This is fate update Thursday 11 July 2022

This is fate 11 July 2022: Preeta assures Dadi there is no need to take the medicine but she is sure that Rishab jee would come back very soon as she herself will bring her but after he will return the firs thing for which she will complain about is that Dadi did not take her medicines while he was gone,

Dadi agrees to take the medicine asking Preeta to not blackmail her emotionally, Sherlin is crying when Karina asks her to go to her room and rest, Kritika also asks Dadi and Rakhi to go and rest.

Prithvi is about to enter when he sees Karan and Preeta in the hall, Preeta assures that she will do whatever she can to free Rishab jee, Karan assures he is with her but Shrishti mentions he is wrong as they all are with them, Sameer along with Shristhi hug them both, Prithvi exclaims they are wrong because he is not with

them and it would be difficult to make them realize that the fight which they are fighting against him, they will always lose.
Rishab is sitting in the cell when the constable comes saying that his mother came to meet him, he eagerly gets up but is shocked to see Sarla, he explains that he got emotional when they told him his mother came to meet him, Sarla explains she is like a mother to him and knows Rakhi je did not come but she has always considered him as her son, she asks if he recalls the time when Shristhi was in jail,

no one came to help them and even Preeta got tired but then Rishab came as an angel for them and when she said that she would not forget this, Rishab asks her not say this, he even kisses her hand, she requests him to not forget they all are with him and even has to say one thing that the difficulties which come tend to make them stronger so he must not be worried because she knows he will come out stronger, she apologizes for being late when he was in jail, she mentions that the children donot tell her anything otherwise she would have come early,

Rishab exclaims it is nothing to worry about since she came now, Sarla assures he will come out since this is the prayer of both mothers, she mentions how she thought of going to meet Rakhi and Mahesh jee but then decided to meet her son first.

Rishab asks if she would do a favour, he requests her to go and inform his parents that he is fine because he knows even Rakhi would not have slept, Mahesh tries to be strong but is actually very emotional, Sarla says how could they be tensed when Rishab is so strong, the family would be tensed but would have gathered the courage to stand up, Rishab calls her Maa, mentioning the constable spoke the truth calling her as Maa since the worry in her eyes can be seen, Sarla assures that he must not be worried since those people who are nice can never be in any problem for a longer time,

Rishab explains she spoke the truth about saying he has two mothers, she mentions now she must go to meet Mahesh and Rakhi jee, Sarla assures that he would come out very soon with their prayers, Rishab mentions he never wanted her to come and meet him in this condition but is glad she came, Sarla asks him to come out very soon, then come to have the ladoo which she makes, Rishab explains that he spoke the truth on the laptop, Rishab wonders how strange life is because had Sherlin not given him the tension he would not have drunk the alcohol to come in cell.

Sherlin along with prithvi is enjoying in the terrace mentioning how they used to meet secretly but now can do it freely, Prithvi exclaims she must not be so happy with just the small win which they got, Sherlin replies she doesnot want to live with tension, prithvi exclaims he says they should not live but fly, Sherlin asks if the man is his but Prithvi exclaims if he had anything to do with it all then why would he go to the hospital, Prithvi explains he is not saying he did not know him because Sundeep came to the office once and was just talking about his money, he at that moment recognized him that he was hungry and greedy, she knows how such people are really good for them. Sherlin asks then how much he demanded, Prithvi replies he first scared him a lot by threatening him to not take the money of Preeta, but he is a cheap person and showed it all.

Prithvi thinks when he went to Sundeep once again, he explained the only reason he refused Preeta was because there are now two parties and whoever sets the higher mark will get what they desire, he explains Preeta offered him fifty lacs so questions what can he give him, Prithvi tries to threaten him but Sundeep threatened him saying that he had the contact of Karan so can call him now, prithvi snatching the mobile says he will give him sixty lacs,

Sherlin coughs asking why did he offer sixty lacs when he doesnot have any money, Prithvi explains his hopes are high because had he not convinced Sundeep, he would have taken the offer of Preeta jee which would make their end because then Rishab would have been freed, if Sundeep tries to do act smart they will have him killed, Sherlin smiles agreeing when Prithvi advises her to act as a good wife, they both drink on it.

Preeta is with Sameer and Shristhi, Rishab is brought in shackles when Sameer immediately hugs Rishab, Preeta apologies saying they were not able to convince Sundeep when Rishab questions why did she go to meet him, Shristhi assures Preeta did not go there as Preeta Karan Luthra but went their as a doctor and no one noticed her, Rishab explains it is a risk and they should take the method of law, Sameer questions what happened when the same law took him in custody, Rishab asks Preeta to teach something to Sameer but Preeta also agrees with Sameer mentioning how she talked with Sundeep, she realized he is doing this all because of a plan and he has a desire to take revenge from him, she even thought he was not that hurt but is just pretending.

Sundeep is lying when a women walks in, he asks Sumita if she came mentioning he thought she did not have time for him, she in anger replies he thinks only his mother has time for him, she questions if he can walk, Sundeep questions if the constable is outside, he stands to walk when Sumita questions then why is he lying on the hospital bed, Sundeep replies that he will get a lot of money.

Rishab explains that it would have been better if he had not drunk that night because had it not happened that night they would not be in this position, Rishab explains Sarla came to meet him and he felt really nice, Shristhi gets worried saying now she will be scolded, Sameer is constantly asking Rishab to speak the truth but Rishab says that it was just the tension from office, Sameer leaves mentioning that he would also not come now because Karan also believes the same.

Rishab sits down when Shristhi asks him to reveal the truth, Rishab explains that she knows it all because of her bond with Preeta but he cannot share it all with Karan because he takes the decisions in anger and might even kill both Prithvi and Sherlin for all that has happened, he just wants to handle it all by himself, the constable comes saying the time for meeting has ended, Rishab asks if everyone is fine, Preeta assures she will take care of everyone, Rishab mentions he cannot worry while she is in the house.

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