Lost in Love update Thursday 11 August 2022

Lost in Love 11 August 2022: Sonali asks Sai if she thinks they will come to see the nonsense in her college. Sai says they will have to. Ashwini asks Sai not to force them. Sai says its their usual drama to deny first and then agree like in Devi’s wedding and Harini’s birthday; when she has done many favors to them, they have to accept her demand. Ninad yells if they have to accept her as bahu and tolerate her nonsense . Pakhi says they have to as Virat accepted Sai as his wife and yells at Sai to stop threatening them and invite humbly. Sai says she doesn’t have sanskars like her to message dear ones and lie to the ones she doesn’t want to that she forgot; she really wants to invite them all by heart, and if she had humbly requested them, they would have thought something is wrong; for Pakhi’s sake, she will humbly request her to attend her college function and watch her dance performance. Pakhi yells its waste to explain her anything. Sai says Pakhi herself didn’t accept her humble request, she has to bear all their tantrums.

Sonali yells they are tolerating her and says she goes to college to dance and not study, that is why she doesn’t work at home and Virat smilingly tolerates her nonsense. Omkar yells when they didn’t tolerate this nonsense before, why should they now.Mohit says since Sai came in this house, a revolution is born, everything is changing with time. Pakhi yells let us see if its chaning for good or bad. Omkar yells at Mohit to stop his drama speech as he doesn’t have any right to speak because he cannot feed himself and his wife and are living on their favors. Karishma yells that Mohit will not understand it as she has to beg her in-laws to fulfill her basic needs. Ashwini asks her to insult Mohit in her room and not in front of everyone. Mohit emotionally tells Karishma that he never promised her a big salary, he always worked hard though, he thought there won’t be any price tag for his love, but today realized that she price tagged him.

Sai says everyone support during good times, real partner is the one who supports in bad times; if Karishma needs money, she can ask her. Pakhi yells why she is boasting about her money, if she will take money from Virat like she takes for her college fees and other needs. Sai says she pays college fees via her scholarship money and she withdrew her Aaba’s money from bank, so she doesn’t anyone’s money and can’t understand why she has to repeatedly prove that she is not taking money from Virat. Ashwini asks Pakhi when she doesn’t know anything, why she falsely alleges Sai; Sai knows they will not come, even then she is inviting them, why is Pakhi interfering.

Sai invites Chavan family again for her college function. Bhavani kaku yells why should they come. Sai warns them not to force her to take other means and force them drag them there. Sonali says looks like she will do something. Ninad says let her do whatever she wants to, he will not see Chavan family’s bahu dancing. Sai challenges him. Pakhi yells if she will blackmail them. Ashwini asks her again not to interfere. Pakhi says she forgot that this is not her husband’s house but her husband’s mama/uncle’s house; Virat asked her to explain Sai like an elder sister, but if Ashwini doesn’t want to, she will not. Sai says Virat also asked to make Sai like her, but she doesn’t want to as she doesn’t want to unlearn her Aaaba’s good teachings. Bhavani yells this girl cannot control her tongue and speaks nonsense. Ninad says let her do whatever she wants to, he will not attend her function. Mohit says he will for sure whether he gets invitation or not. Karishma yells this is called visiting uninvited, he didn’t realize Sai didn’t give him a pass at all. Sai gives him invitation card and pass. Mohit shows it to Karishma and says between all this drama, she forgot Sai offered her monetary help. Pakhi yells not to name feeling pity as help, Sai knows when to pinch a paining nerve; didn’t he see how Sai started controlling him, now he thinks only Sai is right and they are all wrong.

Ninad yells its waste to explain him. Sai says she will be late from college as he will be busy in function arrangements. Bhavani yells she will not change the rules for her. Sai says she has to rehearse and fulfil the responsibility she took, anyways rules are for family and if they consider her as family, they should attend her college function. She reminds Ninad about his joint family speech. Ninad yells he will never come and if someone forces him, they will take his death body instead. Sai says let us see what happens and leaves. Sonali says they all know that Sai does whatever she says, let us see if she will change Ninad’s decision. Ninad says let him see how will jungli mulgi win over him.

LIn the evening, Virat returns home. Sai busy in studies asks him to fresh up and have dinner with her. He asks if she also didn’t have dinner yet. She says aayi sent dinner to their room, so she thought of having it with him. He freshens up and starting dinner says he heard she invited family for her college function.

Their nok jhok starts. She says he shouldn’t bother as he had a problem when she spoke to her friend. He says he doesn’t have any problem, she can speak to Anirudh. She says Ajinkya. He takes wrong names repeatedly. She says its Ajinkya, she knows he is bullying her. He in Gabbar Singh’s style says looks like he is her bestfriend. She says just friend. He says the way she was speaking to him, he thought that boy is her bestfriend. She says that boy is her dance partner. He says he is her life partner and has right to question her; she invited whole family except him. She asks not to change the topic. He says again she didn’t give him invitation. She says he is busy always, function is in the afternoon and she doesn’t want to waste invitation card if he doesn’t come, her friend’s whole family is coming, and she thought this is her family and took exact number of invitation cards. He asks if he is not part of her family.

Ashwini says she knows Ninad wants her to go get out of this house so that he can live peacefully, but she will not leave this house as there are a few others who love her. Omkar asks how can she misbehave with dada. Ashwini asks if he didn’t see Ninad’s behavior. Pakhi asks if she doesn’t remember that Ninad has hypertension, Ninad has right to decide whether he wants to attend Sai’s college function or not. Ashwini warns her not to interfere. Bhavani yells she should learn from Pakhi who is more worried for Ninad than her. Shivani asks Ashwini not to bother about them, she will attend Sai’s function for sure. Sonali says she is talking too much and going against family. Shivani says Sonali goes out without taking anyone, then why is she bothered; Sai invited whole family as she wants whole famiiy to enjoy her dance performance. Mansi returns from temple and asks what are they discussing about. Shivani asks if she will attend Sai’s college function. Mansi after a long chat says she will and asks who else are coming. Shivani happily hugs her. Jealous Pakhi asks if she is not in sorrow due to her son missing; she doesn’t attend any function, then how did she agree to attend Sai’s function.

Mansi says a mother cannot forget her son, but time doesn’t stop for anyone and they have to change with time; Virat is also like her son and can’t she fulfill her DIL’s wish.Virat gets ready for office and wishes Sai for her dance performance. She says looks like he will not come and reminds that he took 6 tickets. He says he will come for sure and to gain her attention asks about his kerchief, wallet, etc. She says on table, continuing to do her chores. He says he cannot really see. She gives his stuff and says that his brain is shut, so he couldn’t see them. He says she became intelligent by finding his stuff. She reminds him to attend the function on time. He asks if she is happy that he is attending her function. She says he invited himself and will come for himself and not her. He laughs and says she will not accept if she likes something, he is not taking his car and asked Mohit to drop her to college as she would be carrying a lot of stuff. She says there is no need for that as she will travel by bus and everyone doesn’t own a car. He leaves. Sai gets ready and informs Ashwini that she is leaving. Ashwini asks her to have breakfast and go.

Shivani tells family that Mansi is attending function, so who else is attending. She asks Pakhi. Pakhi says she doesn’t like modern dance and would have attended if it was a classical dance function. Sai says Pakhi is modern, then why she thinks only classical dance is a dance, she should respect any talent. Pakhi asks if she thinks she will force her to attend the event which she is not interested in. Sai says she is requesting her and not forcing, she will feel good.Shivani says Pakhi is loyal to her team and will not attend even if she wants to until Ninad, Bhavani, and Omkar agree. Mansi tells Pakhi that she never forced her till now and for the first time she wants her to attend the event. Sonali asks why she is forcing Pakhi. Pakhi says why this became a big issue. Mansi says Pakhi is her bahu and she has at least some right on her. Sai says she is very happy that she is attending her event, but she shouldn’t force Pakhi as she doesn’t want Pakhi to attend it unwillingly. Bhavani yells they all 3 will also not come, so she shouldn’t create any drama. Sai says she will never force them, but she has challenged them to come.

Sonali asks if she will complain against them if they don’t and asks if there is a law other than dowry that in-laws will be punished if they don’t attend bahu’s function. Omkar laughs. Bhavani asks her not to give an idea to Sai as she is untrustable and may really complain against them. Ninad yells that Sai is getting out of control. Omkar yells if Virat had controlled Sai, they wouldn’t have faced this issue. Pakhi says even Virat’s scolding wouldn’t have affected arrogant and cultureless Sai, she will blackmail and threaten them again. Ashwini asks why she badmouths about Sai, just because she doesn’t show off. Pakhi says Sai doesn’t show off but is very irritating.

Mohit walks in and tells Sai that Virat asked him to drop her to college and left his car. Puppets gets jealous hearing that. Sai says she told Virat that he will go by bus and not to leave his car for him. Mohit says he will just follow Virat’s order. Pakhi yells that she should respect Virat’s concern for her and stop being arrogant. Shivani says Pakhi is right this time that Sai has 100% right on Virat’s belongings as she is his wife. Sai says but.. Ashwini says its not necessary to be adamant always, what is wrong if Virat wants her to go by his car. Shivani asks Sai to leave soon and asks everyone to get ready by lunch. Sai says they can leave home by 4 p.m. as event will start after 5 p.m. Mansi says nobody will leave before 4 p.m., though Shivani is very eager. Sonali yells that Shivani is really restless. Shivani says nobody likes talent here, hence even after doing so may stage shows, Mohit doesn’t invite them; she will attend Sai’s college function even if nobody goes. Mansi says even she will and asks Pakhi to get ready by 4 p.m. to accompany her. Pakhi says but.. Ninad says she can go, but shouldn’t force Pakhi. Mansi say she never interferes in family issues, but sought something from her bahu for the first time and her bahu should fulfill her first. Sai says she is eager to see Ashwini and trimurthis Ninad, Bhavani, and Omkar in auditorium. Bhavani yells how dare she is to nickname them, she doesn’t have manners at all. Pakhi yells if everyone saw how mannerless and arrogant Sai is. Sai says she didn’t and would be happy if she attends the function as she wants to introduce her family to her friends.

Bhavani laughs and says when she doesn’t matter to them, why will her friend’s matter to them. Sai says she doesn’t have her own family, so she considers them as family and wants them to attend her event or else she will send police who will drag them to the venue. Omkar says if she thinks they will be afraid, his son is an IPS officer. Sai says they shouldn’t say that she didn’t warn them, wishes them bye and leaves. Sonali thinks what is going in Sai’s mind. Karishma thinks there will be a big drama, she will enjoy it. Bhavani thinks this girl will create a big drama.

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