karan and Sarla’s family as well. Sarla apologizes Purab for not being able to come to the party. She excuses Abhi as Bee ji and Janki are both unwell. Abhi reminds that Sarla promised him, Sarla says their younger son in law, Prithvi is also coming home.

Abhi allows Prithvi in the party as well. Bee ji speaks to Abhi and says Sarla has done all the excuses she had. She asks Abhi for arranging her cough syrup as well. After the call, Sarla complains to Dadi for demanding so much. Sarla prepares a list of gifts for Pragya. Purab asks why Abhi never celebrates Holi without Sarla. Abhi discusses his plan of falling Pragya drunk today, then she will confess that she is the real Pragya.

This is fate March teasers

At Luthra’s house, Mahesh gathers the family in the hall and forbids anyone throw water this time. Rakhi tells Mahesh to go into the room and sit there, because the family would play with water and balloons as well. Mahesh tries to convince everyone that water contains germs as well. Rakhi doesn’t agree to Mahesh. Kareena agrees with Mahesh. Mahesh announces they won’t play the Holi with water, and gives the responsibility to Rishab.

Karan heard this from upstairs and pours a bucket of color over him. he runs downstairs apologetic to Mahesh. Rishab stops Karan from throwing another bucket over Mahesh as they are bad manners. They wink towards Sameer and attack over Mahesh. At Arora’s house, Preeta forbids Shrishti play Holi with water. She places Holi Tikka over Shrishti’s forehead. Sarla and Dadi come outside ready to leave for Abhi’s place. Shrishti was upset and irritated, she tells Preeta she won’t even play the dry Holi.

They all place tikka over each other’s forehead. Preeta tells Shrishti about the real meaning of Holi, it’s a festival of spreading love through colors. She gets emotional that she always wished to play Holi with Maa and Dadi. Shrishti curtly says only the childhood Holi was enjoyable, and when grown up no one understands our wish to play Holi with water. Sarla was enraged and scolds Shrishti for playing with water filled color balloons. She goes inside, but throws a balloon over Shrishti being mischievous. Shrishti was charged and excited, and finds her tools from under the table.

Sarla had hidden them already. She and Shrishti eagerly play while Preeta wasn’t interested. Dadi brings cough syrup for celebrations. Preeta turns her wish down, they leave for Pragya’s house. At Mehra’s house, Sangram hides himself from Abhi. Abhi comes to the stall where thandai was prepared. They don’t serve Abhi and take the pot. He comes to a young waiter and asks if its thandai in it. He forbids the waiter take the name of Bhang and bring it from Guru Dev. He asks for a huge glass, fill it with thandai and mix Bhang in it.

Sangram had kept an eye over Abhi. Abhi makes the waiter mix almost the whole bottle and thinks this is fine. Later, Abhi carries the drunk Pragya into the room. She demanded another glass of thandai. Abhi conditions a kiss. Pragya shies as she kiss his cheek. Abhi asks for once more. And demands a lip kiss from Pragya, calling once more, once more. He realizes it was a day dream and the waiter had filled the thandai with the whole bottle of bhang. He finally takes the glass.

Sangram thinks he doesn’t know what he wants from Pragya, but this bhang will make Disha say everything he wants her to say. Abhi watches Disha and Pragya helping each other’s wardrobe. Bubbly come to take a photo of the two with Purab.

Abhi hid the glass of thandai behind him. Tannu and Aaliya were unhappy about the celebrations but joins in anyway. Abhi doesn’t give the special thandai glass to Purab. He was excited to give it to Pragya only. Luthra family had arrived. As Abhi goes to welcome their family and hands the glass to the same waiter. Dadi complains to Mahesh for already having played the Holi. Rakhi introduces everyone with Sherlin. Pragya was unhappy to see her while Sherlin feels curt over Rishab. She was about to hit Aalya who welcomes her to the party.

Rishab and Karan thinks soon Preeta would be there as well. Karan meets Abhi and offers to have arranged the party in some cricket ground as well. Atleast his grounds never suffocate like his concerts. Rishab notices the tension between them and comes there. Karan and Abhi put colors over each other’s face.

Sangram mixes a booti for Disha with bhang in it. Mahesh takes a piece of snack for Mahesh. Rakhi tries snatching it, Karan and Rishab come and defend Mahesh. Rakhi says no snacks are allowed today, only bhang is. Karan was excited for enjoying dances with Bhang. Rakhi scolds them for understanding her wrong, and only allowed little bhang to Mahesh. Mahesh takes the sweet from Rakhi, promises to never look towards Bhang.

He was thankful to Karan for the favor and kisses him. Karan recalls having forgotten water gun into the car and goes to get it. Preeta walks inside talking to herself in excitement of Holi celebrations. Karan comes from the front. He passes by her without noticing her. Preeta calls him from behind, he turns around throwing a fist full of color over her and shouts “Holi Hai”. He clicks a selfie with the furious Preeta now and leaves for water gun. Preeta fills a fist full of color and rubs it over his hair.

She laughs that Karan looks like a parrot in green, then goes to bring some more colors for him. Karan holds her by waist and offers to rub his hair and face with hers to color her as well. He boasts being flirtatious, Preeta was furious over him. Sarla, Dadi and Shrishti come in.

Dadi asks why is she talking to him in such tone, Karan thanks her for being in his favor and asks Preeta what did he say. Karan tells Dadi that he is furious and won’t forgive Preeta. Preeta curtly says Sorry. Karan was happy and forgives Preeta with a big heart. Sarla tells Preeta she doesn’t like her scold Karan. Karan turns to get water gun, but Shrishti was sure it must be there at Abhi’s place. Inside Sarla’s family meet everyone. Pragya was excited to see her sisters. Abhi brings Prithvi inside, Sarla introduces her to everyone. Sarla now comes to greet Luthra family.

Purab and Sameer discuss about the party being boring. Purab calls for Rishab and Karan, they take Rishab forcefully to dance floor. The four give an exciting performance. Preeta joins in.

There, Sherlin brings Prithvi into a room. She shares with him about a solid idea to get away Preeta. She says they can make Preeta drunk, she will fell into Karan’s arms and they will record it. Then they can show the recording to Luthra family. Everyone would be suspicious of Preeta’s intentions and Rishab would also get his attention off her. Prithvi was happy about the idea. Abhi takes Pragya to a side and puts all the curtains down, gifting her a glass of thandai. She tells him to sip from it first. Abhi says he already had four glasses with Purab.

There, Purab brings Disha to a side to flirt with her. He tries to put color over her. She wasn’t ready but the family gather and throw color over Disha. Sangram was curt as he watches Purab remove color off Disha’s eyes.

It’s Simonika’s performance next. Pragya was suspicious of Abhi and thandai and doesn’t sip from it. Abhi insists on her to drink it, after all he brought it with much love. Abhi takes a plate filled with color and says she has two options, eithers to drink thandai or he will put colors over her. Pragya agrees to get the colors. Abhi says there is a process; one must drink thandai, get ready and get color. Pragya insists on Abhi to put color first and closely observes Abhi. Abhi fills her face with various colors, and romantically rubs his cheek to share the colors over it with her.

Preeta goes looking for Karan when a man spills some color over her dress. He apologizes, but Preeta doesn’t mind. Sherlin comes to insult her for being poor, and ruined dress. Preeta throws a fist full of color over her dress, laughing that its Holi.
Sangram’s men appreciate him for having Disha kidnapped. Karan comes to Preeta with an idea to make Sherlin drunk, she will spill out all her whole plan.

Sangram and his men had rolled Disha into a carpet and carries her out. Sherlin brings a Thandai to Prithvi with a heavy dose of Bhang. Prithvi was sure Preeta won’t drink from her hand. Sherlin says Prithvi must do it, after all he is her husband to be. Sherlin asks him about Karan, but Prithvi laughs as they can’t make them both drunk.

A girl stops Karan for selfie. He plays colors with her. Preeta comes to take Karan aside, the girl interrupts that he is playing holi with her. Karan was boastful in front of Preeta and calls her crack, Preeta wasn’t impressed at all. Later when the girl had left, Preeta reminds Karan to prepare Bhang for Sherlin. Karan tells Preeta she can take place of his Radha. Preeta tells him to cut it if its flirt, Karan says It Is Flirt.

Shrishti comes to Thandai stall and wonders whom to try this Bhang joke. She decides to make Sameer drunk and calls him near. She presents him with a glass of dry-fruit milkshake. Sameer gulps the whole of it. Shrishti makes fun of him being an idiot but he drags her to dance floor.

Everyone enjoys Shrishti’s dance performance. Karan and Preeta stood together. Prithvi brings almond milkshake for Preeta. Sameer enters the performance with Shrishti. Prithvi and Sherlin watch Preeta sip from the drink, but Sameer comes and drags her and Karan to dance floor. Sameer and Shrishti leaves the dance floor, while Karan and Preeta dance romantically.

After the dance performance, Shrishti got something in her eye while Preeta helps her. Karan comes to Sherlin and asks about Rishab. He asks why Prithvi appears to be nervous, but Prithvi qualifies that his face is actually innocent. Preeta and Shrishti switch glasses of Bhang. There, Karan thinks he must make Sherlin drunk to get the truth from her today. Sangram was stopped by the elderly and inquire what’s in the carpet. The three were drunk heavily.

Sangram thinks about finding a way out from the eyes of these old women. He dodges the ladies and leave with the carpet. On their way, Sarla comes asking Purab about Disha and Pragya. Purab says they are busy women and must be involved in work somewhere. Purab asks the men about Disha then allows them to go. Sarla stops them, asks what’s in the carpet and tells them to place it down.


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