This is fate update Sunday 18 October 2020


This is fate 18 October 2020: The driver rushes to get the autograph but runs away as soon as he sees Preeta and even karan is not able to catch him so they both go after the driver in the car.

Sherlin explains that she was talking about how clever the kidnappers were, Rakhi explains that she must not worry as she has talked with the former commissioner who is a friend of Mahesh who will help them catch the culprits, as they all know that she was kidnapped to prevent her from reaching the court and this means that the person was against Preeta so she will do all that she can to catch them all, Maira gets really tensed which Karina notices and when she asks what the matter is Maira hugs Rakhi thanking her for helping her.

Rakhi asks her what she thinks of Preeta and if she is really sure that Preeta is the culprit, Maira explains that she was about to take back the complaint because she feels that they all know Preeta more than her which is why she is going to take back the case, Karina is not really happy with Maira’s decision but does not say anything and only opens about it when Rakhi has left explaining that she is really happy that the kidnappers took her right before the hearing otherwise she would have confessed in favour of Preeta.

Karan and Maira are trying to catch the truck and are both following them but are not able to catch them, Bobbi asks his fellow mates to rush as they must run as fast as possible then they are able to get ahead of the car so hide, Preeta and Karan try to find the car and when they spot it then go to look near it.
Sarla is sitting with Bi jee when the phone rings,

Janki comes and answers it to find that it is Rakhi who explains that she wants to talk with Sarla and explain that there is some misunderstanding as she knows that neither karan nor Maira is wrong as they both tried to help Preeta but were stopped and she also knows that Preeta is her daughter so they cannot be against her, she pleads with janki to let her talk with Sarla but when janki asks her to talk Sarla immediately denies it,

Janki then makes an excuse to Rakhi by saying that Sarla is in the washroom but Rakhi knows that Sarla is with her but doesn’t want to talk with her, she explains that she wants to talk with her just once pleading with her to listen and think who would bear her own son get beaten and not say anything but this is because she knows that Sarla was not in her scenes at that moment,

Sarla takes the phone explaining that she doesn’t want to talk with her, Rakhi pleads with her to listen explaining that her son tried her level best to save Preeta and even went to get Maira but was not able to bring her as she got kidnapped so they could not come, Sarla says that she does not trust Karan and ends the call, this hurts Rakhi and she gets emotional.


Bobbi comes with his men to the garage where he explains that this is the girl who got trapped when he was hired for a contract, he is with his men when Preeta comes with karan they both plan to go inside the garage, Bobbi explains that it is their area and they will catch them both and kidnap them, when Karan enters the garage they come and place a blanket on them.

Shrishti is running when Sameer comes and he asks her why is she running, she explains that she will tell him when they are in the car after which Sameer thinks that she looks nice when she is emotional and so sits in the car, she asks him to hurry as they must reach Preeta then also says that he must not think that she is not the same Shrishti and wants him to never make fun of her then they drive off.

Sherlin comes to Maira’s room with a glass of wine then explains that she wants her to drink and celebrate as they have won then when Maira asks why did she not bring a glass for herself, she explains that she is pregnant, she hugs Sherlin but Kartika sees them and wonders if she is right choice for karan when she is so close to Sherlin.

Bi jee is pleading with Sarla to not blame herself as it is not her fault but that if anyone is to be blamed then it should be her( BI JEE) as she trusted karan as she thought that he might have changed and would surely help them but he deceived them once again, Sarla explains what she is feeling then mentions that she is scared and it is the same feeling that she felt when she was about to loose Bulbul and even then was not able to save her so she is really tensed for the safe being of her daughter. Janki is also not able to control herself.

Sarla explains that she tried and did all that she could to save her daughter but was not able to, she is not a good mother as she was not able to save her, Bi jee explains that she is a really good mother as she had lived most of her life waiting for them and did each and everything for them when they were united so she is truly a nice mother,

Sarla denies this saying that if she had done all that she could then Preeta would be with them, Bi jee explains that she is the strength of her daughters so must remain strong as Preeta will surely be with them very soon.Janki mentions that it will be a miracle as she met them when god showed them his miracle and they were reunited so she must not lose hope,

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